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  1. A simple request, write a detailed post about a setting of your choice. Give me the time of day for the setting, where it is and if you can, give me a time frame for where this place is. You can write in first, second or third person. Remember detail is key! Make it so that anyone who reads this has a clear picture of what you're talking about.
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    Deep in the heart of nature lies a place untouched by the taint of humankind. A place no human has even seen or heard rumors of. A valley locked in by the outstretched peaks of mountains, dusted with snow to give them white caps. The mountains ring around the horizon, providing shelter for the setting sun as well as when it rises. A natural crown made of rock and snow, it protects this land from any outside interference, keeping it a hidden gem from those who would seek to exploit its natural beauty. The mountains too add to the beauty, it's rough and rugged nature a stark contrast to the peace that lies within, providing perspective to the many masks mother nature wears. These mountains are both the end and start of this place, part of it yet separate, a blurred line going from mundane to perfection.

    A carpet of grass covers every inch of ground available, lush and soft, giving an enticing wave at the slightest hint of a breeze. Each blade gently bows to the slightest pressure, a deep shade of green, each one seemingly a sliver of an emerald. A sea of nature, it amplifies the beauty all around it, filling in the blanks where other pieces of nature cannot, lest it become overcrowded. Rising up from this sea are trees of a variety of sizes: from soaring oaks to thinner pines, to everything in between. They are as numerous as they are diverse, home to an equally diverse number of birds, each one adding a different song to the musical tapestry of this place. As the leaves rustle in the wind, the birds join in the song, resulting in a peace that cannot hope to be replicated.

    Adding to this orchestra is the bubbling stream that runs its course through this place. Filled with clear running water, it gurgles its way happily through the center, quenching the thirst of this land. Occasionally, a small trout will break the surface, the sun glistening from its scales as it basks in the open air. Soon though, gravity makes its claim, forcing the trout to seam in with the stream again, racing through its currents once more along with its brethren. The stream is like a shining snake amongst the grass, twisting its way across the valley floor from the mouth of one mountain to the mouth of another, as if it were only a passing visitor to this paradise.

    To preserve this place, Mother Nature had seen to it that the weather would always be just right. The sun never shown too harshly, nor for too long, allowing clouds to shield his rays long enough to give this place water to quench its thirst. The wind was always gentle, stirring the leaves and keeping the air fresh; never stagnant, and never fierce. With warm summers, wet autumns, crisp winters, and pleasant springs, the valley is filled with a balance, not having an excess of any one particular form of weather, but sharing each equally. This valley is nature's gemstone, and she protects it fiercely, as evidenced by the way it is coddled, not allowed to be disturbed by even Mother Nature herself. The most serene of locations, never to be seen, appreciated only by her maker.

    (So, something I just cobbled together. I don't think it's particularly amazing, but I'm always skeptical of my writing. So, I'll leave it to you to judge.)
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    The sea spread out in all directions, a shimmering mirror of endless deep blue. The water was shallow, a tall man could stand on the seabed and still keep his nose above the water, but it was wide and cool none the less. The locals, some twenty miles away from this area, referred to it as "The Forest beneath the waves." It did not seem to match, but when one dove beneath the surface, an entirely different world appeared. Soft white sand covered the area, with tall, emerald green seaweed swaying with the waves of the ocean. Tiny blue fish darted in and out of the leaves, gone almost as soon as they were seen. These aquatic vines seemed enough to give the place its name, but still more wonders covered the seabed.

    Corals dominated the waterscape, they displaying every color the human eye could see. They were boulders, living breathing rocks, creating a landscape like none that could be found on any continent. Purple fans swayed with the currents, tiny, flower-like polyps opened and closed as shrimp got too close, and so many fish filled the space with their colors and shapes. Only butterflies could compare to the brilliant patterns of these creatures, and even then, the fish won the battle. Schools flashed back and forth through the water, small creatures looking like living glass, darting left and right in perfect unison. A sea turtle meandered along at a slow, but elegant place, its bright brown somehow cheery and incapable of being dull. Snails crawled along every surface available, polished stones grazing upon the algae that grew on the corals. This place was as vibrant as any rainforest, and perhaps even more mysterious.
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    Motes of dust float in the air, made visible by ray or light escaping fromthe clutches of the heavily boarded windows, letting in some of thelate afternoon sun in the otherwise dark room. It is quiet here, with nary a sound but the swishing of the vegetation outside of thisspacious abandoned attic. The boards of the floor are coated with a thick layer of dirt, dust, grime and broken toys of all types, from acracked porcelain doll near a sometimes creaking rocking chair between the two windows leading to the west, a mere desolate silhouette in the encroaching darkness. Various rugs are rolled atit's feet, as if an offering to some unforgiving god. Plenty of crates and sturdy chests makes the journey to the toy difficult, the occasional roller-skates giving yet more danger to the otherwise simple ordeal as the twilight would make wheels deadly.

    A trap door leading down to the house bellow laid in the center of the room, made nearly invisible by both the dust and poor lightning, the exit not having been used in over a decade. A threadbare teddy bear lay on the plank of wood, as if a vigil guarding the forsaken room from invaders, one of it's button eyes missing and stuffing sprouting from it's nearly tore out little arms. A ball of yarn is nearby, linking the toy to the porcelain one by a faded thread, forever fixed in time.
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    Hikaru drew in a sharp gasp as he stepped inside the brothel. Never before had he seen a building like this. The foyer was a shining ivory with golden accents everywhere. On either side of him were marble staircases, winding up to a second floor. The spiraled rail, made of gold, shone underneath a white diamond chandelier with 25 candles, all lit with a deep, ruby colored flame. In the middle of the foyer, the reception desk was made out of the same material as the staircases. Giant ivory pillars of stone were placed neatly in four different places of the room, each having a uniquely sculpted angel on top playing different instruments; a harp, a lute, a trumpet, and a violin. Instinctively, Hikaru looked down. There was a long, scarlet carpet that trailed from the double-door entrance with intricate designs on the bronze handles, to the reception desk, where a young man stood smiling warmly at him.

