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Middleton was not the most impressive of towns, though it's citizens were reasonably happy before the recession. To build up the economy and improve their livelihood, the people were over eager to invite new industries and investors into their community. Now the city of the new century has been formed, and where Middleton once stood is now Omegopolis, a large thriving river front mecca in the heart of the country.

But with new prosperity, those that would take advantage of the citizens have appeared. Criminals is too mild a term to use. These are master minds, villains, monsters. These are not the petty crooks or serial killers that the police usually handled. They are beyond normal means to fight. They are the ones that wish to take over the world, and their first step is Omegopolis.

You are not a hero! You are a part of the problem, not the solution. This is a game of villain versus villain. There will be black mail, sabotage and double crossings. Beyond the major three there are henchmen, loyal or corrupt, and free agents.

The Three
Dracul - Fluffy
Dr. Soulstien - Vay
Lady Morgana LeFae - Lunatic AI

Those most unloyal
Captain Gregori Vasilev - Arsenal
Arden Norwalk - Inky Joey
Bernard Samson - Seiji
Clare Moore - Ocha

Major NPCs
(Not so super heros here)

All future plotting can be done in this thread now.

I request bios from all. We'll be using the Basic Bio Template.

We're are currently at a max for the first arc of the game player wise. If you wish to join PM me with your ideas.

Character Name: Dr. Sebastian Soulstien (first name usually omitted on business cards)
Gender: Whats left of his humanity is male.
Species/Race: Self-modified human.
Age: Not generally known. Its unclear if even he does.
Birthplace/World: Born? Perhaps, like the rest of the "doctor's" past this is obscured by rumor and supposition.
Occupation/School/Grade: A master of engineering, biology and extoengineering at Randomevil U.
More: Might be ever so slightly insane.


General Appearance:

Strengths: No longer being entirely human he punches the brains/abilities = physical weakness trope in the face. He also has many many arms hidden under his lab coat with different attachments.
Weaknesses: His body requires more power than his own shattered soul can provide and therefore need to have more captive souls inserted to provide extra juice.
More: Flesh is yucky and inefficient. I bring the gift of metal bodies for all.


Current Goal/Purpose: To make all his many grandiose dreams come true, not the least of which is a city populated by robots all ticking to his tempo.
Talents: A genuine genius, able to boggle the minds of the best of the best in their field though is mostly dismissed as a quack.
Inabilities: Insane and not able to focus on one thing for too long. And its always got to be something bigger he turns his considerable mind to.
Fears: A man smarter than he is.
General Personality: Completely involved with his work with little time for others he hill only talk to the other villains when he needs to. Intensely happy when on of his creations works it seems to be one of the few things that bring him any form of joy and his insane cackling can be heard often in his hidden lab complex.
Inner Personality: Much the same as his outer personality but added that he has a dream, of something larger than himself and his experimentation will lead to this dream
Secret: He once embraced the ways of the flesh. Anyone suggesting he has will find very unpleasant creations waiting for then in the dark.


General History: Once hailed as a genius, a dusty, forgotten, noble prize is all that remains of this life. That was a different time, a different life. Now no longer working for recognition but the pure joy of discovery and applied science he'll show them all.

Present Life: Mostly forgotten by the world, for not, he has ties with human smuggling rings where t=he get the souls he needs for his work. A necessary inconvenience, but a temporary one, soon the entire city will be his and all the souls in it.

Special Historic Notes: May at one point have had a child.

Character Name: Lady Morgana LeFae
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Faery (not to be confused with fairy. Fairies are tiny. Faeries are whatever size they please, thank you.)
Age: One does not ask a lady her age! (Approaching 3000)
Birthplace/World: Middletown, actually, but long before it was Middletown.
Occupation: Independantly wealthy.


General Appearance:
Strengths: Element command, shapeshifting and glamour, communication with nature and animals, and the mirror arts.
Weaknesses: Brute force, technology. She can't enchant it if she doesnt understand it, and anything with software baffles her.
More: Morgana's magic is not based on spells and incantations. It's a part of her, as much as breathing is. This limits her in someways, but makes her infinitely more dangerous in others.


