Everyday Life of the Kisaragi Family

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  1. Note: This is a comedy, animesque Roleplay with some extent of action. If you can't handle it, I do not reccomend.

    Everyday Life of the Kisaragi Family

    A young individual is adopted into the newly-formed Kisaragi Family, lead by Kisaragi Eisuke, the father, and Margaret Dunois, the mother. At first glance, they are a very friendly, ordinary family. At second glance, they are still friendly towards the new kid, but wait - they are not ordinary.

    For starters - the young one was not the first to be adopted. All of them are. Every single one of them are. Every single one of them are supernatural or mysterious in origin. From demons, to fae, to magical girls and automatons, none of these siblings were blood related. Save a bunch of twins.

    The young one does not know this.

    The young one is being escorted by the oldest sibling, Charmaine Dunois-Kisaragi, alongside the two parents, Mr and Mrs Kisaragi, back to the house.

    Basic Concept (open)

    Mr Kisaragi is an ancient samurai whose former, dragon wife died. During that time, they had a part-dragon son, who was the only who was blood related to the father.

    Mrs Kisaragi never really gave birth. Margaret Dunois was a former adventurer who once did many daring stunts and her children were mostly young ones who lost their parents through demon hunters, dragon slayers or internalized civil wars. Most of these children were adopted by her prior to her marriage to Mr Kisaragi.

    The young individual is but a regular human. Can be male or female.

    Rules (open)

    I will not be playing the 'young individual'. Instead, I will choose from various applications, something like an audition. In other words, I would like as many people to create an application for this role. The winner will be chosen when the RP starts. I would prefer it if this young individual was a regular, young teenager. This role does not count towards character count.
    As much as I want a big family, I don't want it to be Baby Princess or Bother's Conflict level gargantuan, so I'll be limiting family members at some point.
    The parents will be NPCs controlled by me.
    Twins will count as one character, but you still need to make seperate apps for them. I'll only be accepting two seperate pairs of twins from two seperate roleplayers.
    Only up to two siblings per roleplayer.
    Being overpowered to some extent is fine, but no Sues or whatnot.
    This is mostly slice-of-life.
    I might introduce NPC villains but for now, allow the children to cause internal problems.
    Have fun.

    Application (open)

    [b]Name[/b]: Duh. Please end/start with 'Kisaragi-Dunois' or 'Dunois-Kisaragi'.
    [b]Gender[/b]: Duh
    [b]Physical Age[/b]: How old do you look in your human form?
    [b]ID age[/b]: What is your age in your ID card?
    [b]True age[/b]: How old are you, really? Human years.
    [b]Species[/b]: What are you? 
    [b]Human Form Appearance[/b]: Well, duh.
    [b]True form appearance[/b]: If there's no difference, don't bother with this part.
    [b]Skills and Abilities[/b]: What can you do?
    [b]Equipment[/b]: What do you have?
    [b]Personality[/b]: Well...
    [b]History[/b]: Well...
    [b]Role in Story[/b]: Well...
    [b]Other information[/b]: Anything else?
  2. This post is reserved to insert important information such as house mechanics, since the house is where most of the magic happens.
  3. This post is reserved for applications of various siblings.

    Current 'Young Individual' Candidates for the RP:
  4. Name: Charmaine Dunois-Kisaragi
    Gender: Female
    Physical Age: 13
    ID age: 30
    True age: ???, but said to be the oldest of the siblings.
    Species: Automaton
    Human Form Appearance: Charmaine takes the appearance of a young child, about 144 centimetres tall. She is completely flat with very little curves. She has long, silver hair, but into a hime cut, alongside heterochromatic blue-green eyes, from right to left. Her limbs are very slender, as if they are about to break. Her skin is near white.
    Her outfit usually consists of the upper top of a business suit and an office skirt with thigh-highs for bottoms. Additionally, she wears a red scarf. By occasion, blue-framed glasses are worn.
    Skills and Abilities (open)

    Charisma - As the eldest, she knows how to handle her younger siblings, despite her size
    Disciplinary Action - When the parents aren't around, She's essentially the boss who ensures nothing goes wrong.

