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  1. Escape from Jekax City is underway everyone. Thank you to those who showed interest in this RP and the support. But this is only the beginning. People can still create characters with a max of two.
    Are you someone who think the can handle one more? Message me
    We will talk.
    For those who are seeing this for the first time here is the link to the Interest Check where you can post your character.​
    Like right.... HERE
    Before I start I want to go through some things;​
    • Is everyone still interested?
    • How would you like to see the RP start?
    • How often do you think you can post?
    • ANY questions?
    This goes out to those who have signed up;​
    [MENTION=5946]Bashington[/MENTION] [MENTION=5107]Kokierra[/MENTION] [MENTION=5970]Goran[/MENTION] [MENTION=5959]destiny_921[/MENTION]​
    The following characters list as recommended by destiny_921​
    ((Great Thinking))​
    The Alliances
    "Lyrin Fenta", age 16 - played by Rita ArchFena
    "Julie Rune", age 6 - played by Rita ArchFena
    "Kokierra Oza", age 19 - played by Kokierra
    "Qui Evocat ", age 17 - played by Kokierra
    "Boris Frenzy", age 16 - played by Goran
    "Etrius Toma", age 16 - played by TheAvenger
    "Caspian Grey ", age 18 - played by Bashington (A)
    "Ichirou Katsu ", age 25 - played by Kokierra (O)
    "Celeste Amaris", age 18 - played by destiny_921 (A)
    "Eric Anhale", age 27 - played by Akuma (O)
    Also character openings will always be open. Why?
    Think about the world we live on, how many people are alive? 6 billion?
    Now think about the world in the story. It is a world, may not be 6 billion people but there is still a lot of people. Never know who you will meet.
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  2. Iam still interested, i dont really nind how we start as long as i can bring Kokie in right off the bat and i can post multiple times a day, but when that is i cant promise
  3. Great no problem. I can bring Kokie in right away.
    Multiple times a day is always a plus for me.
  4. okay, cool. om rrady whenever yo start
  5. I closed up enemy availability because there is more of enemies then kids and organization participators. :/
  6. thats fine i understand.
  7. Still interested, excited to see this start.
  8. I am interested in this! I am super active.
  9. [MENTION=5812]TheAvenger[/MENTION] Go sign up in the link posted above (The link is highlighted red and says "Here") I'll let you know if you been approved. I plan on starting in two days.
    • Is everyone still interested?
    Interested? You have no idea. I've been dying to RP for awhile :D Can't wait!
    • How would you like to see the RP start?
    Anything's fine ^^ Though if you need help with a starter post, I can help! :)
    • How often do you think you can post?
    I check this website everyday, heh.
    • ANY questions?
    None I can think of at the moment :)
  10. Destiny great answers! That makes me su per happy to see. Each day I get more excited thanks to everyone's support. One more day or today depending if I speak to Kokie today because he jumps in right with me from the start. I could have an assassine or officer from the start but I wanted ro use an NPC so people can get a feel of it.
  11. [MENTION=5963]Rita ArchFena[/MENTION] - Can't wait, too~ Sounds good.

    If I might make a suggestion, I think a table/list of characters should be organized for the first post (for both starter thread and this thread) so that we know who's playing who.


    The Alliance
    "Anna C.", age 8 - played by user
    "B.Shaw", age 14 - played by user

    "Brandon", age 14 - played by user

    So that we're more organized. What do you think? :)
  12. Great idea! Ill post it here when I come back. Shouldn't be too long. Any idea is a great help even if its a bad one because it just means it needs another brain or two to help make it better.
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  13. Is it possible for a loner to become a groupie?
  14. Rita apologizes for her absence, while iwaku has been going through its updates she has not been getting her notifications. When things are stable she'll be back.
  15. Hi everyone, wasn't sure whether to post my CS here or in the Interest Check as the RP has already started, but it's over in the Interest Check waiting to (hopefully) be approved. I'll put a link here just in case - Interest Check Escape from Jekax City.

    Thanks guys!
  16. Sorry for not being around for awhile! @@ Had finals (drowned in assignments), then RL issues.. sighh.. Will try to be around more.
  17. So is this RP still active? 'Cause I'd love for my character to be approved and get involved if it is! :D
  18. Not sure about the others, but I won't be posting till I properly get back home. Having no access to my laptop is making it difficult for me to RP properly @@