Eternal Grief


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Rp started;
Doesn't take in any new characters.

"Deep in the forest there is an old abandoned mansion. It has been said that people that goes in to the house never are seen again. That mansion is like a labyrinth, once you're in you wont be able to get out. Some people say that there are ghosts in there that kills people and makes them disappears. There even is a story about who the ghosts are.

A hundred years ago there was a man that loved his wife so dearly so he decided to build a mansion to her. His name was William and her name was Elizabeth. After ten years the mansion was finally finnished and they moved in to it together. Elizabeth started to spend less and less time with her husband once they had moved in and she almost always locked herself up in the attic with her paintings. After some time William hear rumours about Elizabeth having an affair with his best friend Eric, blinded by jealuse and grieve he killed his wife by poisoning her. Once Eric heard that Elizabeth had died he knew that William had killed her even though there weren't any proof of it.

Eric had fallen in love with Elizabeth the moment he saw her, but she had already married William whom was Eric's best friend. He hoped that Elizabeth would leave William if he suddenly got aggresive towards her and himself which he would if there was a rumour about Elizabeth being with another man. He never thought that William would kill Elizabeth, As fast as the news about Elizabeth death had reached him, he hurried towards the mansion.

Once at the mansion he broke a window and climbed in to the mansion, the servants run towards the noise and found Eric standing there with a gun. He shot the servants, some of them died at once but some suffered for hours before dying of blood loss. One servant were able to run away from the room where Eric was massacre them, he was wounded but not deadly. He didn't have a thought about running out of the mansion to get help, he just thought that he needed to get his master out of there.

He found William in his working office at the third floor, he tried to tell him to run out of the mansion but William didn't listen. He just sat there waiting on Eric to come. When the servant heard Eric's steps coming closer to the room he started to panick, if he would run out of the room then Eric could shoot him. He heard the steps stop outside the door and saw the door handle slowly moving down. He decided that he wouldn't die by getting shot to death so he jump out of the open window and broke his neck when he landed on the ground.

Eric went in to the room and directed the gun towards Williams head while asking, "how could you." William just looked at him without answering. A tear ran down Eric's cheek as he pulled the trigger, killing the man that once was his best friend. Eric let out a loud scream of anger and sorrow which echoed threw the mansion, some says that they still can hear him screaming if they walk in the forest at night.

When no one had heard anything from the mansion in weeks some people decided to go and see how William was, but when they was there no one opend the door. They got worried and decided to get the police, when the police had gotten in to the house and searched it threw, they found Williams body in his working office. After some more searching they found Eric's body in the attic, he had hanged himself in his beloved Elizabeth room. The servants bodies was never found, the only way they know what happend to them was because Eric wrote it down before killing himself. But he didn't wrote what he did with the bodies, nobody knows why.

Now they are haunting the mansion, Elizabeth is said to haunt the attic and does knew paintings all the time. Some people have said that they have seen her in the corridors searching for someone or something, no one knows who or what she is searching for but some people thinks that Elizabeth once was pragnent, but the baby died shortly after birth. Elizabeth lost her mind when the baby died and often searched threw the mansion to find her baby. In some stories she is even thinking that she is playing with her child when she is all alone.

Eric's ghost is sometimes hanging in the attic where he killed himself and sometimes he is searching threw the house after William because he wants to kill him. It is said that if he sees a girl in the mansion then she will disappear because he thinks it is Elizabeth so he takes her with him. If he sees a man then he will think that it is William and brutally murdering him.

William is said mostly grieving in his working office but sometimes he has been seen walking in the corridor, if he sees a man he will beg him to kill him and if he sees a woman then he will strangle her to death because he will think that it is his wife that betrayed him.

Even the servants are haunting the mansion, no one knows what they do or why they still are in the mansion but it is said that you should never follow a servant, because they will make you get lost in the labyrinth like mansion."

This rp starts in a school where some young people just have told a ghost story about an old abandoned mansion deep in the forest a bit away from where they live. They get curious and wants to check it out, will they be able to get out of there alive?

