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  1. "Oh crap.." Sal said under her breath as six bots entered the room. She was bleeding from her left temple but not to badly. She gripped her blades in both her hands. She spat blood before charging for the closest bot. She slashed upward as her blade cut through the bot leaving one sparking leg on the ground. The bot grabbed her neck and through her against the wall with mighty force.

    She breathed heavily on all fours and stood up while one of her eyes started growing black at the edges. She knew she would be dead if she were not half Besmrtan. Her powers cause her bodies cells to regenerate rapidly also allowing her bones to be nearly unbreakable.

    Some Besmrtan children like Sal possessed powers like hypnotising but Sal was only half Besmrtan which sadly means she is visible to the mortal eye. most Half Besmrtan have been captured and put in the IROIC (Institute of Research On Immortal Creatures.) They test on them to see their power limit, when they have no use for them the half Besmrtan are incinerated.

    If you would like to join please say your name age quick decrption of what you look like and if you want a quick backstory only if you'd like haha. And just jump right in! your character will be put into Sal's test when you join!
    Sal is 19 ( when half Besmrtan turn 20 they will be incinerated. she has long ginger hair and yellow eyes.
  2. Aragon ventorĂ­
    Age: 18
    image.jpg Aragon is different from most Besmrtan, he has a rare genetic coding that gives him telekinesis. He has been hunted by governments that want to lock him up and experiment on him to find out how his powers work. Aragon and his sister are the only ones left in his family and they are both on the most wanted list though no one has any evidence supporting their location, and most don't even know what they look like.

    Aragon ran to a room as he heard what sounded like someone fighting with robots. Aragon had killed two robots back in his room, unfortunately his roommate also died in the conflict. He wouldn't let his friend die in vein, he was going to get the hell out of here.

    Aragon approached the door where he heard someone fighting bots. He tried the door but it was locked from the inside. He charged his power for a few seconds, then blew the door down sending it flying into the room. Once he was inside, he was instantly met with a metal fist but it stopped just centimeters away from his face. He used his powers to pull off the bot's arm and then push it across the room. He looked around and found a girl that looked to be just slightly older than him. "Come on" he yelled as he kicked a robot in the chest sending it backward
  3. Sal's face showed a confused look as someone else entered the room. The look quickly vanished as she watched
    a robots arm be ripped of in front of her eyes. "besmrtan" she mumbled. Sal didn't need to be told twice to "come on"
    she stood about a meter away from this other Besmrtan as the door opened leading onto a corridor. "forwards, careful of traps." she said sharply and
    began walking down the corridor with her eyes wide open.

    "What is your name?" She asked quietly while stopping and looking straight ahead, she squinted.
  4. Aragon followed close behind the girl and headed her warnings, watching out for any traps. "My name is Aragon. I'm like you in a way, we're both Besmrtan."
  5. "I..I am Sal. I think something is up ahead. Not just robots." She said while darting her eyes round the corridor. "You have a power. I saw. Could you sweep up ahead or something? I'm not in the mood to die today, and I can only use my powers up close to enemies." She said brushing loose strands from Her eyes then looked at Aragon.
  6. "Yeah, I'll take point. You just tell me where to go." Aragon took up position in front of sal and continued moving his nerves were on edge but he made an effort to keep calm. He put his hand on the ground and sent waves of energy through the floor; using the energy like sonar or echolocation.

    Around 120 meters away from their location, Aragon could feel something moving rapidly in their direction. What it was he didn't know, and honestly he didn't want to find out. "
    Which way sal" he asked as they came to to a hallway that split in two directions. He was hoping she said go right; the unknown presence was coming from the right
  7. Sal frowned slightly as they came to a choice in direction. She could mildly sence something. "Okay well, I don't want something chasing us all the way to the safe point, so I think we should probably go check whatever it is out, and kill it. Okay let's meet the thing, whatever it is, I haven't fought anything except bots for ages." She said smiling to try and lighten up the mood.
  8. So much for avoiding trouble. "Fine" Aragon said reluctantly. He hadn't fought anything outside of bots either, but they even caused trouble in combat from time to time. Whatever this was, it wasn't a robot; it was much too fast to be a robot. "Stay close to me, I don't want to lose you down here." He said as he turned right and continued walking. After covering a bit of distance, he put his hand on the ground and used his powers for echolocation. He felt the presence was much closer now and it was closing the distance quickly. "It's right around the corner, be ready" he said to her then he looked up shocked as he couldn't feel the presence anymore. He tried focusing his energy into the ground but whatever it was he couldn't feel it.