Current Goal/Purpose: Take over the as much as she can, starting with the city, so that she may destroy it in one firey sweep.
Talents: Morgana is old and wise and cunning, as well as sinfully beautiful (or... she can make herself so) and hypnotically charming.
Inabilities: Anything having to do with advanced technology thwarts her. She can't program a phone or a VCR to save her life (thank baddness for minions!) And an automatic door won't even acknowladge her existance.
Fears: Anything she can't affect. Elevators.
General Personality: Charming, seductive, well spoken but with a razor wit, and a bit condescending at times.
Inner Personality: Angry, snide, bitter and spiteful. She cannot stand stupidity or incompetance, or being rejected...
Secret: She misses the days of her youth, when the world was simple and innocent.


General History: Morgana was born here, and here she returned after bearing Arthur's body to Avalon, to sleep. But men came and tore up her lands and forests and began building, driving her away with their noise and their machines. She has walked the world and seen how ugly it has become, and she has grown to hate the men she once merely pitied.

Present Life: She marries rich and widows often, inheriting businesses, political contacts, and religious wealth and loyalty. Her home is a palace penthouse, custom built to suit her old fashioned tastes, with velvet hangings and imported stone floors and roses growing over her bed. She has a goodly number of servants and minions, some who know who and what she is and some who don't bother to make the connection

Character Name:
Lizard, wolf, snake and human
Laboratory in an isolated part of New Mexico.
Rich, scary guy that hires others to kill for him
He's not afraid to fight, he's just sensitive about his appearance. Don't take advantage of it though, he will thrash you until you're a pile of meat and bones for his pet.


General Appearance:
Over 6 feet tall. He has the head of a wolf, the fangs of a snake and the tail of a lizard. All of his limbs are scarily muscular and so is his chest. All 4 (yes, 4!) of his arms are protected by scales, the hands being enormous and claw-like. One of his eyes are so purely red that you can't see the iris or pupil and the other is like a reptile's. Dracul always walks on his toes because his feet are shaped like a wolf's; the toe nails are sickeningly long. One side of his neck has scales like his arms and legs, the rest of his body is dark gray fur. The only thing human about his image is that he walks on two legs sometimes, but the weight of all his arms forces him to travel on all sixes.
- Scaly armor
- Brute strength
- Intimidating/ugly appearance
- Saying just the right insult will put him in a blind rage, in which case the target can escape
- Only parts of his body are scaly, which would be his arms, tail and part of his neck
He's got venom like a snake, the hunting capabilities of a wolf and he can climb like a lizard. Although this is so, he still breathes, bleeds and a lot of times, thinks like a human being.


Current Goal/Purpose:
To be respected and to rule Omegopolis
A very skillful close combat fighter and a stealth artist
He doesn't move too fast because of his bulk and he doesn't do well against guns
General Personality:
Downright merciless and always talking about how hungry he is. Dracul always believes violence will solve the problem. He comes off as an arrogant, overly confident individual. Dracul also likes to bring others down in order to make himself feel better. (Except for his pet Misha, his lovely assistant and hitmen, of course. That's what kidnapping is for!)
Inner Personality:
He's been called a disgrace, outlaw, fiend and many other unkind names because of how he looks. It has torn up his heart and made him a cold-blooded killer that wants to terrorize Omegopolis because of his everyone treated him when he arrived there. No matter how much he makes that cruel smile or talks about how delighted he is to see his progress, he's never going to be truly happy as long as he looks the way he does.
If just one person he knew could honestly say he's beautiful, inside and out, it could possibly turn him around. It's getting too late, though. :(


General History:
Dracul was born from a test tube as a human egg with DNA of other animals injected. To speed up the process, the baby was put into a machine once "born" that sped up his growth rate. The growth machine didn't work one hundred percent, so it didn't stop at the age they hoped Dracul would stop at. When it malfunctioned to the point of destruction, an intimidating giant stepped out, absolutely frightened and confused. One moment he longed to be cradled and fed some milk, the next he hungered for meat and blood. The scientists declared this a successful experiment, despite their creation's appearance. They were hoping to ship Dracul off to be of some use in the military, but everyone refused because of his horrifying image. Pained by the constant rejection and lack of affections, Dracul escaped the laboratory and arrived at Omegopolis with his only friend, Misha, who is a canine and porcupine hybrid. No one accepted him into society and refused him a job... He went to live in solitude with Misha, his heart getting colder everyday. After many years, he decided on bringing terror to the city and one day claiming it as his own.

