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  1. The Evalesco Bar, a small bar in central London, is always teeming with people from all over the world. People enter, and almost always, they leave with someone else - either a new friend, or a potential relationship. It's a peculiar quality, and nobody can understand it, but Evalesco has a strange ability to bring people together, regardless of race, age, sexuality.

    Khione Dean stood behind the counter, washing glasses as she got ready for this nighttime rush. The twenty-year old brunette had owned the bar for just over a year now, an inheritance from her uncle, and she loved her job. She loved meeting all sorts of folks from everywhere, and she would never give it up. She set down the final clean glass, and headed over to the doors. She unlocked them, and smiled. "Time for business." The British girl said to herself, heading back to the bar.
  2. Bars were a strange yet intoxicating pleasure. Oftentimes Eden would find himself
    drawn to these places-- to socialize-- find himself a partner or simply drink until
    he couldn't see straight. It was a simple routine of his, this, spending his nights in
    the lights of the night. When it came to Evalesco-- it was place he had yet to visit,
    often overlooked by him to the calling of other places-- other people. Yet tonight
    he found himself there, pushing the door open with some kind of ancient elegance
    surrounding his movements. He walked with long strides to the bar, eyes inspecting
    the room.

    ''Hey,'' he said once his eyes settled on the girl behind the bar, a grin tugging at the corner of his lips. ''-- What can you offer me, darling?''
  3. Khione looked up as the bell above the door chimed. She smiled wryly at the 'darling' and responded as she stacked shot glasses, "Whatever you want. I'm adept at mixing drinks, but my speciality is a Cuba Libre with a special ingredient of my own."

    She glanced up and down the man, taking in every detail with one cursory look. He was definitely handsome, but some simple charm wouldn't be enough if she were to ever consider anything with him. "How about a shot of lime daiquiri to begin with? On the house, since you're my first customer of the day." Khione flashed him a smile.

  4. Natalie was at the bar already, sitting on a High bar chair Infront of the counter and looking at her friend and coworker, Khione. Though the bar had just opened for the customers, the girl remained in place in that skimpy rabbit get up of hers. Natalie tried to recall how the hell she ended up wearing this thing, she had a feeling she'd be moving around busily for the night yet she could barely move--in other words it was super tight and she lets out a sigh adjusting her Bowie."Me losing a bet, and having to dress like some playboy server." Mumbled Natalie getting up and walking behind the large counter joining Khione at her side and nudging her gently as she looked at her."Why did I make such a stupid bet with you--I thought I had you that time." Natalie said scratching her head before slowly grinning and letting out a chuckle.

    Her dark brown, almost black hair went down to her back as she was continuing her previous job of shining some glasses left. Wiping them with a white cloth then putting them away in silence. But dressing this way may have its perks of probably tipping her more perhaps and maybe attract more customers? She didn't know. All she knew was that this was unusual and weird for her in her opinion and she looked at the first customer Khione seemed to handle instead -just out of curiosity- before continuing to wipe some glass cups and whatnot.

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  5. While she waited for the customer to make up his mind, Khione glanced at Natalie, and laughed. "Come on, you look sexy. If you swung both ways, we could definitely get it on." She winked playfully. Khione was pansexual, and didn't really care who knew it. She dated who she wanted, regardless of gender.

    "Anyway, you should know by now that I'm an expert at taking shots." She smirked, and neatly stacked the shot glasses into a pyramid shape.

  6. When Khione made a remark about how sexy she looked she glanced at her, sticking out a tongue."I can only be curious about being with a girl for now." She responded."Anyway, you should know by now that I'm an expert at taking shots." Smirked her friend. Natalie shivered in slight disgust from what she heard, she was one or two shots behind Khione and watched her make a pyramid full of shot glasses."I was just one....two away." She mumbles then shakes her head."I was gonna call off too, but then remembered the rules of losing. I serve you, I wear the suit, no complaints." She repeated back at her."But just let me complain for now. look at this--The suit limits my movements!"