    Takeshi, who had been in charge of the infrastructure of the brothel, only smiled at Hikaru's awe of the building. He had seen in countless times in his life, but Hikaru was only coming across something this magnificent just now, after his eighteenth birthday.
    As they approached the desk, Hikaru studied the receptionist's face. His eyes were a pale grey, smooth and even like slate. Cheekbones high on his face, connecting with his long eye-lashes when ever he blinked. Full lips-the perfect shape for talking, kissing, etc. His skin was pale and flawless like porcelain with lightly flushed cheeks. It was almost as if he were apart of the decorations....Hikaru sighed.

    "Wow....Everything here is so beautiful...! And I'm going to be working here soon?" He turned to Takeshi who pet him on the head lovingly.

    "Yes. Starting tomorrow night...."

    (From an Original Novel-incomplete-called Pure White. Please tell me you liked it...!)
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    I had never realized it before. All this time I'd wandered, watching autumn descend into winter, even though my trek took me far from the Queen's frigid empire. That Queen Alptraum and her sense of "efficiency" seemed to have its bind on my mind, an ice cube like the blizzards of the winter winds that descended upon my former village. No matter how far south I fled, the snow seemed to follow, the mountainous paths, blanched death beds waiting for me to collapse on them at any moment like my friends and family did. Whether it was my mind or the magic in my veins that kept me alive, I could never quite tell. An emotion I couldn't figure out burning within me, I trudged on through valleys, forests, whatever the harsh land set out before me. Surely, spring would come?

    Spring did not come to me; I stumbled upon it myself. A bitter tempest poured rain on my raggedy clothes as I took refuge under a dark tree. Feeble, I closed my eyes, ruminating if it'd be my final resting place, as I always did then. That feeling within me was gone, the chill reaching my bones in those last moments. Night's shadows overwhelmed me.

    Then they opened.

    Color: That would be the one word to describe those moments. The clouds parted, with only the rising sun painting the sky. A scarlet canvas upon which clouds burst into a fiery hue, the sky dyed the entire valley in tune with its subtropical air. Whether it was my tears or the raindrops I couldn't tell, but everything in the valley sparkled. A warmth within me returning, I marveled under this ancient tree the valley's flowers, so varied, yet all fully in bloom. They endured many a cold rain, but here they stood, untouched by the humans who rejected them for railroads and factories.

    Scattered among the pearly flowers shimmering in the field were trees much like this one. Their black bark seemed to house many secrets that nature withheld us. They towered into the sky, with roots deeper than my own. They added to the colors in their own way, avian and insect-like wings glowing yellow within their branches. Giving a dulcet melody were joyous songbirds, voices to coax me from the shade into the light.

    I was as alone as ever, but not lonely anymore. Every mountain I had climbed, every frost I had endured, everyone I had lost, everything faded for that instant. That pain gave way to that sentiment I couldn't discern on my way here: hope. Hope, sung in those verdant, avian voices, grown out of flowers and trees that knew hardship well, and projected by the sun that never failed to dazzle me with its eternal perseverance, became me. I, Flora Vernalis, would join these flowers, past winter's trials.
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    Petals where falling from above, a beautiful tree from hundreds of years ago was crying pink petals "Goodbye" are whispering the leaves, making this place beautiful, a nice smell's surrounds the place, i take a deep breath of it enjoying the soft and delicate smell, how ca they say humans and nature seem to have become natural enemies lately?, Definitely not in here, No, this is were both can enjoy. As i take another deep breath i close my eyes, and when i open then i realize... the grass is crying from joy, not because it's mocking the crying Sakura Tree, but cries because it has respect and it's been taken care of just like the lonely tree that knows its time is approaching to an end.

    There was no human sound at all, it was only the Squeaking sound of the swing that now seemed like music to my ears, as i looked around, it looked empty, not a soul in here but me, there were no children and the only couples were the fireflies around the place, as time goes by i realize that the light of the moon made this place look almost magical, all the games now seemed like a gentle invitation to another dimension, my friends kept crying so i shed some tears as well, i have never realized how much beauty could this place contain.

    Can you guess what's the thing i'm talking about? There's beauty in it, just feel it.

    (((It's my first time doing this, How did it go? >w<"")))
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    Wild, lonely mountains. Heather covered moors dotted with scrubby bushes. The frigid waves roaring and pounding on the beach, the angry, foaming white tops in stark contrast with the black waves. Among this wild beauty lies a castle, standing tall and proud, the grey stone vivid against the clear, bright blue sky. The sun is high overhead, and a lone woman stands in the castle's doors. This is the Isle of Skye. The home of Scathach's school for warriors, the Isle of Skye lies just off the coast of Scotland. Horses and rabbits are visible on the moor, the horses galloping and tossing their heads as they let out deep neighs. Stormy gray, bright pink roan, marbled blue, snowy white, black as night and gleaming chestnut, these horses are very color of the rainbow, standing out against the background of purple-grey moss and heather. The flat moors gradually give way to gently rolling hills, then highly peaked slate-grey mountains and jagged cliffs take over.
    This is actually form a story I'm writing, just the rough draft. I know it needs to be refined. :)
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