Present Life:
Dracul lives in an "abandoned" mansion where he can house his allies and be taken care of by those daring enough to touch him. The home sits mysteriously on a hilltop outside of Omegopolis with barbed wires surrounding it and many attack dogs. He also has riches stored away from the thefts he committed out of boredom.

Special Historic Notes:
None I can think of right now.
Where does Ochie need me? I could be part of the most unloyal...^^
Love it, Fluffy's getting a character of mine as a minion, so if you want to minion yourself to either of the other two villains, PM them and/or me and come up with something!
I might work for Dr. Soulstein.

It all depends on the price...
*cues the evil laughter with a lightning crash for an exclination mark*
The good Doctor is wealthy enough, just how he gets all his money is anyone's guess. He would want a few human mercs for protection, also if he doesn't want his involvement known in a job he'll use hired help. Arsenal, you may just have a job.
I have a mini evil guy that might work.. Just not sure for who.. Ah anyone want me? I could be a Minon perhaps.
Dracul will take aaallll the help he can get but it's looking like AI needs someone, Joey. :3
Well... I didn't want to look greedy... work up your character Joey and see who you think would be most fun to work for. You can always stab Dracul in the back and come work for me later too... or vice versa...
Character Name: Captain Gregori Vasilev
Gender: Male
Race: Eastern Slav
Age: ???
Birthplace: Volgograd, Russia
Occupation: Mercenary

General Appearance:


-Gambler: Vasilev takes the time to check the odds of victory and defeat. He only fights battles he knows he can win, even if the client raises his pay.
-CQC Specialist: Like all Spetsnaz Commandos, Vasilev is well versed in Combat Sambo, the gold standard for Russian martial arts. And by well versed we're talking MASTER.
-Artist: Vasilev is immune to feminie wiles. As he was often tasked with deploying and retrieving KGB 'Sparrow' units it is believed that he got so used to being hit on by the women he was tasked with escorting that he eventually grew disinterested with what they had to offer.
-Fatalist: Since Afghanistan Vasilev has seen how far he can push his luck. One of these days his luck is going to run out.

Current Goal/Purpose: Since the fall of the Soviet Union Vasilev has become a slave to capitalism. However in doing so he's finally getting paid the money he deserves for his skillset. That and he never really knew that having a fat wallet could feel so good.
Talents: Cool under pressure and very professional, Vasilev is the man you want working for you. He can organize a rag tag bunch into a well organized fighting force, fly a helicopter, and program a VCR.
Inabilities: Vasilev cannot switch off. He's been fighting for so long that he cannot cope with being a normal person.
Fears: Due to a childhood accident Vasilev cannot bring himself to ride in a car. Despite that he has no problems riding in a helo, where if any number of things go wrong everyone could die.
General Personality: Professional to no end. He comes off as very cold to most.
Inner Personality: See above.
Secret: Vasilev loves rubber duckies.

General History: The typical Soviet citizen that grew up hearing war stories from his grandfather, Vasilev was inspired by stories of the defense of Leningrad and wanted to do the same for Mother Russia. He did what he could to enlist, starting as a lowly conscript and pushed himself to be noticed enough to be considered for Spetsnaz. He survived training just in time to go to Afghanistan. After that hellish fight he found himself out of the job as the Soviet Union was no more. He and countless others became victims of massive Reductions in Force. He joined up with a group of other commandos and went South to Africa, where the demand for professional soldiers was very high.
Present Life: Vasilev's exploits were noticed by a certain Dr. Soulstein while he was on operations in Sierra Leone. Under normal circumstances Vasilev wouldn't have accepted the job, however Soulstein put just the right amount of zeros in the first pay check.
Special Historic Notes: N/A

Bio Complete
Just a general FYI, baring unforseen irl events, I'll try to get this started this weekend, but people don't stress if you need more time with your characters. Also does anyone want a major chat discussion in the RP channel about the game? We can add anything relevent into plotting OR play with our characters.
I can't really access the cbox but have fun with out me- just fill me in on any developments y'all think I need to know.