    Natalie then grabbed a round silver tray with some glass cups and bottles placed on it with her right hand and walked out the counter to an empty table, bending to the side ever so slightly with a knee bent. One of the 'bunny stances'."It forces me to have to serve in a 'bunny stance'. Posture straight and perky." She complains then walked back to the counter now standing beside the customer, putting the tray down with ease.

    Natalie walked back behind the counter and grabbed the tray. She hanged the wine glasses overhead upside down, tippy toeing in her black high heels behind Khione. Her back was facing khione's back and she slightly struggles occasionally."Plus the rabbit tail--It's huge! It's bumping against your ass." She comments before shaking her head."Ok I think I'm done complaining now, we can resume the bet. Complaining equals punishments." She quickly said letting out a laugh and turning around, standing beside Khione. Just the thought of punishments, and dare Natalie would say it-- frightened her. Knowing Khione for a while, was unpredictable and she plays with her own curly hair.

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  7. Cameron had just turned twenty-one, and had decided as many did at his age, spend this birthday at the local bar. Unlike the others that he was following in the footsteps of, he was not accompanied by a large party of friends to help him enjoy this night, but was alone.

    And being alone never really bothered him. It was a state of peace, and he had always followed the saying: It is what it is. Anyway, I'm getting off track.

    Cameron opened the front doors to the bar, and quickly noticed that it was not yet busy and full. This was not a fact of concern, nor delight to Cameron. There were two girls who had worked here, he presumed, and one other customer other than himself. He took a few cautious steps forward, not exactly sure about the etiquette of the bar. He was never an underage drinker, and his family was never really acquainted with drinking life. He sat down at the bar, and hoped he didn't look like he just turned 21.

  8. Hearing another chime meant another customer other then the current one. Seems like Natalie had to serve this one since Khione was already serving someone and she looked at the young male smiling."Hey, know what you want yet? Or do you need some time or help?" She asks sweetly, leaning over the counter resting her chin over the palm of her hand. The girl then stand up straight, stretching her arms up momentarily and waited for Cameron's answer. She then looked at her friend grinning."The day seems quite slow." She let out a small soft giggle slightly and looked back at Cameron with hands folded behind her back.

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  9. (My text format wasn't included last post *sad face*)

    Cameron jumped a little bit when the girl talked. "I uh, uh I'd like uh..." he kept on stuttering. He had no knowledge of
    alcoholic beverages, but quickly regained his nerve. "What do you recommend?" he said, his tone still a little nervous. He readjusted his glasses and looked at the girl.

    Jeez, his heart was jumping out of his chest, but why? Something so simple as ordering a drink, why so nerve-racking?
  10. Khione laughed with amusement at her friend's complaints and she called over, "You can take it off in an hour, alright?" She giggled and turned back to the first customer. "Cuban libre shot to begin with." She grinned and got out the bottles for the drink.

    With ease, the British girl poured the rum and coke into a shot glass and passed it over to the man. "So, your first time here? I can tell, because I never forget a face. I've been owning this bar for just over a year now. The name's Khione." She extended her hand to the man.

  11. The new male customer finally answered. He seemed nervous as he slurred around and she chuckled."Well, what do you recommend?" He managed to say through his nervous behavior, Natalie only laughs slightly as she shook her head and simply responds."Well, would you like a weak drink or a strong drink? I'll surprise you then." She suggests as he seemed new.

    The girl then focused her gaze up at Khione momentarily, hearing that she could take the playboy outfit off in an hour and she shrugs."Who knows, might attract more customers, money, and tips." She chuckled.

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  12. He examined the bartender's questions and answered. "I'd like something strong." he said. He was unsure why he had made this decision, perhaps he wanted to impress the cute waitress? Who knew? He made direct eye contact with her for the first time after speaking, staring for only a second into her eyes, and then back down at the counter. Did he just stare into her eyes? He had hoped she didn't notice, and casually pulled out his phone, checking texts ( which he rarely received ), and then looking at one of his social networking page. He wasn't really engaged with his phone, but was using as a scapegoat from making himself look like a fool in front of the waitress.
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