Even Strong Bonds Can Break

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This friendship dated back several years. You met him out in the snow; he was sitting on one of the swings with his eyes on the ground. It looked as if he were waiting for something.. someone. When you spoke to him, it was the best decision you've ever made in your whole life. You were no longer alone; just as he was.

Seyo was a lost soul; classified as a walking entity. He was a person that was killed once but given a second chance in life. The boy was once outgoing and cheerfull, running around the brilliant fields of flowers he once lived near with his own clan. They've all been killed and with Seyo being a remainder, he was set out to be a specific target for several head hunters and mercinaries. Why? It was his race. He differed from them all and they wanted every trace of his ancestry gone.

You were once alone; driven by emptiness and the feel of dread. For years, you spent your life alone. Your parents? Gone. Your mother had died giving birth to you and your father had been accused for treachery. He was executed three days before your birthday. You were on your way home to finally put an end to all of your pain and suffering; that same day you met him. Seyo. When you two encountered each other, it was as if a connection had been made; an unbreakable bond that could never be severed.

You and the boy eventually got together, promising to spend the days ahead of both of you together. Each shining day was spent like no other; it was shared and it brought back the joy and happiness once thought to be lost within the nothingness in your negative emotions. Seyo had promised to be at your side until his dying breath. Not once had he ever gone close to breaking that promise. He'd always said; "When I make a promise, it is never broken. Even after death." The two of you were more than just close friends; you were a loving pair that had a bond far too strong to shatter.

【Present time】

It was morning now. The sun didn't shine through due to the cloudy weather out. It was snowing today. Cold, frigid, yet calm. You were sleeping at the moment and beside you was Seyo himself. The boy was snuggled up beside you, his arm looped over your small frame. His forehead was lightly against your bare back and his breathing was soft and delicate. It seemed though after last night's 'festives', he was more than willing to sleep in today. Usually, he'd be the first out of the bed.

Eventually, you sought to move but every time you'd try, Seyo would stirr in his sleep. Your clothes were just at the foot of the bed. So close yet so far. He had you in his arms and it didn't look like you'd be making any progress at this rate. How you'd get them was all up to you. Would waking him up be of plan? Or would sneaking out be your first choice? This was going to be a tricky process knowing that Seyo was a light sleeper.
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*Main point in this roleplay is to throw in events that can get dark, gruesome, genuinely the opposite of a loving and carefree life. The overall feel will be love and floof but it will gradually get dark and sustain of action before picking back up on the sweetness once more.
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