Everyone Keeps Secrets (W.I.P)

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"The secret of business is to know something that nobody else know"
-Aristotle Onassis
Dear _______,
You have been accepted to come an train at the National Academy of Quantico, and you are here for one reason and one reason only, to train and become an FBI agent. We all have our reasons for joining but your reason, is your reason alone. 10 different individuals from different backgrounds and lifestyles were chosen to be apart of the FBI training Academy located in the heart of Quantico. No one on the outside is allowed in and no one on the outside is allowed to know about what you, and the other nine people do in this facility. This program will probably be the toughest things that you have ever had to do in your life, and if your screw up, make one mistake...you're out for good. We don't give second chances so just know that trainee. Oh wait, another thing you need to know...everyone has their secrets, so it might be in your best interest to keep your enemies close, but your 'friends' closer.

Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses that make them the perfect agent, but we will determine if you have what it takes to make it. An overview of our training facility will be shown to you below and on your first day we will give you the proper tour. Just remember trainee, you get one day to relax and mingle because your first day of training will be hell.
Mrs. Jefferson
•This will be a roleplay set in the life of an FBI trainee that has their own deep rooted secret that could break them if anyone found out. This will be an action, modern, drama, romance, comedy (hopefully/maybe) roleplay that will contain a different selection of training missions that each trainee will have to do and some that everyone will have to do as a group. There will be some action scenes (with having to fight with each other to shooting training), there will be some drama if a person finds out your characters secret, and there will be some romance between the trainees or maybe a trainee and an instructor. You never know what you'll get with this training academy.

Basic information

•I will only be accepting ten characters for this roleplay (5 girls, 5 guys) and I'll only reserve a spot for three days.
•This is a LGBTQ+ supportive roleplay so if you want your characters to be gay, straight, lesbian, pansexual, demiromantic go at it...I don't discriminate (This is also the same with gender)
•There won't be any compition in this roleplay but their will be missions that someone else and I (maybe a co-gm) come up with.
(that's all I can come up with at the moment, if I forget something I'll add it)

Welcome To The National Academy of Quantico
This is the building that you and nine other people will live in until your training is over with. At the beginning of your trip you'll be assigned a uniform, a red-gun (that doesn't shoot anything), and your creditials.
Now come inside so you can get the full picture

This is the room that you and your roommate will be staying in. You are allowed to decorate with all your stuff from home but you may not paint or make any damage in the room. You will be paying for it if that happens.
Every room has its own bathroom and every bathroom looks this way. It'll be connected inside your room.

This is the cafeteria and it has different food lines/choices. You have your diner line, your grilled line, soups and salads, pizza, subs, deserts, and snack.

This is the gym that you will be able to go to during your free times.
This is the shooting range, you will be here in the morning learning how to use a gun and shoot it correctly and precisely.
This is the combat training room and you'll be here in the afternoon learning how to fighting and occasionally sparing with the other trainees.

This is the weapons training room, you'll be here around mid afternoon and this is where you'll learn and train in how to use a different variety of weapons.

This is the indoor pool that'll you'll be able to use after your training sessions (and classes) are over with and you're done for the day.
This is the lounge and once again you'll be able to spend time here once all your training sessions( and classes) are over with and if you have free time during your day (between classes/training)
•There is also be a track that you can run during your free period.

Extra Classes that will/can be taken between training sessions.

Must Take one of these classes
•Computer Science/information technology

Critical Skills Classes
•Foreign Languages
•Behavioral Science
•Forensic Science
•Understanding Terriost Mind-sets


•6:00-8:00: Breakfast/Free Time
•8:06-10:06: Shooting Range (gun training)
•10:12-11:12- Mandatory Chosen Class
•11:18-1:18: Combat Room (combat training)
•1:24-3:24: Lunch/Free Time
•3:30-4:30: Critical Skills Chosen Class
•4:36-6:36: Weapons Training Room
•6:40: Dinner/Free Time/End Of The Day
11:30: Quiet Hours
12:30: Curfew

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