Ever seen the world as just one, long, endless darkness?

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Moonlit Blade

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Here's the low-down. I'm currently living with my parents (again) because I simply had no choice. I stayed with a friend for four months, with the intent on leaving for Washington during that summer. However, due to complications on my friend's end (out of her hands), I wasn't able to move out there. My friend started college, so his parents had too many expenses, and I had promised to be out of their hair by then.

Well, I had to leave, so it was either live on the streets or go back to my parents.

...The streets are starting to look mighty cozy right about now.... -.-...

I'll be moving to Washington sometime next month, but my parents don't know this yet. If they found out, I'd be out on my ass faster than I could think... So my dad wants me to get a job and is being a douche about it, and I simply can't find a job right now! And even if I did take one, I'd be quitting in less than a month, which is not a good thing in itself. On top of that, I'm taking my GED tests on November 30th and December 1st, so my chances of getting a job are even less without a high school diploma.

My dad has told my mom (who is basically Bitch incarnate herself) she isn't allowed to buy anything for me specifically. I can't ask for pay because my dad plays the "living here is more than enough payment" card, even though I clean for six people and watch over three younger brothers, and help them with their homework, while my dad is at work and my mom is off gallivanting. I am not allowed to use the phones, I can't use the laptop (I convinced the Bitch to let me use it just this once), and basically have no means of communication to the outside world. I sleep all day because I'm so sick of seeing their faces, and eat a bare minimum of food, so that my parents can't use my eating as an argument. Of course, then my dad says I'm lazy because I don't do anything, and he won't listen to reason!

All in all, I'm fucked. I need to talk to my friend in Washington to specify our plans, and I can't talk to my girlfriend at all because she's still in high school. I really want to beat the bloody tar out of both my parents and tell them they can't manipulate me as they please, but I have to take all their insults because I simply have no other choice...

Bloody hell, I just want to sleep on forever... My dreams are FAR more blissful than reality....
Keep on trucking, Mobi! And doing whatever it takes to move out! It's not impossible and it might take forever, and hell those wannabedead days are unavoidable. >< But you can get through it! >:D You already have plans, so just keep focused on those and you'll survive!
What Diana said, You have your goal, and you know what steps need to be taken to get there, so keep going and don't let anyone or anything stop you.
Poor Stroker... *Gives snuggle loves*

Keep your eyes on the prize and get out as soon as you can. Your parents sound like hell spawns, so you're right in avoiding them. Even though you're in their house, you legally don't have to obey them anymore. You're your own person, they can't force you to do what they want. I can understand though... Meeting their demands and their needs so you can have a roof over your head.

I live an hour and a half away from Seattle. As a last resort, come over to my apartment 'till you can go live with your friend. XD