Eternal grief

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  1. “Deep in the forest there is an old abandoned mansion. It has been said that people that goes in to the house never are seen again. That mansion is like a labyrinth, once you’re in you wont be able to get out. Some people say that there are ghosts in there that kills people and makes them disappears. There even is a story about who the ghosts are.

    A hundred years ago there was a man that loved his wife so dearly so he decided to build a mansion to her. His name was William and her name was Elizabeth. After ten years the mansion was finally finnished and they moved in to it together. Elizabeth started to spend less and less time with her husband once they had moved in and she almost always locked herself up in the attic with her paintings. After some time William hear rumours about Elizabeth having an affair with his best friend Eric, blinded by jealuse and grieve he killed his wife by poisoning her. Once Eric heard that Elizabeth had died he knew that William had killed her even though there weren’t any proof of it.

    Eric had fallen in love with Elizabeth the moment he saw her, but she had already married William whom was Eric’s best friend. He hoped that Elizabeth would leave William if he suddenly got aggresive towards her and himself which he would if there was a rumour about Elizabeth being with another man. He never thought that William would kill Elizabeth, As fast as the news about Elizabeth death had reached him, he hurried towards the mansion.

    Once at the mansion he broke a window and climbed in to the mansion, the servants run towards the noise and found Eric standing there with a gun. He shot the servants, some of them died at once but some suffered for hours before dying of blood loss. One servant were able to run away from the room where Eric was massacre them, he was wounded but not deadly. He didn’t have a thought about running out of the mansion to get help, he just thought that he needed to get his master out of there.

    He found William in his working office at the third floor, he tried to tell him to run out of the mansion but William didn’t listen. He just sat there waiting on Eric to come. When the servant heard Eric’s steps coming closer to the room he started to panick, if he would run out of the room then Eric could shoot him. He heard the steps stop outside the door and saw the door handle slowly moving down. He decided that he wouldn’t die by getting shot to death so he jump out of the open window and broke his neck when he landed on the ground.

    Eric went in to the room and directed the gun towards Williams head while asking, “how could you.” William just looked at him without answering. A tear ran down Eric’s cheek as he pulled the trigger, killing the man that once was his best friend. Eric let out a loud scream of anger and sorrow which echoed threw the mansion, some says that they still can hear him screaming if they walk in the forest at night.

    When no one had heard anything from the mansion in weeks some people decided to go and see how William was, but when they was there no one opend the door. They got worried and decided to get the police, when the police had gotten in to the house and searched it threw, they found Williams body in his working office. After some more searching they found Eric’s body in the attic, he had hanged himself in his beloved Elizabeth room. The servants bodies was never found, the only way they know what happend to them was because Eric wrote it down before killing himself. But he didn’t wrote what he did with the bodies, nobody knows why.

    Now they are haunting the mansion, Elizabeth is said to haunt the attic and does knew paintings all the time. Some people have said that they have seen her in the corridors searching for someone or something, no one knows who or what she is searching for but some people thinks that Elizabeth once was pragnent, but the baby died shortly after birth. Elizabeth lost her mind when the baby died and often searched threw the mansion to find her baby. In some stories she is even thinking that she is playing with her child when she is all alone.

    Eric’s ghost is sometimes hanging in the attic where he killed himself and sometimes he is searching threw the house after William because he wants to kill him. It is said that if he sees a girl in the mansion then she will disappear because he thinks it is Elizabeth so he takes her with him. If he sees a man then he will think that it is William and brutally murdering him.

    William is said mostly grieving in his working office but sometimes he has been seen walking in the corridor, if he sees a man he will beg him to kill him and if he sees a woman then he will strangle her to death because he will think that it is his wife that betrayed him.

