GROUP RP PLOTTING Escaping Detention

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  1. So here's the general idea; (It's loosely based off of Detentionaire)

    A school is given a complete makeover. New staff, more resources, bigger parking lot the works. But there's something up with the staff. None of them are normal.

    One teacher in particular is especially weird and possibly dangerous. But no one can know for sure because anyone who's ever faced off against her has gone missing.

    So fast forward to a run of the mill day in the teacher's class, when a few choice students decide to act up and get on the teacher's nerves. The teacher issues them detention and tells them to come to the class when school lets out.

    So the kids are forced to come and that's when things start to get real.

    Or unreal. It depends on how you look at it.

    The teacher pulls out her purse and holds it open to the students and at first they think she's lost it, but suddenly her bag begins to make a loud whirring noise and the students find that they are being pulled towards the lovely leather purse.
    Before they know it, the students are sucked inside and find themselves in a different world. The teacher appears before them for a second and says,

    "Hello children. This is detention. You have a week to reach that island," She pauses to point to a little speck in the distance. "which is the portal back to your world. But if you don't reach in time, you will have to stay here forever. That is all. Goodbye." And with that, she disappears.

    Like it? I'm still working out the kinks. ^_^
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  2. Makes me glad i skipped Saturday detention today. I never would have time to deal with some supernatural BS.
  3. What have we here... *strokes bewildered cat* Boredom has led me somewhere interesting! I kind of really like this idea! Keep me in the loop eh Red? ^.^
  4. @Good Kid

    But wouldn't it have been fun to be sucked in to a demented magical purse? :D


    But of course! *Eyes the cat warily*

    Oh and by the way please pardon my grammatical and spelling errors in my first post! I was so excited that I just hammered out the idea without even considering my spelling/grammar.
  5. I'm black, To complete the ritual for a good horror story i must die.
  6. Fantastic! *cat hisses and runs away* Please! Don't worry about it at all, I am just as excited for this Roleplay to blossom as you. I will definitely join, I am always looking for entertaining RP concepts. I am trying to shorten my post wait time currently and I just know that this will help!!
  7. Well, I'm down but if i die, At less let me make my death super duper cool
  8. xD Okay well I'll be working on the roleplay information!

    And don't worry, Good Kid, we'll try to nix that sad horror movie 'tradition'. xP