Everyday I'm drinking.....

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  1. ......everyday I'm drinking, everyday I'm drinking. I'm Drinking everyday.


    This is weird. You should all watch it here before it gets popular on the nets.
  2. I could not even watch that whole thing. *weaksauce*

    dafuq october
  3. The bear was a black guy all a long! This is madness.
  4. What the fuck men indeed! Hardstyle mixed with dubstep? Octobro needs an intervention!
  5. I needed this, this wonderful mroning!
  6. I never said it was good!


    It must be recognized.
  7. What did I just watch? O_o
  8. i think the black guy said it best....what the fuck?
  9. I like techno and can be wierd but O-o what did I just watch?