Everybody wants to rule the world...

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So this is a preliminary check, the concept is in it's infancy and I will not be able to GM this for at least a month. How does an RP full of villains sound? The basic concept is there would be three major villains, we'll call them for convenience the mad scientist, the witch and the monster. Each is trying to take over the world, and will fight anyone that gets in the way. There will be black mail, sabotage and double crossings. Beyond the major three would be henchmen, loyal or corrupt, and free agents.

Thoughts? Feelings? Murderous rage?
Re: Everyone wants to take over the world...

Murderous raaaage! And interest.
Re: Everyone wants to take over the world...

Fluffy's always interested in a villainous roleplay. I'd love to play one of the major three. ^__^ A monster, even.
Re: Everyone wants to take over the world...

Dr. Soulstien's grand return and his army of Soul-powered robots whose essence he stripped from his victims?
Re: Everyone wants to take over the world...

YES VAYS do it!

Dr. Soulstein is one of the few reasons I'm trying to keep Shine alive. He's just too awesome not to use somewhere. I wouldn't feel so bad about taking the whole spies vs spies thing back to the drawing board if I knew the characters were employed elsewhere...

Ii too am interested in this.

If Fluffy wants to play the monster I suppose I could take the witchy character. I've never tried to play a really evil woman before I have a couple ideas id really like to use...
Re: Everyone wants to take over the world...

Alright, more then enough interest. I should have the OOC up Thursday with a setting, and you all can help poke holes in any plot ideas I have... then we'll start the IC!
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Thursday I won't be online much as its my birthday so SOMEONE SAVE MY SEAT!
Re: Everyone wants to take over the world...

Sounds good, missy. My classes are all online now, so the only reason I leave is for work or errands. xD I'll be around to help poke holes~

So first... is the name of the city too awkward?

Secondly limits on powers/technology. I'd prefer a limit on time travel for the time being unless we come up with a specific plot for it. Since this is something of a comicbook looking universe the sky's the limit on what is possible, but for the purposes of gameplay is there anything else we should limit?

Third. Not much description of the city at this point. Anything that should be 'mapped' out before the game starts?

Fourth. Anything else.
I dunno I like the name of the city, it backs up the comic booky feel. I agree with the limit on time travel for now though, time travel gets complicated real fast.

As far as other caps, personally, I won't be casting spells on people as I have always felt that is cheating to the Nth degree. And I'm just not comfortable with it. I'm going for more an old school fantasy witch; element bending, magic mirrors, animal buddies and whatnot, even though I know it's a more modern setting. It's part of my motivaton.

The city should have levels, sort of... the way those old european cities do where everything is shiny and new and industrial, but with like... old forgotten underground streets and catacombes too.
Right, so I noticed that you don't have anyone filling out the "not-so-super" hero roles. I figured that I could make a fair team of 90s antihero-types to be used as NPC foes. I'd just like to know beforehand how everyone was thinking of this playing out-A sort of tragedy about the flawed/sympathetic supervillain, a send-up of old timey comic books, or perhaps just something where we watch supervillains be awesome and hilarious.

The heros are NPCs, that is why no one is filling them out. Hence why they're under the thread of Major NPCs. I do believe that if you want to make a large cast like that that perhaps you should start your own game. I'm sure it would work out nicely.
Huh. It just gave the impression that as of now, there were no heros to challenge the villains, and that you wanted someone to actually help think up them instead of making it all yourself or not having them.
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