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  1. A lot of people say there is no such thing as God, right? Not to these people.

    God has long forsaken the human race, regarding it as the least of his worries when people began taking many innocent people's lives under his name. Since then, he has sent angels to dispose of them. Then how are we still alive, then?

    Your lord and savior is not who you think he is. He is the eternally damned, Satan. Feeling pity on the poor humans, he has protected them for millennia with his sons and daughters he sent to fight off the angels sent to kill the human race, disguised as humans themselves. As well as saving humans, demons have also managed to breed with humans, giving birth to many hybrids that always seem to succeed in one way or another.

    However, as time went on, people became more and more aware of the demons and hybrids, and have taken to kill them off slowly, to where there are fewer protectors of humans left. As time went on, the angels have been succeeding in their plans to slowly kill humans, seeing them as only miserable playthings, ants under their magnifying glass.

    And here's where we start. Meet Dawn, a 3/4 Demon 1/4 Human hybrid who protects her own town, and struggles to keep her secret while maintaining the life of an average human teen girl. Doesn't seem too hard, until you consider the fact that she has exorcists wanting her head and angels are coming in swarms to defeat this brawling champion.

    Will Dawn's secret be discovered, or will she be killed before it does?

    Name-Dawn Bornogo
    Demonic Power- Illusion
    Demonic weapon- A set of claws, called Camael's claws
    Normal Appearance-[​IMG]
    Demonic Appearance-[​IMG]
    Personality-Dawn is very intense and tough, with an easily provoked attitude. She has always taken her job almost too seriously, that she doesn't seem to fit into the human world. She seems very quiet and lonely, which puts a lot of people off. However, she simply feels like she's gonna be outcasted if she even tried.

    Dawn hissed as she fell back, her heels digging into the ground. This angel was one of the strongest she had show up in a long while. The woman with red wings cackled as she lingered over Dawn, her hands on her hips.

    "This is the champion of Scarletsville? I expected someone with a little more spunk, as well as someone older. At least you're cute, so I can keep your head when I'm done," The woman said as she dipped down, flying fast to Dawn. Dawn slowly set down, her glowing eyes locking towards the angel. Setting her sharpened teeth, Dawn jumped towards the angel just as fast.

    The angel smirked as she thrusted a blade into Dawn's torso, pulling her close and cradling her head to her chest. As the angel gently touched the ground, she pulled back to look at Dawn's body, only to see her hands empty and golden blood dripping from her immaculate white gown. Slowly, with wide eyes, she turned her head to see a panting Dawn, her eyes almost overpowering, "Emerald Feather, of Scarlet wings, You are now condemned to death. May my ancestors have mercy on your twisted soul."

    With a deafening roar, and a burdened grunt from Dawn, Emerald fell to the floor, but dissolved in thin air before she hit the concrete. In her clawed hands, Dawn held a golden jewel with a red center that faintly glew. The angel's soul. Indeed an expensive item, but nothing more than a collectors item in Dawn's eyes. As she faded back to her human form slowly, the diamond turned to a charm of a red feather, which Dawn placed on the silver bracelet her father gave her, which was overflowing with charms of many shapes and colors.

    Fixing her uniform, she heard the school bell from behind the building, and sighed,"Shit, Again..." However, she heard a sound, and turned to look over her shoulder.
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  2. Nate stumbled backwards into a bush causing the trigs to break and the leaves to rustle. He wasn't quite sure what he just witnessed in front of him. He wasn't really scared, but there was slight fear in the back of his mind that told him to run and forget what just happened. "Uh... WHAT THE F-.." Nate jumps up.

    ((Name: Nathan "Nate" Rivers
    Gender: Male
    Specieas/Race: Nephilim 1/4 Angel 1/4 Demon 1/2 Human
    Powers: Psionic Sheild
    Nephilim Appearance: [​IMG]
    Normal Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Outgoing and normal. He tends to be shy around awkward situations and new people. Since he doesn't know he is a Nephilim, he freaks out over any out-of-the-ordinary situations.
  3. Hearing a cry, Dawn's eyes widened,"Oh, damn it all..." She stormed over to the bush, and looked over to see a classmate of hers, one she never really bothered with, considering he always put her off.

