Eternal Glory

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  1. A break down for what is going on can be found in last paragraph.

    Once upon a time on a very large continent by the name of Solair lived various species of magical beings. Inhabiting the far alpine northern region of the land were the Human and the Phoenix species. Where the numerous Humans had lived in close knit governed villages or towns the Phoenix were small in number and lived independently and spaced out from one another. The coniferous forests of Northern Solair were vast and so the two species rarely if ever had reason to come into conflict. From the southern mountain ranges had started to move in a conquering species known as the Nix. The Nix were aquatic beings and found the great rivers and pools coursing through the Northern Region to be plentiful. Quickly they started to move into the waters of the land, all the while abducting human children in the night and sacrificing them to their equivalent of an Empress.

    It wasn't long after that the humans went to war with the Nix in an attempt to defend themselves and their children. The Phoenix merely observed from the sky and hidden glades as violence soon engulfed the lower forests and mountains. Though the Nix were tough to defeat with their ability to turn into thick fog and breath under water, the humans were tough of spirit, ingenuity, and diplomacy. Their first move was to drain the rivers to uncover the Nix villages and launch points beneath the waves. Successfully the humans pulled drainage off and whenever they did the Nix were easy prey to trap, kill, or drive off. Their next move of business was to talk to the 1000 Phoenix living in the region in order to gain their aid and great skill with their holy fire. To everyone's surprise, even those species living away from the war in the south, the Phoenix gave their aid with out any contest and united their small powerful numbers.

    What few knew and what the humans had forgotten was that the Phoenix species was a magical one descending from themselves. Though the world had lost this information the Phoenix knew full well and it hurt their hearts to see their ancestor race being assaulted by the Nix.

    Long ago a human tribe that had wanted to removed themselves from the greedy materialistic world moved to the highest points in the Northern Regions. In their small mountain villages they practiced removing and purging themselves of their worldly desires. The almighty God had looked on the tribe with favor and granted them "whiteness of power," and a "form of eternity." The human tribe was transformed, able to call forth the white holy fire which healed the body but could also do tremendous damage. The tribesmen were also given the ability to transform into beautiful birds that left holy white fire in their wake and were functionally immortal through cyclical rebirth through their holy fire. At first the Phoenix had been willing servants and warriors for God but soon had started to suffer from a desire to be with the world once more. God sent his warriors back to the Earth as punishment for not staying strong in their desire to be purged of Earthly wants. And ever since the Phoenix people had spaced out in the Northern Regions, being independent from one another and being observers of the humans.

    Soon the human ranks were bolstered by magic fire wielding warriors who could magically transform into birds. The Nix were pushed back effortlessly by the new boon to the human army and soon the threat was no more. However, during the last half of the war the humans had started to dislike and harbor a hatred for anything that was magical. Quickly the Phoenix found themselves turned upon be their ancestors and attacked. Had the Phoenix not been immortal their species would have permanently plummeted below 3%. Now the humans actively hunt and kill any Phoenix they come across in the forests and mountains.


    Why would the Phoenix simply not fly away instead of having their numbers reduced so?

    It is important to know that the entirety of the Phoenix species (some 1,000) was in the human cities and villages at the end of the war and the Phoenix, not even thinking betrayal was possible from the humans, were caught completely off guard. Very few Phoenix had actually gotten away despite their magical abilities and 97% were slaughtered.

    No revenge on part of the Phoenix?

    When Phoenix are killed or go through rebirth through their fire all previous memories are lost. If they are killed their bodies are reduced to ashes that then fly away on the wind. The ashes always arrive at a location so deep in the forests that the humans know nothing about it and have no hope of finding it. In this location the previous Phoenix is reborn as a chick with no memories of their previous life or the world. I say this to say the new reborn chicks have no idea or clue of the human hostility they suffered from in their previous life.

    So what is the current state of the world?

    The human villages and towns are enjoying a period of new found peace from the Nix who have not been seen in the Northern Regions for roughly 2 years. The hunting of Phoenix is something greatly encouraged by the human species and the task to kill a Phoenix is even given to young men as a symbol of their power and future ability to provide for their families.

    Where are we?

    You are a Phoenix who is either 2 years of age who was killed 2 years ago on the Night of Betrayal or much much older because you were able to get away from the humans who you now know as the "Darkened." This story follows the tales of separate Phoenix as they try to survive the humans. It also follows several humans as they carry on their life as a hunter of the magical birds or whatever destiny they set their eyes to.

    Any Extra Info?