    Even the servants are haunting the mansion, no one knows what they do or why they still are in the mansion but it is said that you should never follow a servant, because they will make you get lost in the labyrinth like mansion.”<o:p></o:p>

    This is the story of the mansion that have been heard by many, some times the story changes and no one knows how the real story goes. Now some teenagers have decided to go to the mansion, some wants to go because they are curious and some wants to go because they want to see ghost’s or proove that ghost’s doesn’t exist. Will they survive in the house?
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    Victoria stood outside the mansion with the group of people from her school, why was she even there? Yeah that’s right, it was because everyone said there was ghost’s there, that is so ridiculous. There are no such things as ghost’s. Victoria would proove that to this hopeless bunch of fools. She looked at her brother, she didn’t like that he had come to the mansion just to look after her, what did he think would happen? There was nothing that could hurt them there, so he shouldn’t worry that much.

    She sighted “Okay guys, can we go in today or are we going to stand here and freeze to death all night? I want to get home as fast as possible, if I don’t sleep properly then I won’t be able to focused on lessons and my grades will drop.” She said and took some steps closer to the door without noticing the shadow in the window on the second floor. Just as she was about to open the door Alexander took a grip on the door handle, that overprotective bastard, couldn't he just mind his own business sometime now and then? Victoria sighted and looked inside the mansion, it was much more beautiful inside than outside. it didn't look abandoned at all.
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    Alexander gave his sister a small smile that told her that he was sorry for forcing her to let him come to. He knew that Victoria didn't like when he acted overprotective but what else could he do? He loved his sister and needed to protect her if she could be in danger, it wasn't like he believed in ghost's or anything like that, but going out late at night was dangerous and who knows when a psycopath could jump out of the bushes and kill them all. He needed to be there and protect her if something would happen even if the chance was small that anything would happen.

    He looked up to see the starry sky but his eyes stopped when he came to the second floors window. Was a woman in the house? After he had blinked the shadow disappeared, had he imagined it? No someone was inside the house, but who would be in there? He walked towards his sister and took a grip on the door handle before Victoria got the chance. The door was unlocked, well no one lived there and no one came there so it didn't need to be locked. He opened the door to the mansion and expected that it would be dirty and rotten but everything was perfect, it was like someone was living there and taking care of the place.

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    Sandra looked angry at Victoria, why didn't she just go home if she wanted to sleep that badly? But what could you expect of a rich bastard like her, she didn't think about anyone except herself. Victoria didn't even care about her brother. No, Sandra didn't like Victoria at all, she always destroyed the fun for everyone, it was the same in class, if somebody did something she told the teacher about it. Why couldn't she just try to be like everyone else?

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    Marilyn looked up at the window and barely noticed Victorias comment, she had just seen a figure in the window. Her heart beated rapidly, why had she let herself been talked into going to a haunted mansion? This would probably kill her. She hated ghost stories but Sandra had said that it wouldn't be fun if she hadn't come to. Marilyn knew that it was a lie but she couldn't say no to Sandra, one of her many weak points.

    But maybe this was good, maybe she could stop being so scared if she tried to do this kind of things. She looked over Alexander's shoulder when he opened the door, the house was so nice, it couldn't be haunted. Ghost's was only in rotten and ugly castle's and mansion's. Maybe she wouldn't see any ghost's tonight. But then her thoughts went back to the shadow in the window, but maybe it only was some other curious people that had walked in to the mansion. Or maybe it was a ghost. She shivered and tried to stop thinking about ghost's.
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  2. Laura stood few meters away from the group even though she was part of it. Her parents didn't know that she was coming because if they would then she would be doomed. No paying attention to what the others were talking about, Laura examined the mansion from the outside. Her eyes stopped on the movement in the window. Surprisingly it didn't evoke any emotion in her. She remained calm. In her search for ghosts, Laura experienced a lot of frightening and weird stuff, so this scary shadow that disappeared once you saw, didn't set her of the tracks. However, the door opened all of a sudden. Someone opened them. It seemed like the time had come and all of them would go into the mansion.

