Eternal Winter

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  1. ((For @Lithël Aelfwine only))

    Annaliece turned the page of her most recent reading project and sighed. Thanks to the weather, very few people had actually come into the little bookstore today. Those that had hadn't even bough anything. They'd just looked around, said nothing, then immediately left. As a result, the young storekeeper hadn't even opened the cash register once today. Another dejected sigh was cut short by a weight landing on her shoulder, surprising Annaliece into flinching, but then relaxing once she felt the claws wrap around her shoulder. "I guess you don't like the lack of company either, huh Theodore?" she asked of her pet drake.

    The drake brought its head into the girl's view and nodded it once. Usually, it could be found sitting on its perch, as customers entered and exited, but since there were no customers, and there weren't likely to be any customers, it'd moved to Annaliece's shoulder. Attentive customers often claimed that the drake was watching them from its perch (which it was, but out of curiosity rather than malice) but never could they prove their case.
  2. The lady came into the place. She was a gipsy, tall and beautiful, that was barely protected from the weather, making people wonder what would she do in summer.
    It was the middle of the winter and she had to shook her clothes from the snow. Hi! I'm looking for a book about intermediate life magic. Do you have something like that?
  3. Annaliece didn't even look up from her book when she directed the customer to her request. "Occult books are in back, past the romance novels," she said, raising one hand to point. "If you have trouble finding them, ask for Theodore." The drake whelp on Annaliece's shoulder screeched once at mention of his name then flew over to his perch. He knew that being mentioned by name meant it was okay to move about freely.
  4. Thanks! Said the girl. Hi Theodore, care to help me out? The girl asked and gracefully moved to let the drake come to her arm.
  5. Theodore flapped his wings once and floated onto the woman's outstretched arm. With another gentle flap, he pulled on the woman’s arm to lead her back to the books she wanted. "Theodore seems to like you," Annaliece remarked, finally looking up from her book. "I've never seen him do that with anyone." She slipped out from behind the counter and walked over to the woman. "Intermediate life magic, right?"
  6. I love animals. Got a wolf, too. A handsome drake is easy to treat said the girl caressing Theodore.
    More like basic, but i need soemthing to learn from. The little girl gave you a polite smile and walked away following theodore trying to find books
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