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  1. Valimora, the queen of the vampires, wandered about her castle a wine glass filled with deep red liquid in her hand. She knew that several of the guards were trailing behind her despite her commands to leave her alone. SHe had been cooped up way to long, and was longing to leave the castle. To walk away from the eastern regions and explore Etheria more. "I want you guards gone by the time I turn around! And if I find that you're still there I'm going to rip both of your heads off!"

    Fellias and Loria stumbled over some rocks as they helped each other down off of some large boulders. The twin elves had just entered the center of Etheria's main land mass from the northern regions. It was warmer down in this area of Etheria so the twins had shed several of their layers that had kept them warmer up in the northern regions. "Fellias, I think we need to take a break and set up camp for the night." Loria paused and looked at her brother with her long fingered hand acting as a visor from the setting sun. Fellias nodded slowly and looked at his twin sister. "You make a good point sister. It is starting to get dark, and it would be very wise to stop for the night since it would be safer."
  2. Enoka leaped forward over a rock, climbing up a tree and crouching down at the top. She looked around, spotting a few creatures in the distance. She jumped down from the tree, turning from a human to an Arctic Wolf when she landed on the ground. She ran through the trees, sliding to a halt when she saw two elves.

    Akara slowly walked through her garden, picking herbs for her spells. A black cat followed behind, pouncing on mice whenever one scurried from a bush. "Quit that, you pest!" Akara scolded, nudging the cat away. The witch huffed, turning back to continue picking herbs.
  3. Fellias paused and pulled an arrow from it's quiver, and quickly placed it to it's bow. He looked about listening to the sounds that were bounding off of the rock walls about him and his sister. Loria watched her brother as she started up making a fire for the night. Both knew that they were near a Elven village, or outpost so they would not have to travel very long the next day to reach more elves. Fellias paused when he saw what could be a wolf, but he knew better, they had seen enough shapeshifters to know exactly what the creature was.

    Valimora turned and when she found no guards she strode off to her room, and finished off the glass of blood in her hand setting down on a side table in her sleeping chambers, before heading straight for her coffin. Sure the sunlight didn't effect her and she had no need for the coffin, but sometimes it was comforting since, she woke up inside a coffin. She was a human once, and somehow was reborn from her death and became the creature she is now. Valimora pushed open her coffin, climbed in, and shut it so that she could sleep.
  4. Enoka crouched down, letting out a small snarl, her eyes focused on the arrow that pointed at herself. She took a step back, but quickly lept forward and circled around the two elves.

    Akara sat down on a tree stump, throwing different herbs into a pot by her feet. The cat stared into the pot, letting out a few meows.
  5. Loria sprouted up, and pushed the arrow's direction away from the shapeshifter. "Fellias, you know better. You don't threaten it, and it won't threaten us." Loria glared at her brother the white dreadlocks about her shifting as she cocked her head to the side. Loria took a look at the shapeshifter, she knew one way to calm down creatures but she didn't know if it would work for the shapeshifter.

    Valimora slept nicely for the rest of the night, and only woke just slightly before dawn hit the eastern region. The guards of course returned to their spot outside of her chamber doors. Valimora left her room, and quickly headed down to the throne room after changing her dress.
  6. Enoka ran towards a tree, jumping up towards it and turning back to her human form. She climbed up the tree and crouched, staring down at the two elves. She made quiet growling noises, still a bit nervous about the other two creatures.

    Akara finished the potions, putting them into glass bottles. She walked into the small hut that she lived in, grabbing her broom and her bag, putting the jars into it. She nudged the cat inside. "Stay here!"
  7. Loria began to hum softly as she returned to making the fire. Fellias slowly set his guard down glancing at the tree at least once before setting up to cook something for him and his sister.

    Valimora sat down on her throne, and carefully studied all of the vampires that had come for her help. A snarl died in her throat seeing someone she didn't want to see.
  8. Enoka watched the two elves a bit longer before climbing down the tree and slowly crawling towards them. She had never actually seen an elf before, only heard of them. She looked at them curiously.

    Akara took off on her broom, flying up and through the sky. She was heading towards the queen vampire's castle to try and sell the queen some potions, which she has done before.
  9. Loria continued to hum watching her brother cook. She glanced briefly towards the shapeshifter, and then picked some already cooked meat, and held it out to her.

    Valimora glared at the newcomer, and then stood up. "What can I help you with this time."
  10. Enoka leaned forward, sniffing the meat. She slowly grabbed it from the elf, quickly eating it in only about two bites. She grinned, revealing her sharp canines, and started to make happy yipping sounds.

    Akara landed outside of the castle, saying hello to the guards before walking in. There was a small line, but Akara could wait.
  11. Loria smiled, and held out her hand, hoping that the shapeshifter would sniff it, and understand that they two of them meant no harm.

    Valimora dealt with the people she had to, becoming quickly bored with what she was doing.
  12. Enoka sniffed the elf's hand and calmly pulled away, a tiny smile on her face.

    Akara finally got to the front, smiling at the queen. "Hello, Queen. I have brought many things for you."
  13. Loria smiled, and then went about eating her food before curling up to sleep.

    Valimora looked the witch. "and what can I help you with today witch?"
  14. Enoka slowly backed away, shifting back into a wall and crawling into a bush to sleep.

    Akara grinned. "I brought you some potions." She pulled the small, glass jars out of her bag, carefully handing them to the queen.
  15. Valimora took the bag, and looked into it. She then waved one of the guards to go fetch some gold coins.

    Fellias took a moment to go to sleep himself making sure that he wasn't going to be attacked.
  16. After a while, Enoka crawled out of the bush and started to run towards the large pond in the middle of the forest. She shifted back into a human, taking off her animal pelt headdress and hanging it in a tree. She slowly stepped into the pond, sitting down in the water with a small sigh.

    Once the guards came with the gold coins, Akara took them and put them into her pouch. "Have a nice day!" She exclaimed before leaving the castle.
  17. Valimora watched the witch leave before waving her hands for everyone to get out of the throne room even the guards

    Fellias, and Loria woke the next morning, and continued towards the elven city.
  18. Enoka climbed out of the pond, putting her headdress back on and shifting into a wolf again. She ran forward, climbing up a small hill and letting out a loud howl.

    Akara left the castle, eventually getting back to her garden.