    Coming closer to the others, Laura peeked inside. It looked nice however the clod breeze that came from over there told Laura that things weren't as they looked like. Illusion? It happened to her before but she was still not sure whether she wasn't just poisned by smoke or it was real. Sneak past the others, Laura placed one of her feet behind the doorsill and looked around. Was something going to pull her in? Or was everything going to remain as it was?
  3. Phoenix stood behind a tree a few yards away from the mansion, staring intently at the group about to go inside.
    "What the hell are they doing here?" She said to herself.
    Hesitantly, she came out from behind the tree and stood there. It was too cold for her, and she knew that if she stayed outside for too long she would get sick again. She was afraid of being alone in the dark and longed to join the group, but she just didn't know how to approach them. After thinking for a few minutes, she decided to keep her distance. If the rumors were true, she didn't want to be near anyone that would draw attention to her.
    Someone then opened the door to the mansion. Her plan was to wait until they all went inside so she could follow behind quietly, and just pray she wouldn't be spotted. All she wanted was to go in quickly, and then come right back out.
    As she walked up closer to the house, Phoenix saw something moving in the second story window.
    She put the very thought of it being anything paranormal related in the back of her mind, and went into the house.
  4. Victoria looked at the people around her, some of them stood as far back as they could, cowards. And the others stood close trying to run in to the mansion, idiots. She sighted and took a step inside, the cielings and walls were covered in gold and red coloured material. Why did people think that this mansion was haunted? It was so good looking, it was the last place Victoria would think a ghost would be, not because she believed in something so ridiculous as a ghost.

    Her brother soon came to her side and put a hand on her shoulder, she coldly pushed his hand away. Why couldn’t he just let her be for once? He always worried for nothing and it irritated her so much. She looked at the people that came behind them and the people that had walked ahead of them, everyone seemed amazed at the inside of the house. Hopefully they would just walk a bit inside the mansion, noticing that there was nothing wrong and no ghost existed here and they could walk home again.

    As everyone had walked inside the door suddenly shut closed behind them, weird there was no wind inside of the house that could have made it shut closed. Maybe someone was joking around and threwd it closed when the others wasn’t looking. Would this make everyone go in to panic? Victoria had been startled but fast realised that someone must have closed it when they didn’t look. There couldn’t be such things as ghost’s, which meant that the only other explanation would be that someones was playing a prank on them.

    “Okay, very funny joke. Who closed the door?” Victoria asked bluntly, she didn’t have time for this kind of games. First they take up her time by taking her to a ‘haunted’ house, okay she went willingly but just because they were so stupid. And now they started to play pranks to make people scared, like anyone would fall for that kind of joke. It was ridiculous, as long as no one started to scream, that would be anoying.


    </SPAN>Alexander starred at the house for a moment before he noticed that his sister started to walk in to the house. What was she doing going in there first and alone? He fast walked to her side again and put his hand on her shoulder. Maybe he was to overprotective, but if there were someone dangerous in the house then he needed to protect her. The house maybe looked old and rotten on the outside but the inside was beautiful. Shouldn’t someone be living there?

    He looked around in the house totaly amazed, he was speachless. But suddenly the door closed and he jumped in surprise.

    “What the heck?” He screamed and looked towards the door. Why had it closed like that? Had someone of them tried to scare them? His sister started to talk before he got the chance to say anything. He looked around at the people waiting for a confession, even if no one confessed someone must have closed the door. Ghost’s doesn’t exist so it couldn’t be a ghost which means it must be one of them.

    </SPAN>Sandra heard the door shut and looked towards the noise, who had closed it? Were they trying to scare them? It didn’t work that good, at least not at her. So mature to try scaring them with such a old trick. But who had done it? Victoria’s comment made her irritated, couldn’t she just mind her own bussiness? She was such a now it all that didn’t care about anyone else than herself and are the teachers pet just to get higher grades. She really couldn’t get to like that girl, no way. </SPAN></SPAN>

    Marilyn was mesmerized by the beautiful inside of the house, why didn’t the outside look like that? But if it looked this clean then someone should be living there, wouldn’t they get in trouble if they were in another persons mansion? She got really scared that the police maybe would get involved in this. Suddenly the door closed, she screamed out of surprise and then she turned around wondering who had closed it. No one seemed to stand close enough to have shut it like that, had the person moved away that fast?

