Escaping the Hunters

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  1. It was a sunny day in the woods, the sun's light seeping through the leaves of the tall oak trees. In the distance were the yells of the male hunters, already spotting Eden's blurred & shadow-like figure. Eden let out a laugh as she witnessed one of the arrows the members of the hunting clan go straight through her. "You'll have to try harder than that," Eden said in a teasing, mischievous tone. Turning around, she leaped onto a high branch, & began to climb up the tree. Looking down, she saw that two hunters were already climbing up the tree, following her.
  2. Aranya sped through the forest as the hunters shot arrows at her, one piercing her skin on her leg. She hissed a tthem loudly, and went up a tree to stay hidden for a moment. They finally passed, and she ripped the arrow out and threw it to the ground. Aranya thought she saw a figure in a nearby tree, but she wasn't sure. She was going to investigate. "Hello," She asked in the direction of the figure. "Is anyone there?"
  3. Tohn went from shadow to shadow trying to avoid the small bits of light that could potentially burn him. He would have been in a cave for the day but did not find one in time. Now he was franticly searching for some form of permanent shade. Soon, though, he knew he would just have to take a 3d form... he hated doing that. It would make him able to travel at day without a worry but he couldn't do anything in that form except convers and wonder. It restricted most of the powers he had...<o:p></o:p>
    He after getting burned for the fourth time he finally changed into his 3d form using flower petals. He moved hovering over the ground for now as the flower petals swirled around seemingly nothing to make his partial human figure (without legs) and he scanned the land looking for a cave when he heard a voice. He stopped and looked around not seeing them up in the trees.
  4. Lucifer was bored as hell. He was also hungry. Contrary to popular belief, vampires did not only exist on blood. They also enjoyed the odd roast dinner, this one did, anyway. He found that blood alone would always strengthen him, but he still had an emptiness in the pit of his stomach. Well, perhaps that was just depression, or a gastric ulcer. One of those. In any case, the slowly but surely ageing man knew that this emptiness wasn't going to disappear on its own, and so off he went in search of something vaguely edible.

    Other vampires had the luxury of fitting in with human society, but of course, the ebony skin coupled with stark white hair just didn't make for a good urban camouflage. As a result, the drow was confined to the outskirts and the wilderness. It wasn't too much of a problem, but at times it could really be testing. Boredom had a way of setting in almost without him realising it, and of course he could go weeks without seeing another soul, particularly annoying due to the fact that he really needed them to live.

    Lucifer walked through the woods, unwittingly converging on a growing gathering of what could almost be described as his kind, if using the words in an extremely loose sense. He wondered if any of those present had food. Perhaps he'd get lucky and be able to swindle some by playing the poor, betrayed little vampire elf. Unlikely, given his usually burning red eyes that just screamed 'I hate the world and I hate you too', but it was a routine he sometimes found success with, and in a way it was fairly close to the truth of it. Anyway, there was no harm in trying it out.

    With a cough and a splutter, Lucifer made his entrance, doubling over and glaring at the ground as he spoke, "Please, help me...I'm starving." Lies, and not particularly convincing either. Lucifer had never been a good actor, and had never needed to be. He found that in most cases honesty was the best policy, particularly when trying to frighten the life out of someone. The only lies that ever did any true damage were ones of betrayal, something he knew all too well.
  5. Midnight spent another restless afternoon roaming through the forest. He had attempted to leave once again, and once again his attempts had failed. He could vaguely hear humans in the distance, so he angled himself in that direction. He had long lost track of just how long he'd been there, but it had been a long time. Over that time, he had come across many humans. He had tried to stay out of sight of them, but once in a while one would spot him. Their reactions were less than favorable, and usually made a lot of noise. Apparently, the people of this planet werent used to seeing strange beings, even though Midnight knew there were non-human creatures inhabiting the planet as well. Humans were both strange and fascinating to him, he only wished he could get closer to them, maybe even befriend them, but with their reactions, he knew that would be nearly impossible.

    He spotted the humans he'd heard go deeper in the forest. They looked like hunters, so he stayed in the shadows out of sight. He headed in the opposite direction the humans were headed. Not long later, he found himself standing among a group of non-human creatures. Some were in the trees, while others were on the ground. Well... This is interesting... "Hello."
  6. Valeria stopped and her dress made out of leaves swayed, green for the season. She could hear hunters, and while she was one of the much, much younger inhabitants, she very well knew the danger she was in for being close to them. Naturally she went away from the disturbance, the uncertainty of if they were really trailing her hanging over her head.