@Arsenal- I forsee hilarious turndowns in Morgana's future. XD
Most definitely, particularly since Combat Sambo is very BRUTAL.

I can already see her running away from him as he calmy walks after her, a VCR in hand.
I'd kill to roll with a guy that knew Combat Sambo.

Though he'd probably kill me...

Post reservan' for character application.

Character Name: Arden Norwalk
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Part Mouse, part robot or move over has mechanical parts over 65% of his body
Age: unknown
Birthplace/World: Luna Cafe that is now closed
Occupation/School/Grade: Test subject

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS He stands about three feet tall. Short, a little rough looking. More like he really needs a bath. His fur is mussed up here and there. His clothes also look like they need to be washed. A dirty little guy but still some how cute. He wares thick jet black goggles on the top of his head over his hoodie. His hoodie is always on. He cut holes for his ears. He wares layers of clothes two or three t-shirts and the hoodie at all times. He is always cold from being in dark and damp palces. If he has to go outside for any reason he puts on the goggles. The light hurts his eyes. Daylight is very hard for him to tolerate. He wares jeans most of the time and no shoes. His jeans are the same pair he has had since he could remember. They are cut on the sides to allow for his chair to be connected to him in two places. One at his hip and the second at his upper thigh. Once connected it operates hands free and moves by pure thought.

He is small but fast. It gets him into tight places and allows him to go unseen in crowed places. He has big eyes and mechanical features that make him stronger and faster then one might assume. His coat was white but with the lack of proper care its now has areas of gray that will not wash out. His over all size and frame were changed to suit that of his creators. He was still growing when they found him and once they injected him with god only knows what he took on the growth patern of a human, but it stopped and he maxed out at 3 feet. This made him taller, and all the changes made him fast ect.. but the toll on his health was high. He gets colds very easy and very weak. He fears getting so sick that he will die. He uses his battery powered wheelchair to get around. He can walk but its far to painful to do the half ass job done on his legs.


Current Goal/Purpose: To find someone that needs him and will not make him walk or be in any kind of light by force.
Talents: Figuring out how to fix computers or machines that seem beyond repair.
Inabilities: He is unable to run and walking is extremely painful
Fears: Massive amounts of sunlight and germs.
General Personality: He is use to taking orders and will follow them to the letter. Loyal to his death he waste no time with lairs. He can sniff them out and will expose them even if it cost him in more ways then one.
Inner Personality: Arden loves to nibble. He will nibble anything and everything. Not a big eater but he loves food. Its his only connection when meeting new people. He loved his home and found he was able to make friends with all life forms. No one really feared him as one might think. He loved to read and finds humans very interesting.
Secret: He loves to look up ladies skirts.


General History: Arden was kept in the lab since the moment he had been found at the cafe. Rather then killed and disposed of like most of his family members he was kept alive since the directors daughter took a liking to him. He was her pet for a while with only mild teasing and the occasional pokes and prods. Once she was sent to a private school across the country he was forgotten and left in the hands of burtal lab tech's that thought if funny to watch him suffer. He was told it was for her that they were doing what they did and like a fool he believed them. Once he knew the truth he gave up hope and let them to whatever they wanted to him. Not that he ever had a choice. He was to small to fight them off.

Present Life: Hidden inside the basement of the hospital. Here he can get food from the kitchen and other items that he needs. Like water and battieres for his chair. The cafe is across the street but it doenst have what he needs any more so he only goes their to look a pictures and remember his old life.

Special Historic Notes:
I am overwhelmed by the urge to hug this character.