    When a Phoenix is reborn from its ashes it is born as an avian chick and not a baby that appears human. They quickly grow and reach full size (about the size of an eagle) in a years time. At about 5 months from being reborn they instinctively experience their first transformation to a human form. During this first transformation they appear to be pre-teen humans that spontaneously have fire rolling over their skin and with pupiless orange lit eyes. Many confused young Phoenix have been killed because they had mistaken humans as being another Phoenix but in its humanoid form. By time 2 years go by a Phoenix in human form will appear fully grown and will stop aging completely biologically and their bodies continuously regenerate. This may bring about the question, then why do they go through a rebirth when their age gets to about 1000? No one really knows why they go through this process often referred to as "A Burning Day."

    Also, those Phoenix who were able to escape the betrayal are attempting to find any people killed on that day and re-educate them of their history and the likes. They also see it as extremely important to teach the chicks the proper way of handling their fires before they can burn others.

    What does a Phoenix look like in its various forms?

    The only way to tell a transformed Phoenix from their human counterparts is from the eyes, hair, and skin. Phoenix sport pupiless orange lit eyes that allow them to not only see the world's colors more clearly and vibrantly but also allows them to see sources of heat. Their hair is a mix of human hair and full feathers. Their skin is very warm to the touch and often has an orange or red tinge to it. A Phoenix who is of a brown complexion or darker in human form may have skin that looks like it has a "warm" filter and the same can be said for Phoenix of paler complexion though this effect makes them seem very red or orange.

    Despite its similar size to an Eagle a Phoenix more so resembles a very large Falcon when in its avian form. Their plumage can be a wide variety of colors and their human hair is always the same color. No matter their feather color however the holy fire they have control over is always white. In their avian form a great crest sits atop their head which they can have flare out. When they do have the crest flared out flames envelope it. They can also do this in the humanoid form and the effect is much more dramatic as the hair (which most wear long) is completely enveloped in flame. All around their avian forms can be found random tuffs of feathering that strangely do not seem out of place and actually look decorative.

    Coming from their tail feathers are long feather tendrils which they are usually hunted for because of their varying and beautiful designs. While in their humanoid form the Phoenix is able to summon appropriately sized wings and tail feathers to allow them flight even while having their humanoid appearance. Often times this is done as a threat display between Phoenix or large animals for the avian parts can pour fourth and be enveloped by threatening flame. In their wake, while flying in either form, they leave behind embers that quickly go away.

    Extra Info?

    Chicks that are younger than three years of age typically have intermediate levels of control over their fire. This medium level of control can have varying effects. Number one, the control level makes it hard for them to blend in human villages (assuming they can hide their eyes) because their bodies may be engulfed by flame at the slightest emotional heightening. Luckily the flame doesn't burn anything or anyone, which brings us to our next point. Number two, when at this young age their fire can only heal and rejuvenate and not actually burn things. Luckily the humans do not know this information and as such it makes an effective threat display against them.

    When they are older than three years the fire is able to burn other things but the Phoenix will quickly and instinctively learn to control and change the fire from damaging to healing and vice versa. Because of the early healing quality of the fire two young chicks will immediately enter close quarter combat with one another if necessary because they know their flames will do nothing but prolong the fight considerably. Older Phoenix who are old enough for their fire to burn fight with a mix of close quarter combat and fire wielding.

    A Phoenix is able to teach a human how to use and summon their own personal fire but this is only possible when a Phoenix is willing to “split” its fire in half and put the half in a human. This was an uncommon practice before the night of betrayal and now it does not happen at all. Almost all humans who this was done to have been hunted and killed by their brethren as they see them as abominations. There are some however who have kept it a secret and practice the gift that was given to then and even passes from one generation to the next and sexual partners. Older Phoenix are able to see which humans have the eternal flame with in them and can actually completely control or block a human's abilities for a short time.

    It is important to note that the Phoenix have human like intelligence if not higher from the point of being rebirthed.

    TLDR – You are a Phoenix living in a vast alpine country, attempting to stay low and escape persecution from humans. You are either too young to remember what happened 2 years ago (an event that saw you dead) or old enough to and stay very far from humans while possibly searching for younger Phoenix to teach. You can also be a human who hunts the birds as trophies or simply because your hate for things magical has gotten to you. You can also be a human who is able to wield the same magical fire Phoenix are able to, but keep in mind you're hunted and hated by fellow humans. The humans refer to their brethren able to wield the same fire as Abominations. You can also be a Phoenix or Human doing your own thing but if you are I must ask that you read all the information above so you know the lay out of what is happening. This role play is more so a forest role play type thing, so come in enjoy and join us! Feel free to take the idea and do your own spin off of it or continuation ^_^
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