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  1. The land of Illea is in turmoil. There is a war going on, between a failing rebellion and an army of followers of Mateai. Mateai is the leader of an organization called The Tenants that has mastered the magical powers of Illea. They have oppressed the majority of the world with an age of extreme labor, hardship and inequality. The rebellion was once a voice of hope for the citizens of Illea until Mateai began to utilize scions of nature. Scions of nature are beings of light and darkness that control the flow of magic on Illea. Mateai abused her power to seize control of Illea. Ever since there has been war and fighting over the land, and it may soon come to an end.There is some hope though. Some people defy the oppression of Mateai, and stand up to them and the rebellion. Those people have been more of a sign of hope for the people of Illea than the rebellion, but their numbers are scarce. Some call them heroes, others call them insane, but nonetheless, they have the power to change the world, and break Mateai's and The Tenant's control over Illea.
    This Rp is an epic quest to defeat the corruption of The tenants and take back the continent of Illea. The factions that are engaged in war are the Tenants and The Rebels of Illea. The RP is set in a fantasy sci-fi world, where magic coexists with technology that relies off of it. In this RP you will encounter many trails and tests to overthrow Mateai and the Tenants's rule. Will you take up the challenge?


    This RP has many secrets deep inside it, but some are known as the lore. The lore will be held within this thread, and will be unlocked as players play through it. So far, you have 3 entries for lore:

    Factions (open)

    The Tenants and Mateai - Overview (open)
    The Tenants were once a proud group of overseers that upheld honor, respect and protection of Illea. All of that changed when a rouge member named Areinto Mateai climbed their ranks and began to seize power. When he reached the top of their ranks he issued massive amounts of reforms to their order. This has led the organization down a dark path; causing them to become a vision of evil, fear and oppression.

    The Rebels of Illea - Overview (open)
    The RoI were assembled to fight the opression of Mateai's tenants. They had fought a hard and long fight only to be nearly obliterated by Meteai's use of Scions. Due to this they have disbanded, but remnants still exist in small pockets around Illea.

    Illea (open)

    The Rebellion of Illea (open)
    The Rebellion of Illea was a major turning point for the continent. It began when one of Mateai's top men turned on him and formed the rebellion by herself. Later, the newly formed rebels coordinated strikes against The Tenants base of operations. This was when Mateai began to harness the powers of Scions and began his onslaught on the rebels.


    This RP only has 3 slots for the best characters created using this process.










    Did you read the rules and will you follow them?


    This is the OOC and Sign-up thread. As people play and ask questions, the lore and story will expand. As more of the story unravels, more people can apply for the RP and actually play in the IC.



    1 Follow all rules of Iwaku.
    2 Be sure to include the words vengeance, magic and hope in your application.
    3 Be legitimate and reasonable with your characters. No OP god characters.
    Please be descriptive in your application and all of its contents.
    4 If you find something, such as an error, report it to me.
    5 Play nice and have content in your posts. I want at least a paragraph or two.
    6 If you have any issues report them to me at my profile.
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  2. Name:
    Fae Heart




    Fae has short black hair which is usually hidden under the hood of her flowing black robe.
    She keeps her black goggles on at almost all times. Pale, and always wearing red lipstick.

    Fae was orphaned at a young age. Family couldn't keep her in the tough times. Raised on the streets,
    she lived a very cold and brutal life. Eventually she was lead into a dark underground business of hitmen
    and cold murder. The cash was nice and the rush of killing was even better. Once the rebellion started happening,
    all of her clients left her to join the rebellion. They didn't need her to kill anyone if they could practically get
    away with it. This was a problem for Fae, and she was dead set on fixing it. Or so she hoped. She had sought
    vengence her whole life for others, but this time, she would take a stand for herself. Odds be damned.

    Sneaking comes naturally to Fae. Living on the streets showed her the importance of being unoticed, and not an eye sore. Night is her friend, and pretty much the only one other than her knives. As her murders rack up, so does her skill in them. If she can sneak in without being seen, she can kill without anyone saying a word. Her ways of murder can be anywhere from a simple stab to the neck, a little poison in a drink, or a quick push off of a bridge. Blades are like an extended arm to Fae. They're elegant, and like Fae, they serve only one real purpose in life. They were her scissors that she used to cut strings of life in half. And what a beautiful cord they play.