* Four main character plus my own will be able to survive this
* You can have one main character and then you can have an extra character that will die or disappear in the rp because of the ghosts (See the last rule about extra characters)
* If the four main characters already have been decided but you still want to join the rp then you can join the rp but you must be prepared that your character will die sooner or later. The extra characters will die/disappear first so your character wont die in the beginning
* If you don't feel like having an extra character then you don't need to, I'm going to make some character that will die.
*There shouldn't be more than 10 people going to the mansion (5 main characters that will survive + 5 that will die sometime under the rp)
*If you are one of the first four that writes your characters but are willing to die in the rp then you can write that so we know if there are free spots for the survivals.
*The character that dies can come back as ghosts that haunts the house and haunts the living people in it.
*I will draw lot to decide who dies first (first amongst the extra characters then amongst the others)
*If you are one of the main characters that wont die and all off a sudden wants to die because you're maybe tired of the rp or just wanna be an awesome ghost, then you just need to PM me.
*If you become a ghost then you can't kill the others, you can only scare them.

*If you create an extra character then think about that if someone wants to be in the rp and are willing to die then maybe we need to take away some extra character to make room for those people.

Survivor spots still free: 0/4
Characters that will die and extra characters spots free: 0/5


Age: (Between 16-19 they are all going to the same high school)
Gender: (male/female)
Appearance: (Photo is okay)
Bio: (Doesn't need to be long, just a small history is fine)
Reason: (Why did your character come with them to the haunted house? Forced by friend or wanting to proove something?)
End: (will your character die or not? You can only choose this if there still are place free in the survivor list. Write "Survivor" if it will survive, "Extra" if it is an extra character and "Died" if your character isn't an extra but are going to die in the rp. You must write die if there aren't any survivor spots left, but as long as you aren't an extra you can survive very far in to the game.)

This is my first rp that I'm a GM in so be gentle kay? ^^
If you have questions then it's just to ask ;)
Name: Victoria Kingston
Age: 17
View attachment 8105

Victoria is a miss perfect, she gets good grades and always helps the teachers when they ask her. Many people thinks she is a geek that can't do anything else than study which have made her become a lonely wolf. She grew up in a wealthy family and she has always known that she need to study hard to be able to take over her fathers company. It have made her very bossy and she often gets irritated on people if they do or says something that she thinks is wrong.
Reason: Victoria went to the mansion to proove to everyone that there is no such things as ghosts
End: Survivor

Extra characters:
Name: Sandra Johnsson
Age: 18

View attachment 8106
Personality: Likes skating, doesn't like to sit still, wants to do dangerous things, don't believe in ghost's.

Name: Alexander Kingston (Victoria's brother)
Age: 18
View attachment 8107
Personality: Overprotective towards his sister, barely looks at girls other than his sister, doesn't believe in ghost's.

Name: Marilyn Key
Age: 17
View attachment 8108
Personality: Kind hearted, love to help, sociable, really scared of ghost's but couldn't say no when people asked her to come.
Name: Laura Perkins

Age: 19

Gender: Female



Bio: Laura's parents are both believers. They're catholics and Laura has been raised to believe in the same. However, she was never as orthodox as her parents. Being open to other religions, left her with an idea of something supernatural. Something more reachable than God - spiritualism and ghosts. Even though she prays and has faith, she still thinks that God is too big for her to believe. So she created sort of her own religion. However, Laura lived in different city when she was a girl but her parents had to move because her father got a job in a different church so Laura was forced to attend a completely new high school. Even though she went there since the first year, she never got used to the people there. They just were not the people she knew from the Catholic primary school. True enough, there are few exceptions.

Reason: Laura went to the mansion to prove herself that God isn't the only force in the world.