    She stopped again when she saw a disturbing sight, at least to the Floren- An arrow was shot right through a tree, and Valeria could hear all of their cries of pain, "Shh, be brave..." she said reassuringly to the tree, carefully pulling out the arrow. Valeria had always hated that about the hunters, the fact that they acted like the forest was theirs and their alone, and therefore they could go harming the plants as they pleased. Using all of her strength, the force of pulling out the arrow made her fall on her back. Getting back up, she was about to say more reassurances to the hurt plant, but finally noticed the other living creatures around her.

    "... No? You don't know them?" she said, having asked the plants about them, "Well, in that case, hello!" Valeria waved a bit, looking curiously at all the features the others had.

    Looking to the white-haired male, she tilted her head, "Then why don't you eat something, mister?" she said, the empathy she showed before seeming to disappear. Floren were really never known for having empathy, if only because it was mostly towards plants.
  7. "Nevermind," Arachne said to the one in the tree next to her, not getting a response. She then noticed the others hidden around her. "So," She said to them. "What brings you all here? Oh, my, darling... You look green! Are you ill? AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just my comedic genius." My, she was talkitive today!
  8. Alright, next time, freeze them before they get off twenty shots. Dev stopped up the hill, wincing slightly and looking back down into the trees. Those humans wouldn't be moving for a while, he was sure of it. He'd been hurting when he froze up their blood, and he'd been feeding off of the energy his own split blood gave him. He hated his blood-lust, but the energy he got from being around blood wasn't all bad.

    He sat against a rock, looking down at his bleeding leg with a tsk. He flicked his hand over it, gritting his teeth as the wound sealed, leaving a small scar. "Heaven curses me still, and I haven't even done anything today..." He muttered, standing and setting back off, deeper into the trees. He heard the group ahead of him before he saw them, and stopped short, staying in the shadows and watching. He wasn't big on groups, but then again, these creatures weren't human. They're blood wasn't right for them to be human. Still, he hung back, freezing a nearby hare and picking it up. What? So he didn't hunt fair, nothing new.
    Ink cursed his luck, the case strapped to his back shifting slightly as he turned. It didn't hinder him much, rarely any, and it had stopped more than one weapon from slicing and dicing him. He gripped the staff in his hand, turning and fleeing into the trees. He hated hunters. Hated them. Still, he'd never killed one, so he guessed his hate only went skin deep. After another mile, he lost the hunters and took a breather beside a shallow pool. He shook his head. One day, he'd get out of here. Had too.

    He stood straight and set off again, the trees growing thick but he managed to slip through them easily; practice and age. He stopped short of a clearing, looking at the gathered group and rubbing his neck. He stayed back, not sure of these creatures. They didn't seem to human, but hey, he'd traveled with a human for six months before the guy tried to kill him.
  9. One of the hunters managed to take a grip on Eden's ankle, making her let out a hiss. The hunter began pulling her, Eden's fingers slipping from the branch that she was gripping so she could jump up. "Shit," Eden hissed as her fingers finally have in and let the two fall from the great height. Before the two could greet death, Eden managed to use her gravitational manipulation ability to make a vacuum-like tunnel, sucking the two into the void of nothing.
  10. Something told Ink that the girl would eventually come back, minus the one hunter. But that left the other one. Unfortunately. Ink reached into his case, pulling out a folded staff half his size that he unfolded into one a half-inch taller. Time to work. He ducked around the others, staying in the trees before attacking the other hunter head on, quietly and refusing to make a sound. Even with his throbbing leg. Yes, he could have healed it most likely, but he let it be. The staff in his hand lashed out at the second hunter, eyes hard and unmoving. He'd had his share of humans and he was done with them.
  11. Eden and the hunter landed on the ground with a thump, the sound of the impact echoing until it faded. Eden looked up to see nothing, everything was black and white; swirling as if it wanted to hypnotize your. "Where are we!?" The hunter gasped and turned to glare at Eden. "Get us fuck out of here!" Eden arched her eyebrow at the angered hunter. "Not until I get to kill you, hunter dearest."