    He stood up and continued walking in the direction of the presence's last position. As he turned and walked down a new hallway. A girl dropped down from the Celling and swept his legs from under him with a long staff, then kicked him in the stomach sending him backwards. That's why he couldn't feel her, she wasn't on the ground anymore. He looked up to inspect the girl and saw that she was half human, half bot. She wore black and purple armor and held a long black staff for a weapon. "
    Oh shit"
  9. Sal stared wide eyed at the half girl half bot combo. "What the hell.. Okay gotta move fast" she said as she dived out of the way as the girl-bot striked the ground where she was standing a moment ago. Her staff left a mark on the ground. She stared at the mark on the ground for a second, this the was extremely powerful.She had to use her power.

    "I burn! That's my power. I gotta get close enough to burn it though! " she yelled at Aragon. She ran straight toward the thing they were fighting and side stepped an attack. When sal grabbed for the thing easily dodged at kicked at sal sending her into the ground. "Fuck!" She rolled out of the way of the things foot that going straight for her face. Her hands glowed a light red and she went for a punch. It dodged but a tad late and its neck had been slightly singed.
  10. Aragon went for a kick to the things head, but it spun quickly, dodging the kick the delivering a solid kick of its own to Aragon's leg. "You bitch!" He yelled at the bot and used his powers to pull its legs from under it. Aragon quickly got up and listened to Sal. "Burn, got it. Get ready" He used his powers to try and pin the bot down, but it was strong enough to resist. The bot slowly pushed itself up then turned to Aragon. "Uh oh" said Aragon as he used his powers to push it backward. The bot struggled at first, then slowly began making its way toward Aragon. "Sal, a little help" he said as he did his best to keep the bot in one place.
  11. Sall watched Aragon struggle. She had to act fast. She sprinted and jumped on it. It was distracted by trying to get to Aragon so it was a perfect chance to get close. She grabbed its neck and burned as much as she could. It thrashed around like a bull, desperately trying get Sal off of its back, she had scolded it neck and shoulders making the metal parts of it melt. It stopped thrashing manically, sal thought it was dead " well that work--" it ran at full speed backwards into a wall smashing Sal into it. Sal slid to the ground. It raised its staff and brought it down on her side. She screamed and kicked at its legs causing it to trip over.

    Sal had taken a beaten before but that was pretty bad. She could feel cracked ribs healing already but it hurt like a bitch, and that staff to the side must of hit an organ and caused it to internally bleed. She held her side and winced. She stared at the thing. Its face was melted off and sparks were flying from its neck but it was getting back off the ground. Shit. She had led them to this thing. It was her fault. She crawled away from it while holding her side. "Sorry" she whispered to Aragon.
  12. Aragon watched as Sal burned into the bot's neck causing it to thrash frantically. Eventually the thing began to slow and then it stopped. He thought the thing was dead and gave a small laugh, but the victory was short lived as the thing smashed Sal into a wall, then brought its staff down on her with intense power. He could tell that the blow probably damaged her internally.

    He rushed over to the thing and used his powers to pull it toward him. "ENOUGH!" He yelled as he tore the thing's head off and watched the bot's body drop to the ground. He picked up the staff and violently smashed the things head, then body, ensuring the kill. He jogged over to Sal and lifted her shirt slightly to inspect her side. It was obvious that her ribs were broken, but it also looked like blood was filling her insides, casing a dark shade to slowly move down her side. He looked her in the eyes and said "sorry for this in advance" then kissed her, sending his energy through her and healing her from the inside
  13. She was shocked as Aragon pressed his lips to hers. She tried to pull away but she could feel her body healing rapidly. Her body was full of energy and her ribs were healed along with her side. She pulled away and stared at Aragon blushing lightly but it quickly disappeared. "Thanks." She said wide eyed as she got up. She stared at the remains of whatever it was. " I really hope there is nothing else like that out there." She said quietly. "Well I guess we should get going, the faster we move the faster we get to the safe point" she muttered.
  14. Aragon pulled himself away as she did. He hoped he didn't create an awkward moment, he was simply trying to help her, that was the only way he could pass his energy into her so she would heal. Anyway, they had bigger things to worry about. "Let's get the hell out of here, it won't take long for whoever sent that thing to realize it's dead. How far away is the safe point?" He said quickly changing the subject, they needed to move quickly anyway. He pressed his hands to the ground and felt the area around them; he found nothing. "Looks like we're good, no enemies nearby." He reached out a hand to help her up so they could get moving, then he led her back to the point where the hallway split. Now he took the passage to the left and continued down a dimly lit hallway.
  15. She trailed behind him looking around, the space they were in. They walked for fifteen minutes in silence. "We have got to be close by now." She said with a frown. "Im tired and could use a shower. At least the people who put us here have the decency of hygiene And beds and stuff." She said scratching her elbow.
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