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    E U P H O R i A
    "Fight for your freedom."

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    - - -

    It ended as quick as it had begun. A high-school student, you had visited a site, taunting you by making claims that you wouldn't survive a second in a death game. You clicked the link that simply stated "Try me". And then the world went black.

    Being taken away from your normal life, you are going to be placed in a competition of wits with the simple objective of surviving. There are of course rules; this wouldn't be a fair game otherwise. You are, from now on, going to call a large ship known as the "Maria" home. We will provide meals and other living essentials, but amenities such as the internet and phone services are going to be taken away. We don't appreciate you gaining the upper hand on your opponent. Speaking of said opponents, there are 20. Here is a current list of them:


    (There are 10 extra nameless students just there to be murdered.)

    The rules of this game are simple. You have been administered a series of drugs that will wipe your memory clean. All of your fellow opponents are classmates, except for one. This false shepherd, if you will, will murder one student every 12 hours. The selection of the murdered student is random. Whoever uncovers the identity of the false shepherd may leave the vessel and return to daily life.

    We wish you luck.

    - - -


    1. The most obvious, follow all Iwaku rules.

    2. The unnamed students' deaths are free to be any method you wish.

    3. The false shepherd role can be volunteered for, otherwise I may create another character to suit that role. If you wish to be the false shepherd, contact me through PM.

    - - -

    Character Sheet






    - - -

    (I won't have mine filled out for a while, so feel free to start signing up now.)
  2. Character Sheet

    Name: Acacia

    Surname: Castellanos

    Age: 21

    Occupation: Private Counselor

    Biography: Acacia is a Greek girl whose parents had died when she was young,she was placed in an orphanage and tried her best to excel so she could give a better life for her future possible children. The second she turned eighteen,she had bolted from the orphanage and got a scholarship to school. She has worked very hard to get herself to this point and had met her current boyfriend in college. She is an intelligent girl and she has taught herself how to shoot a gun in the last year,she is considered to be very good at it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.