    Fae was never meant to be a social butterfly. Rather a murderous devil in the night. Being abandoned by her family didn't help her develope strong bonds or feelings for other people. She lacks emptathy, and the ability to seem 'normal' in conversation. Fae doesn't care for idle talk, she just wants to talk about how to kill people. After all the years of barely living with little sustenance, Fae isn't the most hearty person in the world. She's thin and pretty frail. Because of this, she's also lacking in strength. Though as long as she can keep her cool and keep quiet, it's not like she needs it anyways.

    Magic usage with an emphasis on poison. She's capable of applying poision to her daggers, vials, and envelopes.

    Shotty dagger training by some drunken fool behind a bar. Accidentally killed the man. Learned how to sneak after breaking into an electronic manufacturers. Stole information for food. Her days of being on the run from police and angry costumers taught her a thing or two about running and evading people by running up walls, back flips, and dissapearing into a crowd.

    Rules have been read and will be followed!

    Questions: What kind of magic is available to us? I'm assuming the basic elements like fire, water and air. Anything else? Also, what are you looking for in the talents section?
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  3. For the talents section I was looking for a list of skills and their descriptions. As for magic, the types are fire, water, aero, terra, ice, thunder, light, dark, chaos, and poison.

    Also your application is not as thorough as it could be.
  4. Poison, you say? Definitely up Fae's dark and dreary alley. I'll go back and revamp the sheet a bit with this new information. What ares would you like me to fix up?
  5. Mainly define your strengths, weaknesses talents and training.
  6. How many people are we waiting for?
  7. We are waiting for at least two others. I will evaluate everyone's characters at one time.
  8. Name: Garthus Dethlok

    Age: 35

    Gender: Male

    Garthus has a bald head, completely shaved 'cue-ball' look. He has very strict looking eyebrows, and menacing look in his blue eyes. He has a square jaw and clean shaved face. His teeth are huge and every time he smiles it looks like he could pulverize concrete with them.​
    He is about 2 meter tall and incredibly muscular. He has very rough and huge hands making his fists appear as big as a sledgehammer's head. Has very tanned skin and few scars on the abdomen.​
    Garthus mostly wears a long sleeved white shirt and black trousers with black shining polished shoes.​

    Once a proud member of the tenants, Garthus was very calm and caring person. However when Mateai started to rise though the ranks and then change the honorable tenants into obedient killing machines Garthus simply disappeared. He fled the city and got a job as a barkeep and a bouncer in one nearby town. He served drinks and information to the rebels who needed it.​

    He was doing his best to lead a peaceful life, except for a few drunks he had to toss out he never even fought. He even found love, her name was Vivian, she worked as a waitress. Life was finally getting normal for Garthus. ​
    Then one day new 'Tenants' came to a bar. They demanded to know who was giving information away and they killed Vivian to get Garthus to talk. They made a mistake, they should have called in sick that day. Because after killing Vivian they woke the beast. Garthus pounded them all to bits with his bare hands. Now the battle was personal, now there was a reason to fight, vengeance.​

    Pure unfettered muscle strength, paired with excellent knowledge of Boxing and Judo. Fighting with the tenants allowed Garthus to blend the two styles and attack both quickly and with a lot of grappling. His huge body made it harder for grappled opponents to escape and his boxing technique allowed him to wear them down quickly. In addition to that his muscles serve as natural armor against blunt strikes giving him an edge in hand to hand combat.​
    Strong earth manipulator.​

    Though very resistant to pain Garthus is often getting hurt when he gores against multiple armed assailants. He has almost no skill with firearms or any other sort of weapon that requires even a slightest bit of technique to wield properly. Garthus usually sticks out from the crowd as a hulking mass that no one wants to cross paths with so they avoid him with at least a meter in diameter. ​

    Rock armour = Garthus can manipulate earth into an armour around his body to protect himself when charging against enemies with guns.​
    Earth Rip = Gathus rips apart a slab of concrete or rock and lifts it above his head ready to throw.​

    Mastered Boxing and Judo, created his own style of fighting.​
    Can manipulate earth defensively as well as offensively.​

    Read the rules, all I can say is Anarchy reigns, but sure I can follow that.
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