Everything Is Fair In Love And War

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  1. Explosions, that was all she could remember. It was all that she had, had in her life. Since she had been born World War Three had been waging. She had never known the world to be a peaceful place but it was only recently that the war had come to her doorstep. The sirens blared in her ears as she grabbed her sister's hand. Olivia Was her baby sister, she was three years younger than her, sixteen. She felt her squeeze her hand as she dragged her behind her. Robert, her life long friend followed after them. Her long Dark Hair cascaded down her back as she ran For cover, towards the part of the city that had already been evacuated. She was running low on Magic so she couldn't use any and her sister had only ever used healing Magic.

    Robert's magic was dangerous, very rarely did he ever use magic that didn't destroy something. But as they reached cover she crouched down, hiding next to two men already hiding there in the make shift bunker. It was an older Brother and his younger brother. Gun shots firing, explosions, it seemed to go on forever until they got further and further away. Dia didn't need to see the city to know that most of it was in ruins. Shaking, every single one of them was covered in blood, cuts, bruises, and Dirt. Thus began her new life, the life that remained after lives had been ended. Life was rising out of the ashes.
  2. When he entered the house he knew they would be safe. For the next few minutes at least. His two best friends, Rose and Richard followed right after him, she was clinging to his arm. Last entered his aunt Isabell, draggong a maybe 13 year old girl that they had picked up on the street after her. It was a miracle that they got here before anyone was injured.
    "Check the rooms on the second floor Rich, Rose! Look if there are other people in here. Be careful when you open the doors. I'll search this floor. Auntie, can you please try to calm that girl down? She looks like she is on the edge of crying."
    Everyone followed his orders without asking. They knew it wasn't the time to argue.

    Two hours later the loud noise on the street had finally settled down. He decided it would be best to stay in the house for at least a day and then check the situation.
    "We'll have to make the best of our current situation. We shouldn't leave this place yet as it is fairly safe. I have enough Magic left to supply us with food and water for now."
    And thus their new life started. He didn't know what would come but he was sure it wouldn't be easy.
  3. Dia knew as the day grew later that everyone was starving. She looked to Robert and got up. She needed to get to some food before it was all taken. Resources close by were soon going to be far and few between and she was a fool to not take advantage. The next morning she got up and went out, collecting some food and water, as much as she could carry and made several trips back and forth with the help of the older of thw two men that stayed with them. He was a bit older than her and her ex-boyfriend. Remus was his name. They were on talking terms, the breakup wasn't too painful. But as she passed she noticed over a falledn structure, on the other side was a building still in tact, a house. She stopped as she thought she saw some movement. Were there more people still living here? She looked to Remus questioningly.

    "You think there are more people here...? Remus?" he asked and bit her lip. It made her anxious, very anxious.
  4. They took turns watching the street from the two windows they found in the second floor. Everything had quited down it could almost be called peaceful, if it wasn't for the destruction that was visible everywhere.
    As David was staring out of the window he noticed two people walking down the street. He quickly hid behind the curtain and observed them. If they survived the war and avoided evacuation they were probably out for food and water right now. They didn't go for it yet because he had his Magic but that couldn't be a long term solution to the problem.
    Just as he thought that one of the two stared directly in his direction and he ducked down. They had to be careful. This was one of the few cities where people of two nations lived together more or less peacefully. Germans and Americans. That was of course before the war started and he didn't know what would happen if they met people of the opposing nation and he wasn't keen to find out just yet.
    He went downstairs where half of his group was still sleeping. Only Rich was awake.
    "We'll have to go out for food and water soon. We are not the only ones left in the city so we have to be really careful."
    "I agree. But I think you forgot what's probably most important for us now."
    "That would be?"
    "We have to get to the crystal mines and grab as many crystals as we can. Magic is our only way to defend if something happens. Or do you have any weapons?"
    "No I don't."
    It was a good idea, Rich's ideas were almost always good.
    "Ok we will go for everything this evening. Let's wake up the others, we need to make plans."
  5. Remus shook his head at her and looked her in the eyes.

    "Well, probably...we can't be the only one's who didn't evacuate. But Dia, your running out of Magic...so am I and Olivia, and my brother...and if Rpbert uses any magic we are going to be in some deaserate need of some Magic. To protect ourselves. If we meet an opposing nation then things probably won't be that pretty. We should go back, feed everyone an go back to the Mine outside of town and get some crystals...as many as we Can. Ivan can look after Olivia. Me, you, and Robert should go and carry as much as we can back..."

    Dia nodded and smiled gently as they went Back. As everyone had a full belly Her, Robert and Remus went out to the cave and each with a large sack started to harvest the Crystals, mostly the ones they needed but picked up some of the other kinds, just in case.
  6. As soon as they woke everyone up they started planning.
    They decided to let the girl, "My name's Mel", and Isa go for food and water while they would head out to the mines. Isabel wanted to object but she was quickly convinced that it was for the best. The crystals were heavy and she wasn't the youngest.
    Rich, Rose and he himself would be going for them. They grabbed the backpacks they found in the house and started their way towards the mines.
    "We can go look in the storage first but if there aren't enough we may have to down and get them ourselves."
    It was the first time Rose said anything but she sounded determined to do whatever was neccessary.
    "If we find anyone else there we hide and try find out their side. Even if they're enemies, do not make the first move attacking. How's your Magic at the moment?" David was sure they wouldn't be the only ones going for the crystals but he had to make sure his friends didn't make any rash moves.
    "We are both full. I only have healing Mana though." That sounded like Rich. He wasn't the type to fight.
    Rose on the other hand was highly skilled in any type of combat and combat magic.
    "I can defend and attack if there is need to." was all she said and David knew she meant it and was sure that she wasn't overestimating herself. After all, she had the school's largest Mana pool.
    "Ok, I think we are as prepared as we can be right now."
    They made their way to the mines. They didn't know if there was someone in there but they were about to find out.
  7. Dia arrived with Robert First, Remus trailing behind them. They would go down deeper into the mines. She didn't know how steady the mines were anymore since the war had passed through them. But going down deeper into the mines the crystals would be larger, provide them with more magic. The small ones near the entrance would be very useless right now. Going down deep into the mines she looked around and saw the rainbow of gems decorating the walls and smiled they broke off eaily from their stands on the walls, floor, and cealing. Having to be careful she kept didn't let her guard down as the started to fill the bags with gems. They would be very useful. Protection, healing...everything they needed but food and water. She was unaware however that another group was coming to get some as well. Dwindling the Gems would be precious, rare.
  8. The second they entered the storage room, he knew they would have to go down to the mines. There was not a single crystal left in here. Most likely they got used for the fights in the city and what was left was probably used for the people that had been evacuated.

    "We'll have to get the crystals ourself." He stated the obvious. They made their way over and entered the mines, slowly and carefully. They heard the rasping sound of stone on stone.
    "We are not alone." "Just as expected." David grabbed two small red crystals in the wall and quickly absorbed them. Better safe than sorry.

    They got deeper and deeper. They knew they couldn't just take what was up here, their reasons were the same as the other groups'. When they turned what felt like the 100th corner David quickly retreated and mentioned for the others to be quiet. He used some of his magenta Mana to project a feeling in his friends' heads: Three, a girl and two boys.

    Before they were able to decide what to do now, a loud voice called them out. "We know you are there, no point in hiding. Why don't you come out and we can talk."
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