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  1. Hey there everyone~!!! Okay this is really my first official RP trial and I would love to hear what you all think about it~!!!

    The ideas for this RP is.....
    ~ High School Setting
    ~ Fantasy Aspects
    ~ Zodiacs/ Star Signs
    ~ Romance? <- If you want it~ ^^

    Okie dokie not much really but this is the plot I have so far~ ^^

    *clears throat and pushes glasses up*

    It is the year 2015 and students are gathering together at Eternelle High ready to start their new life as a High School student. There are some special unique students in the school, each of the representing a different zodiac and star sign. But is it alright for these beings to be part of the mundane society? What will come from these events?

    Okay really bad but somewhat informative blurb thingy~

    I am not sure what else to say here but really just these few things

    ~ There will be normal humans in this RP!!!
    ~ There will be only a limited amount of spots for zodiac and star sign characters ((If I remember correctly that means there are 24 spots available~ ^^ Meaning I will allow the first five people to sign up to have one zodiac and one star sign if they please~ ^^))

    I will make reservations now open so that you can ask for a spot if you want it~ ^^

    Tiger :: @IceQueen
    Rabbit :: OPEN
    Dragon :: @FawnGoddess
    Snake :: OPEN
    Horse :: OPEN
    Sheep :: OPEN
    Monkey :: OPEN
    Rooster :: OPEN
    Dog :: OPEN
    Pig :: OPEN
    Rat :: OPEN
    Oxen :: @Karma200

    Aries :: OPEN
    Taurus :: OPEN
    Gemini :: @FawnGoddess
    Cancer :: OPEN
    Leo :: OPEN
    Virgo :: @Karma200
    Libra :: OPEN
    Scorpio :: @IceQueen
    Sagittarius :: OPEN
    Capricorn :: OPEN
    Aquarius :: OPEN
    Pisces :: OPEN

    And there is an unlimited amount of spots for these mundanes
    1. @FawnGoddess

    Also the Zodiac signs and the Star Signs are different. The Zodiac sign reincarnations ((they are all reincarnations just so you know)) do not know that they are reincarnations of the Zodiac signs, but the Star Signs do know. Later on as the story progresses I might add Greek Gods and other such beings to it but for now I think that will be fine~

    Okay I think that is all really at the moment I would love people to contribute ideas and such~!! Please respect my decision if I decline the idea~ I do have the main idea in my head but yeah~

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  2. I would like to take the Tiger and Scorpio
  3. Sure thing love~!! Any ideas on how to make this more interesting~?
  4. Hmm, I would say maybe add in a rivals element, sort of the two sides butting heads, or maybe some sort of challange
  5. Oh yeah i forgot to add that~ Well the Zodiac signs will butt heads with the Star Signs but after a certain enemy attacks the two of them come together~
  6. Can I reserve Virgo (we're awesome) and the lovely Ox~<3
  7. All done~!! Thank you for your interest~!! Do you have any pointers to make it better~?
  8. What exactly is the enemy? Is it not just one specific group of enemies? Maybe you should make an Anti-Sign association group thing where they refuse to accept the Zodiacs and Stars from living a regular life with humans so they try and get rid of them somehow? Also, I think the rp would be better if it actually had some sort of goal; something for our characters to focus on instead of just regular school life.
  9. Well the thing is I completely forgot to mention this~

    The fact that they are living in the same world is unknown to all humans except a special few~

    and the enemy is a secret~ ^^
    I have the idea for that already but I don't wanna share that with you all cause that would spoil it~
  10. Lol well I can't help you with any ideas if I don't know what's already been thought of xD
  11. haha ever so true~ *chuckles* well I think the main points that i want to share are okay though....

    hmm could you maybe help with powers and abilities that the zodiacs and the star signs could share~?
  12. We won't be able to come up with our own? Well then I can help out with that, do you have some you've thought about already? We can pm about this though, so we don't fill the sign ups
  13. yep sure send me a Pm~ ^^

    Also i am just thinking of restraining certain aspects because if there aren't any clear guidelines or anything then powers can become overwhelming~ Also I am thinking that each of the two specialise in something specific so say with the star signs they have much more celestial powers whilst the zodiac characters are much more earthly if that makes sense~?

    Actually send me a PM we can discuss this better there ^^
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