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  1. Name


    Late Twenties


    Pirate - Average build, strong due to years of manual labour on ships.

    Shorter Man, 5'8" or so. Dark brown hair. Weathered skin.

    Rafale, an orphan, went to sea when he young, as a cabin boy. As he grew older he found he had a good sense of the sea and was easily liked. When he was in his late teens, he found work on a king's ship under a merciless, cruel caption who mistreated the crew. Disgruntled, overworked and with support of the crew they staged a mutiny and took the ship. They elected him their captain and became pirates, which they lucrative did for several years. Now, he has made enough to retiare, wanting to focus on his other aspirations in life. Sometimes the call of the sea and adventure, however, is too much to resist.
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  2. Name


    Berserker - Adrenaline rush is much worse and makes her more violent, can be worse than up to ten men and it is also really bad because in the rush she has no care of who is hurt, including herself. However, there have been friendships that help her reduce or halt her rage; however when her rage quits she tends to pass out due to the level drop, also wounds acquired during the rush tend to bleed faster.​

    Thief, specifically Bandit.
    Highly ranked, though not the best.
    Does have a warrant in seven cities.
    Has a bounty in ten.
    Known for blockading the highway, stealing ​


    xxxxx Ceris, also known as Ceri, grew up in a Barbarian clan stronghold. She, like her brothers were train in martial arts, especially in melee because to Barbarians ranged fighting was for cowards. Everyone was expected, by the age of twelve, to be able to serve five years in the military then what they did from there depended solely on them. Ceris was able to start fighting in the military at ten, but only managed three years service before her clan was annihilated by armed forces who were dead set on taking over the plains that her clan had lived on for many generations. Because she was a girl, they thought nothing of her and simply put her in a cage to be shipped off for slave labor. However, one does not know the ferocity of a feral animal until one is bit. Upon hearing that her family was mascaraed by joking guards, little Ceri went into an blinding rage. She didn't know the extent of the damage until she woke up, severely injured three days later. Apparently she made the metal seem like clay as she tore the bars open. And even though the guards attacked her, she still went strong due to her skill and will.
    xxxxx After that, Ceris ran as far as she could, and ended up in a town where she was thought to be a war victim. Though people helped her out her red eyes were an indicator of what she was, a Berserker, a genetically rare Barbarian who could attack mercilessly. The kindness she was once delivered was reverted and she was left as a street rat. From there the only thing she could do was steal, and to make matters worse, she was really good at that. She hated doing it because it went against her family's code of honor, but how else was she to survive? Soon Ceris began to love it and coveted thievery as an art. She was even brought into a neighboring city's thieves guild at the age of eighteen.​

    Items on Person
    [ Bag of minor holding 5/15 [`] ] [ Backpack 7/30 [*] ]
    A Rapier
    A Dagger
    Studded Leather Armor

    A Bag of Minor Holding *
    10 Gold
    2 Healing Potions *
    Bandages *
    Map *
    10 Days of Rations ( 3 meals per ration ) `
    Canteen `
    Rope *
    Flint *
    Chalk *
    Sharpening Stone `
    Cantrips `
    Sleeping Bag `

  3. x

    Sitting in a lavish bar, amazingly still in order with all the items present for the underground world, Ceris sipped at some beer with thoughts on her mind. She was currently on the Isle of the Rogues, a place thieves would come to sell stolen items, like she had done, go to meetings and conferences about something going on, which she had done, and to set up for another adventure which she was preparing for. During the meeting she and Rafael, a friend of hers for a long, long time, had been given one of the few missions that were handed out to higher ranked thieves. Of course it involved stealing, what thief mission didn’t? But even though where they were headed, Lands of the Barrens, it could be pulled off simply, but then again she was a bandit, Rafael was a pirate and so she did not know how well he performed on land, though she knew that he was somewhat capable. Sipping some more of the beer she had the map laid out in front of her as she was scribbling notes on a small pad that she had just bought. This mission was going to be interesting, if not fun.

    Ceris had already deposited her money and other unneeded items in The Vault, one of the strongest banks in the entire world. That meant she personally was ready to go and get this adventure out of the way so she could get back to her usual routine, though the small break would be nice. Now Ceris was just waiting on her dearest Rafael.

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  4. Pulling his hood further over his face to fend of the rain, Rafael glanced up at the weather battered sign above the door. The Golden Marquess. He pushed on the wooden door and was greeted to the warm drawing room of a pub. His hood fell of, water dripping from it. This was the place she had arranged to meet at. He entered into the common room, searching. There were few people in the room. It was more like a funeral party then any public ale house.

    He approached the table. "Is this seat taken?" He asked. Flashing a grin, he slid into the seat across of her. Ceris. A friend of his, met on one of his many adventures, one that involved scientists. Since then, he had run in to her several times, each resulting in trouble, a good bit of thievery and of course booze. This time, they were going to set out and rob what had never been achieved before. "You could at least pick a more lively place? It feels like a chapel on Monday afternoon."
  5. x

    Ceris lifted her head up a little, the pitter-patter she heard behind her resembled that of Rafael, the amount of pressure pushed down by the sole and toes, it was like a formula that she had paid so much attention to. But that came with the territory of knowing someone really well. She was not surprised by his polite response then his sarcastic remark which made her giggle. "It is dead, but for good purpose. One a lot of people are still at the Convention of Thieves, we were one of the "lucky" ones to be able to be excused from today's activities," Ceris told him emphasizing lucky and rolling her eyes a tad bit, "but we have to plan out what we are going to do and how we are going to do it. There is some mechanics to theft you know, at least by the ground." She added with a wink. Pulling an opened letter out of a side satchel she handed it to him. "This lovely, that is what our job is to steal, and the location of it. I took the liberty of reading it to try and start planning." She informed Rafael before pulling out a map. "We are currently here, on the Isle of Thieves which is below the Southern Continent. We need to get to the mid plains of the Northern Continent to get a hold of one key; we have to go to the Eden of Paradise in the Western Continent and retrieve a key; we need to steal a key from the warrior-clad group, the Companions; and we need to go to the magic City of Sages in the Eastern Continent and figure out where the key is on that continent. We already have the Thieve's Key. After we obtain all the keys we will then plan to go to the Palace of Kings in the Southland of the North Continent. So I think the best thing we can do is go East, South, West, and then North. But to do any of that we will need a ship or other transportation, and I hope it is the first." Ceris briefed the man. "However, since we are working as a team, do you have anything to say about my plotting," again she smirked after being serious for a little too long, "or do you agree with it?"

    Shifting in her seat she put two fingers up to where the bar keeper could see and she received a nod, followed by two pints of ale. "How quickly could you get us a ship? They gave us a lot of stipends so we can afford a large crew, but I would suggest to keep it small. I do not want any ideals of mutiny going through people's heads. Because then I will have to kill people, which I do not mind to do, but then I get their gold." She said being a little persnickety. "Also! We are on no particular deadline, that means we can have a little "fun" on the way to where we are going. I've not taken over a ship since the last time I sailed with you and that has been a while. I don't want to get rusty." Ceris hinted her desire to him. Picking up her drink she took a large sip, easily clearing half of the glass. "Oh and you should better hold your liquor, we are drinking but we have work to do later." She grinned devilishly.

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