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  1. The world has restarted many times before each time with a new Architect a man or woman with the very power of creation each one building upon the work of the previous this has been going on for thousands upon thousands of years!

    now the world we know is about to change again will you help the Architect survive the change or will you be The One who brings the change !

    this is the first rp Ive made in a while

    ever world is An open RP for creative thinkers who like to test out their creations in an environment free from most rules the Architect is a job open to anyone who applies now those who want to play him in a past tense is possible you still hold quite a bit of power this rp moves from the age that draws on myth and folklore to the high tech future while passing through the present time stands still for no one .

    The One is the next Architect

    Potentials have the power to evolve into anything they even can become The One

    the lord of under town is the biggest force in the underworld he is a mob boss character

    this rp is for the supernatural and the science fiction types so welcome !
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