    Grand Strength - Her strength is grand enough. To her, the combined weight of her siblings in a truck is nothing at all.
    Techno-mimicry - As an automaton, She can mimic any machine she has analysed through physical contact.
    In-built weaponry - Within her are many in-built laser weapons from an ancient civilisation. She is said to be able to take on an army if she uses all her weapons at once.
    Extensive Limbs - Usings chords, her limbs can extend.
    Regeneration - via in-built mechanisms
    Perpetual Immortality - being a machine, she can live near forever. If she dies, she'll come back somehow.
    Universal Energy Sources - she can use many things as energy. Her sources range from sunlight to food and beverages.

    Equipment: She might have something inside her, but that's another story.
    Personality: She is actually a very friendly older sister-type character who loves her siblings very dearly. At the same time, she takes her work seriously. I know she's a 30 year old virgin living with her parents, but she chose this route despite so many tempting chances to buy another house. She's like a third parent figure towards her siblings - while disciplining them, she also respects their decisions and consults them when she knows that they have difficulties. She may be a nice person, but her bad side is so bad, one would rather not describe it.
    History: When Margaret was venturing through an ancient lair to acquire treasure, she found the centre of the ancient lair, which held a supposed orb of unspeakable power. After stealing this orb, she left this lair and activated it, unveiling an ancient, very human golem, who seemed to be created in the image of a human in ancient times. She seemed to have no memory and acted like a baby, thus Margaret chose to call her Charmaine.
    Charmaine lead a very regular life, and her foster mother began to adopt a few more children she could call her siblings. One day, she discovered her inert abilities, and thus her mother explained her origins to her. She did feel a little upset at first, but began to accept it.
    Charmaine was quick to accept her new father, since she was already an adult. She knew that despite now having two parents, she would still have to care for her siblings since her parents were not at home that often. She was also not home that often due to being a teacher... however.
    Role in Story: Oldest Sibling
    Other information: She works as a teacher at the young one's school.
  5. Name: Lucien ”Lucky” Dubois-Kisaragi nee Charlemagne

    Gender: Male

    Physical Age: 16

    ID age: 16

    True age: 332

    Species: Storm spirit

    Human Form Appearance: Save for permanently messy, windblown hair, nothing really marks Lucien out as a storm spirit in disguise. His hair is brown fading to bright orange at the tips, matching his bright orange eyes. He’s handsome in a scruffy kind of way, his fair features often graced by a warm smile. He has a tallish, lanky build that belies the athleticism of an experienced parkour. Though his hair usually hides it, his left ear is scarred, looking as if a large animal clawed it.

    Lucky is usually found wearing a weathered, brown jacket over a green shirt with brown cargo pants and brown-and-green sneakers, matching his brown-and-green, fingerless gloves. He decorates this ensemble with a variety of knick-knacks ranging from a scorpion stinger earring on his right ear to a steel bracer on his left arm and a necklace strung with runestones.

    True form appearance: Lucky has two alternate forms that might be considered his ‘true’ forms. In the first his body changes dramatically. His skin turns a dark, stormy grey and his hair transforms into a roiling thundercloud shot through with streaks of lightning. The same cloud forms a pair of large wings on his back, incorporeal but capable of flight. Finally, his eyes become glowing, blue-white orbs more similar to ball lightning than human eyes. The second form doesn’t even have a body; he becomes a living thunderhead, a mass of dark cloud and lightning with a will.

    Skills and Abilities:

    Power of the Storm - Lucien can manifest the elements of the storm around himself, calling clouds, rain, hail, lightning, thunder, wind and more to do basically whatever he wants. His power is significant, but it does have limits: He mostly only manifests these effects in his immediate vicinity or projects them directly outward from himself.

    Storm Spirit - In either of his alternate ‘true’ forms he gains the ability to fly, and when in the cloud layer he can shape the weather within a limited range around himself. In the form of a living storm he is very difficult to damage, since most physical things just pass through him, though he has to actively change into this form; if he’s injured in either of his humanoid forms he is genuinely injured.

    Eternal Wanderer - Over his long life Lucky has made a point of learning a wide variety of skills, from baking to hand-to-hand combat to massage to wilderness survival; however, he never really took the time to master these, leaving him something of a jack-of-all-trades. His time exploring the many human cultures has left him with a strong grasp of languages and customs and a knack for getting ideas across cultural barriers.

    Parkour Master - Lucky loves to run, jump and climb in his human form. While he can fly in either of his other forms, he finds free running strangely more engaging and has grown to be a master of the art.

