Everything happens for a reason

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  1. [inspired by the Dengeki Daisy manga]

    The car accident was all over the news when it happened. The family of four had been drove off the road on a sharp turn by a couple of teens joy riding. The teens had been fine but the family, however, were not. The mother and father died instantly but the son and daughter made it to the hospital. Casey, the daughter, was let out after a few days with minor injuries but the son, John, wasn't so lucky and he only lasted a few weeks but it was in those weeks that Robert gave Kat the Phone.

    John had explained to 18 year old Casey that there was a number on the phone with no name. This was a number connected to someone that she could talk to, that would be there for if she needed someone and if she ever needed help. Casey had been sceptical at first but how was she to turn away her big brothers last gift?

    Now it was a year later and Casey was 19. The teen was living in a small apartment, thanks to her parents life insurance and the inheritance, and talking to no name was a part of her daily routine but then, so was the snide comments at college.

    Casey sided as she brushed her blonde curls before grabbing her bag and heading out of the door 'Good morning! How are you doing today? I'm doing good, life's really easy these day' she sent the normal text to no name with a smile and sighed, she never told no name about her hardships because she didn't want to worry him.
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    Nicolas was about 19 when she moved out of her mother's house. Everything went terribly normal, he got a job relatively easy; a decent paying part time job at a convenient store. Nick, as his friends called him, had moved to the apartment close to the community collage down-town that he went to. Nick's major was mechanics. He was very much in to clockwork machines, gears, and bolts. Nick's friends teased him by calling him The Tinkerer or Tinker Bell. He hated those names though.

    During one day he went to the store to get a new phone, he was low on cash so he had decided to get a use one at one of those used electronics store. The phone was cheap, one of those old fashion flip phones. But oddly there was a number all ready on it, no name.

    Oddly they started to chat chat, and one day he got a text from no name. It said 'Good Morning!, How are you doing today? I'm doing good, life really easy these day' He smiled and started to text 'Good Morning to you to! I'm doing well. Ya your right life is easy, definitely when you have someone to talk to ;D'