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  1. Hi, I'm Eternalsinger, but you can call me singer or eternal; or any other nickname that fits your fancy. As you've probably already guessed, I'm new here, though not new when it comes to roleplaying. I'm constantly looking for 1x1's, though it depends on the topics. Here a bunch of things about me:

    1. I have been roleplaying for about four years.
    2. Yes, I love to sing; and I write my own songs, though I have never actually gotten any of them to fit a beat so they are just poems at the moment.
    3. I roleplay many characters at once (being a writer, I'm used to constantly creating a different character for each story, then controlling all of them at once)
    4. Somewhat random (of course, that's just how I am) I sometimes tend to ramble on about things
    5. My characters differ between boys and girls depending on the topic, with an age range from newborns to 18 year olds (can push limits a bit sometimes, but I'm not as good), though I have a tendency to make some of my characters too similar in personality (common example- shy)
    6. I am currently writing a book series called the Academy of Secrets
    7. I originally started my roleplaying on a site called Chickensmoothie (weird name, but full of rpers of all types)
    8. I love fantasy, and I'm a complete bookworm.
    9. I typically don't do group rps because I end up being forgotten and left out (even when I'm the one who started it )
    10. My stories and rps almost always include vampires, shape-shifters or something along those lines (though I have my own style for either of the listed above)
    11. I always make at least a basic character sheet for each of my characters before I rp, to keep track of them and for something to reference to (I also usually use anime pictures, as they're easiest to find and have more range)
    12. I very rarely use txt talk or shortened words (I use rp and pic most often, I think that's it)
    13. Thirteen is my lucky number (for lack of a last thing to say)
  2. Nice, glad to see a experienced roleplayer join our ranks. I'm Eternal..... well, you can call me Eternalfire61.
  3. Welcome hope to see you around you seem interesting!
  4. Well thank you both for the warm welcome. I'm sure I'll be right at home, everyone seems so nice.
  5. Welcome to iwaku eternal :)
  6. Thanks... Oh wait...
  7. Perhaps I should just go by Singer, to avoid confusion? ^_^ And thank you, Red.
  8. I see that you like books, are writing a book, like shifters, vampires, character sheets, one on ones, and fantasy? Because that's a lot we have in common :D If you'd like to talk and possibly rp, you're welcome to send me a pm or vm whenever.

    Oh and welcome to Iwaku!