Evolve: War for the Gem of the Far Arm

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It took mankind countless years to find Shear, to colonize it, to be able to call it “home.” It took five days to send them running back to the Sol Hub. All but The Crew left on the second to last evacuation ship. “Soon,” they all said to themselves. “Soon, we’ll be dead. But at least we saved the others. Mankind will return for Shear.” It was their only reason to keep fighting the endless onslaught of monsters coming at them, the only reason they survived, despite the fact that they had resigned to death. They lived. Everyone made it out alive. Or so they thought.
It’s been twenty years since the colonists evacuated Shear. They returned when they thought they were ready to combat the monsters once more, and win this time. Instead, they found a city. It was a rough, small city, but a city nonetheless. It had people living in the city, a stark contrast to what they thought they left. It was strange; to see a city on the planet they thought they lost. But it was also welcome. They were just as happy as they were surprised to see it. But, above all, they were scared. How many colonists had been left behind during the evacuation? Originally they thought the only people still on Shear were the dead ones, but now, they’re not so sure. They made their descent to the surface.
The people in the City, as it was named, were, in fact, the descendants who hadn’t made it to the evacuation ships in time, but their families survived despite the monsters. The City even had its own hunters around to protect the City from the monsters that still tried to attack the sanctuary for humanity on the Gem of the Far Arm. The Hub, NORDITA, and EbonStar all returned, trying to lay claim to the new city founded on Shear. The inhabitants rebelled, and EbonStar turned to the monsters to fight the City. They found a way to control the monsters, and sent them against the City.
The attack took out seventy-five percent of the City. Soon, the City began recruiting new hunters to fight against the monsters sent against the city. Thus, the War for the Gem began.

Now, as you can tell, this is taking place at least twenty years after the original game of Evolve. Technology has changed, new monsters have (ironically) evolved from the original four, and the City is made of almost entirely monster hunters/planet tamers. I am hoping for at least four people to join, but more can. I want the four hunter spots filled before anyone makes either a monster or the second character in one of the four classes of Evolve (Medic, Assault, Trapper, Support). Now, to the CS.

Primary Weapon-
Class Ability (Determined by Class, Include for the hell of it)-

Red = Assault
Blue = Medic
Yellow/Orange = Support
Green = Trapper

Primaries- Silenced Sniper Rifle, Armor Piercing Sniper Rifle, Napalm Grenade Launcher/Healing Grenade Launcher (interchangeable ammo), Leech Gun, Long Range Pulse Rifle, Dual Revolvers, Machine Pistol, Harpoon Gun, Custom Shotgun, Guided Rocket Launcher, Railgun, Laser Cutter, Mini-nuke Grenade Launcher, Flamethrower, Lightning Gun, Multi-fire Rocket Launcher, Automatic Shotgun.

Secondaries- Tranquilizer Gun, Swarm Launcher, Gauss SMG, Stasis Gun, Repulsor, Tracking Dart Pistol, Shield Projector, Damage Amplifier, Jetpack Booster, Assault Rifle, Minigun, Combat Shotgun.

Equipment- Med Gun, Lazarus Device*, Personal Cloak*, Adrenaline Field, Healing Drone, Harpoon Mine*, Pet Trapjaw*, Pet Batray, Survey Satellite, Stasis Grenade, Orbital Strike, Dust Tracking, UAV, Sentry Drone, Shield Drone, Arc Mines, Gas Grenades, Shrapnel Grenades, Super Soldier.

Class Abilities- Healing Burst, Mobile Arena, Cloaking Field, Personal Shield.

*These pieces of equipment can double as a secondary, meaning you can take the Pet Trapjaw and the Harpoon Mine, even though they are both listed as equipment, but you wouldn't be able to take a secondary.
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