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What are your pains?

  1. Back

  2. internal organs

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  3. shoulder area

  4. leg and hips

  5. knees

  6. feet

  7. elbows

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  8. arms

  9. all of the above + more

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  1. So when I was younger we were told being active is great. Doing a lot of sports is great right? Wrong. They don't give you a heads up to say "Disclaimer, If you do sports when your younger and stop eventually in your early 20's you will have crazy injuries and pain."

    My husband has had knee surgery. I need shoulder surgery no time for that crap. Have bad back knees hip feet and stomach problems. Thank you sports you ass holes.

    Not saying don't do them, but damn be prepared for a shit storm at a young age.
  2. I did a lot of basketball + street hockey as a kid. I twisted my ankles constantly and sprained them. Now my ankles are so weak, if there is a crack in the sidewalk, I'm most likely to twist an ankle again xD
  3. Baseball. Wrestling. Football. Amateur parkour.

    I'm kinda chubby. No real lasting issues beyond a piece of my left pinkie toe missing.

    Did you guys not eat your veggies and chug that jug?
  4. brother I had two gallons a day
  5. Ya'll must've played a whole lot harder than we did then.
  6. I went hard bro

    my schedule
    homework/dinner bed
  7. Lol.
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  8. Gymnastics was my main, since I was training 18 hours a week. You also forgot about wrists. Wrists are a huge thing. I have back issues, knee issues, ankles, wrists. My hips pop when they shoulder. I can crack things I shouldn't. I also did swimming, karate, soccer (when I was super young) and. . . something else I can't remember. I even stopped all sports just before high school and that's how broken my body is.
  9. Handball player. I've sprained my fingers so many times. Twisted my knee badly twice.

    I also got all but Suplexed by goalie and I am still not sure what the fuck happened there. Sometimes people just snap I guess
  10. My knee. :C MMA mixed with childhood injury.
  11. Hunting (knees and back for carrying), Cross Country (knees and ankles), Parkour (feet, wrists, hips, spine for accidents), Gymnastics (wrists and ankles), a spout of Wrestling (ffffuccckk), Tennis (wrists and knees for those lovely hard stops), Boxing (my fucking face and organs why), Baseball (organs and elbows for dives), dodgeball (everything), Krav Maga (new and exquisite pains) and Hiking/Rock Climbing (knees, elbows, shoulders).

    I have experienced pain in all of it's forms, in every part of my body, for extended periods of time. Hitting the roarin' 20's gave me a lovely-jubely amount of aches and pains that needed repeated physical therapy, and I'm still going for most of these activities.

    By the blessing of the Aztec Gods of Fitness, I've not actually needed surgery for anything yet-- I'm probably going to have to slow down once I get permanently injured.
  12. Growing up, I did martial arts and kickboxing for years. Got up the black belt but had to quit because of high school and then college. My right knee gives out all the time, sometimes so badly that I fall over. I could be walking great and out of no where my knee decides to give up on life and collapse.

    But, I miss sparring so much that I'm willing to sacrifice my knees more to do it again. I was really, really good and won a few competitions that I feel giving up would be a waste of talent. I know in the future I might pay for it with knee replacements, but I'll wait until then to deal with it. The stories and possibly trophies from futures competition may be worth the knee pains.
  13. Karate
    krav maga
    Bodyweight training
    Distance running

    Still do a full Blown fight night every week, and gloveness sparring 2-3 times a week

    Gotten plenty of injuries

    But honestly staying active (and adjusting intensity and targeted muscles while rehabilitating an injury) as well as safe training practices have all spared me any chronic issues
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