    Equipment: Lucky has a wide variety of odds and ends picked up over the years, whether they be gifts from friends, souvenirs or just interesting junk he picked up. Most of these are useless, but three stand out: First, he is never seen without a weathered, wooden staff, enchanted to be practically unbreakable and to act as a channel for his powers; second, the steel bracer on his left arm conceals a pair of claw-like blades that he can extend with the proper wrist motion; third, a broken sword that acts as a functional dagger or survival knife with an edge that never seems to dull.

    Personality: Lucky is at heart a cheerful, optimistic young man (even after three hundred years) who tries to see the best in everyone. He’s not naïve – not anymore, at least – and knows that he might be disappointed, but believes it’s always worth trying. He has a natural curiosity and intense wanderlust, making it difficult to settle down for very long. While his attention span isn’t exactly short, he does get distracted easily by anything from interesting sights and sounds to random thoughts that lead him off on a tangent.

    He laughs freely and makes friends easily. Though possessed of a certain adventurous streak to go with his wanderlust, Lucky prefers to think things through before acting. He loves to tell stories, of which he has thousands after all his travels, and frequently throws around metaphors about stories and journeys. He prefers to avoid a fight and is reluctant to use his power offensively, but will do so if someone is truly in danger.

    Despite his actual age and experience, in many ways he still seems to have a mental age closer to his physical age. Though he can take matters seriously, he much prefers to relax and smile even under pressure. He’s also fond of giving advice, having built up a keen insight over time.

    History: Storm spirits, by and large, do not do much with their time. In fact they mostly do one thing: Storm. It’s a monotonous life, but one that suits most such beings. Most, that is, but not all: One spirit, possessed of an unusual curiosity, grew to wonder about the humans on the ground below. He observed them as best he could, when they weren’t barring their windows at the approaching storm clouds, and found them fascinating. Their lives seemed far more interesting than his. Thus, he decided, he would simply have to become one.

    After a long process of bargaining this spirit finally convinced a powerful sorceress to cast a spell that would allow him to take human form, and once he came to understand the concept of age he chose that day as the day of his birth: October 3rd, 1682. There began his travels as he wandered the world, unable to truly set down roots due to his restless wanderlust but perfectly happy to explore the myriad cultures of humanity and experience the world beneath the sky firsthand.

    Three hundred years later he still has the same body he started out with: That of a sixteen-year-old, which at the time would have been an adult. Having changed identities at least twenty times due to the world’s sudden need for verified ID (with the latest being the frenchman Lucien Charlemagne) he was just growing truly tired of it when he was approached by Margaret Dunois, who offered him a place where he could be himself and a home to return to in between his journeys. Lucien Dunois-Kisaragi hasn’t looked back since.

    Role in Story: Cool, mentor-y older brother.

    Other information: Lucky likes to pick up part-time jobs whenever he’s around.
  6. Lucky accepted. Welcome to the family!
  7. Woohoo! Can't wait to see who else signs up.
  8. (seems interesting) (unfinished, sorry!)

    Name: Riku Kisaragi-Dunois

    Gender: Female

    Physical Age: 16

    ID age: 17

    True age: 173

    Species: Shapeshifter

    Human Form Appearance: Long, dark brown (almost black) hair that stops right at her waist. It has a very slight wave and she usually either wears it loose or braided. Her eyes are a vibrant blue-violet. She's about 5 feet 5 inches, and has a slim but shaped build. Her skin is fair and she doesn't have a single freckle. She usually wears black with a color (ie. black jeans + red belt + red shirt with a black heart in the front middle + black shoes, etc. etc.)

    True form appearance: ///

    Skills and Abilities: She can shape shift into any feline or canine (ie. cat, dog, wolf, fox, tiger, etc.). She can also half-shift, meanining she's still a humanoid, just with animal characteristics (ie. ears, tail, and claws, etc.). She's very agile and flexible, and is good at balancing and sneaking. Also is good at handling knives. Amazing memory. Can mimic most anyone's voice perfectly, so it can be amusing if she's talking to herself.

    Equipment: Weapon wise, she's a knife master. Otherwise, just little trinkets here and there.

    Personality: WIP (will fill out ASAP -- hardest thing for me)
    History: (will fill out ASAP)
    Role in Story: (will fill out ASAP)
    Other information:(will fill out ASAP)
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