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~ Etrenelle's Ever Changing RP Ideas ~

Ah thank you so much for clicking on this thread! I hope I have something that will interest you and have you sticking around for a little bit longer! I am looking for a MALE counter part, I might broaden this though in the future but for now this is what I am looking for!!

Things About Me (and a couple of things I would like from you):
  • I tend to write in third person and write a couple of mini paragraphs for each response (I would love it if you could do the same for me! If you write more than I will match don't worry)
  • I tend to switch between passive and aggressive RPing (as in I like to take the reigns sometimes and pass the reigns over whilst RPing) If you can be comfortable with that that would also be amazing~
  • At the moment I can respond several times a day, if you can only respond once a day that is totally fine don't worry!
  • I generally play female characters I can play male characters but I prefer them to be secondary characters.
  • Romance is kinda needed for me in all my RPs! It does not have to be the main focus of the plot but I would like it to be there somewhat

Pairing Ideas I have (* = preferred role): Honestly these are so basic we can change it!
  • Fantasy

    • Modern AU
      • Fantastical Neighbours: Muse A moves into a new town and moves next door to Muse B* who is a *insert species*. They spend a couple of weeks meeting each other in odd places (grocery market, park, etc.) until one day they decide to hang out properly when Muse A finds out about Muse B and their abilities. (Maybe both of them could be different types of fae or something I dunno hahaha)
      • Second Chance: Two strangers end up having their lives swapped by a strange entity just before they die to give them a second chance at living. (We will need to play multiple side characters for this story)
    • Other Worlds
      • Secret Key: Muse A is given a key by a mystical old man and after following the directions given by the man ends up opening a door into an alternative universe where magic is real. The key opens a door to Muse B's mansion and the two of them work together to figure out the identity of the old man and how to get Muse A back home.
      • A New Chapter: Muse A* is working another late night on their novel but as their eyes begin to flutter open and shut they notice that their surroundings are changing. Rubbing their eyes believing it to be just an illusion Muse A opens their eyes and find themselves looking straight at Muse B... the villain of their story.
  • Slice of Life
    • My Quirky Neighbour: Muse A* has been living in the same apartment complex for several years with nothing interesting happening... ever. That is until Muse B suddenly moves in next door with all their excitement and bubbliness. How will the pair get along?
    • Catching a Star: Muse A* tends to keep to themselves leaving their house every so often to stock up on new books at their favourite antique book store. That is where they bump into Muse B the two instantly click (can be negative or positive but they have a strong first impression of one another). They continue to meet once in a while at the antique store, until one day fans of Muse B suddenly appear screaming and asking for autographs. That is when Muse A finds out that Muse B is a famous pop star.
  • Random Pairings (These are just sudden urges or pairings I thought were interesting from other requests
    • Werewolf x Vampire (a nice classic never had a good RP of this classic)
    • Werewolf x Human
    • Princess x Prince (Arranged Marriage story)
      • Actually any arranged marriage story would be delightful hahaha
    • Mafia/Yakuza Leader x Nurse

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