    “What if a ghost closed the door?” She asked and shivered, was the house really haunted? </SPAN></SPAN>
  5. Laura walked inside with the crowd. True enough, the house looked amazing in the inside but for Laura it was little bit too much. Gold and red? It was like masquerade colors. Or at least for Laura it was. She walked into the middle of the hall and was looking around when the door suddenly closed. No, she didn't feel any breeze. Any natural breeze. Looking around suspiciously for any shimmering place in the air that could give away a ghost, Laura heard Victoria speak. That girl was obviously annoyed by being in there which Laura didn't mentally comment anyhow.

    "Well, then try to open the door again. I bet it is locked and none of us has the key to lock it. So how could any of us do it?" Laura asked aloud looking directly at Victoria. Why did she think that the door was locked? It was simple. Not that it happened in every horror movie, but it was that feeling Laura had. Feeling that this mansion was haunted and that whatever lived in here didn't want them to leave. Laura would feel way safer if the inside was rotten as well. This grandeur look gave her an uneasy feeling for you couldn't know what to expect. It all could be an illusion. On the other hand, she felt butterflies in her stomach. She was closer to what she hoped to see. Something that would prove her that God wasn't the only one who ruled the world. Oh, how her thoughts could be heretical sometimes.
  6. There was chatter surrounding her, but Alicia ignored all of it. She stared peacefully at the mansion. Peaceful was not how most people would ever feel at the face of something mysterious and potentially dangerous, but that was exactly how she felt. To be frank, there was nothing to be scared of when you had already accepted death. Yes, that was why she wanted to go in, to gauge the frailty of her life. Death was the ultimate weakness of all mortal beings.

    Her only regret was that her best friend, Kenji, would be exposed to an event that could potentially scar him for life. Afterall, it was her fault he was coming along. She had persuaded him to come along to tell the tale of her 'theories' that a human's ultimate weakness was 'death'. Little did she know that Kenji would not survive to tell the tale. But the dead could not regret. Or so she thought.

    She quickly snapped out of her thoughts and walked in, catching up to the others. She barely managed before the door closed shut behind her. She did not seem affected at all.
  7. The mansion loomed over the group of students, intimidating and incredible all at once. Kenji remained silent and his face expressionless, not showing how much contempt he already felt for the place. Truth be told he didn't have all that much interest in the old ghost stories. He didn't believe in them himself, but Alicia had insisted that he tag along with her so he could document her theories for her. He tried to talk Alicia out of her plan but she had been stubborn. Her persuasive skills were impossible for him to resist, so in the end he came along to honor her wishes.

    The two walked past the large doorway behind the others when the door closed behind them. Kenji fought off the urge to jump, he was sure the door was heavy enough that a simple breeze shouldn't be able to push it closed. His eyes steadied to the back of Alicia's head as he trailed behind her. He did his best to keep his eyes off of specific interior decorations, only noticing things in his peripheral vision. He didn't want too many memories of this place when everything was finished. He already found himself wishing they hadn't come in the first place.

    Many of the others were trying to figure out what happened with the door. He braced himself for someone to lay the blame at his or Alicia's feet, since they had walked in last. Kenji took a quick step around Alicia, placing himself between her and the others just enough to make him a more obvious target. From the look of things, the door was locked at well. Were they messing around? No one had really closed it and none of them had a key. At least... as far as he knew. He wished he had paid attention to who approached the door first from the inside.
  8. The door slammed shut, making it impossible to stay away from the group. Maybe it was better this way. Phoenix looked nervously around the house as she tried to make as much distance between her, the group, and the door, as humanly possible. The mansion was absolutely breathtaking, and seemed as if someone cleaned it everyday. That, of course, raised some questions. She hated worrying herself with pointless thoughts, so she only seriously thought about one.
    If the house is abandoned like everyone says, WHO is still here?...
    None of it made logical sense. The house looked so..old and rotten. How could anyone let it decay on the outside, but keep it so beautiful on the inside? None of it really mattered anyway. The state of the house wasn't what she was here for.

