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  1. Astaroth continued to hum and rocked her gently like a toddler.
  2. "I remember names of everyone I kill.." Kunari mumble weakly.
  3. "What's only me?"
  4. "Who I'm crude with."
  5. "While that's sweet, you need to know how to move on."
  6. Anya nuzzle against him, "Of course."
  7. "Speaking of crude..." Lucius smiled and kissed her neck.
  8. "How many time have I given up my family? My mother.. Micheal, heaven, Diane, John, my children. Rinse and repeat." Kunari mumble, "Family was the only thing I ever wanted and ever asked for."
  9. "We have time."
  10. "I'd never say no." Anya's hand wander his chest.
  11. "She was still asleep when I followed you, I doubt shew hear you over the water."
  12. Kunari nods, "Ok." She turn the water off, "She should wake up or she won't be able to sleep tonight and keep everyone awake."
  13. "But you'll question it?"
  14. He stood up and walked out to Ashley's crib.
  15. "Usually you're too tired."
  16. Kunari wipe her face and walk out to them, "Wake up Ashley."

    Ashley stir slightly.
  17. Astaroth lightly poked her stomach. "boop."
  18. Ashley fuss softly, "Mmm.."

    Kunari reach for her, "Come on baby. Wake up time."
  19. "Want some applesauce?"
  20. "Want to try uncle's food?"