    'He doesn't feel completely human,'She thought, before leaning over the bush with a calm face,"May I help you? " Her eyes dared him to ask questions, "Did you see anything unusual?"
  4. "LIKE HELL! WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!" Nate yelled causing people to stare out their classroom windows. He started to breathe heavily. "EXPLAIN YOURSELF RIGHT NOW!"
  5. Dawn glared and growled, lunging over the bush to tackle him to the ground,"You know too much already, runt. Your lucky its my sworn duty to protect you and everyone else, or else you'd end up like that harpy."

    Now that she got close to him, she could definitely tell he was more than human. Looking up at the windows, She gave a resigned sigh and let go of him, crossing her arms,"Be quiet! I'll tell you if you shut up!"
  6. "Hey get off you crazy lady!!" Nate struggled underneath her grasp.
  7. "Who's to say you're not crazy? Besides, who would believe you if you told them what you saw?," with that, Dawn stood up, pulled a sucker from her pocket. Unwrapping it and popping it in her mouth, she waved as she walked away.
  8. Name Roseline satoshi
    Age 17
    Race angel
    Angelic powers manipulation
    Angelic weapon the holy blade of Excalibur
    Normal appearance [​IMG]
    Angelic appearance[​IMG]
    Personality she is shy quiet and timid unless in a battle

    Roseline was on roof overlooking the battle. So I finally found out who the champion of scarlet city is. She looked at boy in the bushes. "Ah a nephilim. This ought to be interesting. Maybe I should go pay them a visit." She waited for them to round the corner of the school and be out of sight of prying eyes and then jumped off the roof landing in front of them
  9. From either side of the street, two figures came up beside Dawn and walked beside her, an almost perfectly mirror image of each other. The girl, Belle, told Dawn in a sad voice,
    Hey, what did you have to go and leave us for? You know that we can hold those angel's souls for you.
    On the other side of Dawn, Ben spoke up as well,
    We're like your children, you shouldn't go running off on us like that, even when an angel is chasing you down screaming for your bloody murder. We had a hell of a time finding you again.
    Good naturedly, they both giggled and folded their arms as they walked beside Dawn.


    Names: Ben and Belle, otherwise called the Corrupted Wooden Puppets.

    Ages: Made long ago, they are around 1500 years old, but they appear to be 17-year-old twins and dress in the casual forms of the different ages.

    Genders: Ben is Male, Belle is Female.

    Race: 100% Demon. Crafted from a special type of tree called the Soul Sappers. Coated with a resin of the same name, Soul Sap.

    Demonic Powers: Ben and Belle are The Infamous Corrupted Wooden Puppets, and almost every angel would know of their abilities to steal the souls of the recently deceased and incarcerate them. However, every demon has heard that they only store the souls they capture, and that they send them off with smiles and waves. Both of these stories are true in different scenarios, as they only destroy angelic souls; every dead human they come across has their soul taken by them and then sent to a better place.

    On a lighter note, they can remove any part of their body with their ball-joints. They've even been known to amuse dead children by juggling their heads.

    Demonic Weapons: They aren't much fighters, but they can defend themselves with shivs that they have hidden in their hollowed wooden bodies.

    Everyday Appearance: By the way, do you like my edit from a base? ^.^
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  10. Dawn sighed as she bit into her candy, "I know, you two, but lately I've been up to my neck in attacks. When I get the time, I'll seperate the charms. I am one of the few guardians left in this region, after all." She smiled and patted both of their heads.

    "Sorry. But, we've got discovered..." She turned to look back at Nate, her mouth pressing into a flat line."
  11. Nates eyes grew wider. This was not happening. This just could not be happening! Was he losing his mind? Is he insane? He was unsure. So, he left. Nate walked around a corner to get away. "I need to clear my head." He muttered.
  12. Ben and Belle smiled as she rubbed their wooden heads, with no hair to ruffle, but those smiles disappeared when she mentioned their discovery. They both looked back with her to see Nate, who saw them look at him with wicked painted smiles and depth less glowing red eyes, and turned the corner. Ben looked to Belle, asking with a mock-English accent,
    Do you think we should tease him?
    Belle replied with her own stuffy accent,

    Oh, dahling, it's up for miss Dawn to decide!
    They both looked to Dawn, looking mischievous as they awaited her answer. She had them hanging around long enough to know that what they mean by tease is entirely out of the realm of friendly.
  13. Nate continued to walk. He seriously hoped they wouldn't follow. He had enough crazy for one day.
    Although he should be in class, he seriously does not want to be. Now, he doesn't want to be out here as well maybe he should just go home and take a nap and forget everything that just happened.