    To take her mind off of things, she decided to listen in on what the group was saying. Most of them looked jittery and nervous. They reminded her of tiny animals, aware that someone was watching them. Aware that they were about to get slaughtered. Only a few of them were actually talking, and the ones that were seemed vaguely familiar. She finally realized that they were from her school, and that the leader was Victoria Kingston. All she knew about her was that she was a demanding brat, born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Or at least, that was what she heard. Phoenix found it very odd that Victoria's brother was so overprotective of her. they didn't seem to joke around at all.
    She thought about how her brother was slightly protective of her, just not as much as Alexander was over Victoria. But who was she to judge? If that worked for them, then why should she bother with it?

    Phoenix was starting to get bored with standing around. When was the group going to finally move forward? The sooner they move on, the sooner she could leave.
  9. Lesley smiled and took in a nice deep breath of the night air. He loved being outside at night. It was relaxing to him to see all the stars above. The cool night air was also something he liked about it all. He didn't notice the female figure in the window on the second floor, so he was very calm at the moment. Lesley didn't believe in the supernatural anyway. He found everyone getting so worked up over this amusing, yet annoying at the same time.

    Following the crowd into the mansion, he took a quick look around inside before the door closed behind them. Lesley had to admit that it startled him a little, since it was unexpected, but he still stayed calm. There was always a perfectly reasonable explanation to everything, and this time was no different.

    As the others were concerned about the door, Lesley decided to continue looking around the area they were in. "Alright...So how should we do this? Split up into groups, or go around as one big group together?" He asked, ready to get moving and check out more of this big mansion.
  10. Victoria started to get tired off the fuzz, some people was barely affected of what happened but others were really scared. It was such a waste of her time, obviously someone had come to the house before them and put up a lot of traps that would scare them. She went to the door with her brother just one step behind, as she felt at the door she noticed that it was locked, no one of them should have the key to the house but you could never know what kind of contacts people had. Maybe someone knew someone that had a key to the house.

    She looked at the girl that had spoken about the door, she wasn't completely certain but she at least thought her name was Laura. Victoria never really cared about the people in school so learning their names were just a bother. "You were right, the door is locked. But I guess that someone could have prepared this from the beginning and been able to get a hold of a key or something. Someone probably came before us just to scare us. Maybe they work with someone here." She suggested and started to pass the group again.

    Ocourse a ghost couldn't have closed the door, that was totaly impossible, she couldn't accept an answer like that if someone suggested it. Ghost's didn't excist and she would never accept that as a scientific explanation.

    "I suggest that we walk in one big group, this place is big and we maybe won't be able to find eachother if we split up. And I guess the most people will feel safer if we are in a big group if someone tries to scare us again. But I guess I can't decide for all people, if you want to split up in smaller groups then do so." She said and looked at the crowd of people.

    Alexander looked worried at his sister, if someone tried to scare them then it was possible that they also tried to hurt them. He needed to make sure that Victoria was safe at all times, this place wasn't safe at all for her, she shouldn't be in here. But she wanted to go and he couldn't say no to her, one of his many weak points, Victoria could always make him submit to whatever she wanted him to do except leaving her side if something could get dangerous.

    "I think a group would be best to" He agreed with his sister, it maybe was easier to move in smaller groups but a bigger group wouldn't be scared as easily.

    Sandra sighted as that rich kid started to talk like she knew everything and were able to shooce the best for them. She looked towards Marilyn, they stood a bit behind some people and no one would notice if they walked away from them for a moment. Even if someone noticed they wouldn't care about them anyways.

    "Come this way." She whispered to Marilyn and took her arm, pulling her away. It didn't seem like anyone had seen them or followed them. They would be able to scare the group themselves later, and she could use Marilyn as a helper. She was so easy to manipulate after all. Slowly they disappeard in the labyrinth like corridors.

    Marilyn wanted to go with the rest of the group and were just about to say that she voted for that everyone walked together, but before she had the chance Sandra pulled her away in to another corridor. What was she doing? Making them go alone away from the rest of the group, what if something would happen to them? Ofcourse she were to afraid to say her opinion and just followed Sandra as she was told.