End: Survivor
Name: Alice Bale
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair, with side swept bangs. She has a scar that is an inch long, however, it is covered by her bangs. There is nothing ghastly about the scar, as it is old and only healed as much as stitches can allow. She as emerald colored eyes, which gradient to a gray iris. She is wearing the school uniform.
Bio: She lives with her best friend Kenji. She has no parents. Little is known about her, as she doesn't talk about herself too often. She actually has a very gentle countenance and is easy to get along with, however, she carries a very dark past.
Reason: For reasons undisclosed. She said she was coming along due to curiosity, but that is not the real reason. She has ulterior motives that will only be revealed as the story unravels.
End: Death. She will survive a long time, but she will die before her time.
Name: Kenji Yusuke
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Short, spikey black hair. Kenji is 5'8'' with a lean build. His eye color is so dark they are easily mistaken as black when his eyes are in fact a deep shade of brown. He often has a very nonchalant expression on his face. He wears the school uniform.
Bio: Is currently living with his best friend Alice. He looks out for her and she for him. Both of his parents died when their apartment burnt down many years ago. At his core he is very kind and sensible but prefers to keep to himself (Alice excluded) as he struggles to keep a bottled up past where he feels it belongs. He tries his hardest to keep up an uncaring attitude but is quick to express genuine concern or excitement during significant events.
Reason: His 'official' reason for entering the mansion is to show everyone else that he wasn't afraid of the stories surrounding it. The real reason? Alice talked him into it.
End: Death.
Name: Esmeralda Valesco
Age: 18
Gender: female


Bio: more on this later
Reason: wanted to see a "haunted" mansion, so she could have some ideas with which to scare her little brother with
End: survives
Waii :D people joining ^^ *happy*
Name: Lesley Hall
Nickname: Les
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: About 6' tall, has dark brown hair that looks like Len Kagamine's hair, hazel eyes, and wears the the school uniform on their trip to the haunted house.
Bio: Grew up in a normal household. His father worked and his mother stayed at home to keep the house looking nice. He was allowed to do almost anything he wanted to do without permission, but he never misused this privilege. Lesley didn't want to lose his parents' trust in him.
Reason: He thought it would be fun.
End: Survives, though nearly dies.
Wohoo Chrona :D
*making up a evil plan that will half kill lesley hehehhe*
This is my first time joining an RP here, so I'm excited ^.^

BTW~ How will we know when the RP is going to start? D: Should I just keep checking back?
You can subscribe to the thread (Go to the first post in this thread and click on thread tools then click on subscribe to thread,) then you will get a notice everytime someone has written here and I'm going to write here when the rp starts. ;)
A bit of information:
I wont be able to start this rp before 22 or 23 january, my class are doing a musical and we will be working between 08.20-17.00 from the 10th january untill the 18th january, then I wont be home before 18.30 everyday even on weekends. Then we will have the musical 19.00 on the 19th-22th january, which means I wont be home before 22.00-23.00 So if I start the rp now, then we will need to take a break in a week because I wont be able to be online that much.

I hope you understand and will be able to wait untill then ^^
Works for me~ Gives me plenty of time to develop her character in my head ^.^
Name: Phoenix James
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Average height is about 5'5", brownish black hair, pixie cut, amber eyes, freckles.
Bio: Phoenix's parents abandoned her and her brother. She lives with him and likes to keep to herself for certain reasons. Everyone has their secrets right?
Reason: Heard a rumor that people who enter the house end up getting killed.
End: Survivor, if possible.
Yes yes, it is~ She is busy with a musical at school right now~ She said it's not going to start until the 23rd (:
Hold your horses sweetheart ;) It's just some more days before it starts :D
The musical is going great :D We are going to performe 4 more times before it's over and I'm so looking forward to this rp :9

I just want to check if you guys still are interested or if someone have lost interest and want to drop out.
I'm going to make two or three extra characters today because it doesn't seem like more people will join, if you want to do a extra character then you have the chance ;) The extra characters doesn't need a bio, just name, age and apperance and a bit personality. They are going to die anyways xD hahah

Have an awesome day everyone ;) I know I will ^^
I am still and definitely interested Red. Count on me ;)