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  1. The Erstwhile campus is a lovely sight in the late summer. Century old buildings of brown brick and cream stone mingle with those of newer construction on rolling hills surrounded by maples, oaks, carefully shaped junipers, and beautiful ivy that crawls along the ground and up the sides of some of the older buildings. Pathways seemed less concerned with the most prudent and time saving manner of getting places and more concerned with winding beautifully through the campus and around the trees. There are tables, chairs, and benches here and there, but away from the cafes and food halls, most people seem to prefer to sit in the grass and lean against a tree trunk or spread a blanket out while they organize their notes.

    But this weekend, the usual grace, beauty, and rhythm of students coming and going is unusually onesided. It is move in weekend, and cars line every street, students and parents tromp up and down stairs hauling in boxes tied together or taped or falling apart, bags and furniture and lanyards with keys. It is as though the entire campus has taken a giant breath and embraced those new and old who are coming home to her halls.

    Ivy Hall, so called because it is one of the oldest, and thus most covered buildings on campus, is more officially known as Brendly Hall, after one of the University’s founders. It has undergone numerous interior renovations, but none in the past fifteen years that haven’t been absolutely necessary. As such, it isn’t the most perfect place to live, but it could be much worse. Each room has two beds, two desks, two dressers, a few mirrors, and closet space. Rooms on each end of each floor have adjoining bathrooms, but the majority do not and their inhabitants must share bathrooms and showers. Ivy Hall is a co-ed dorm, with alternating men’s and women’s floors. It is ten stories high, including the bottom floor which is devoted to study rooms and gathering places. Each floor also has a communal kitchen and a central room jokingly referred to as a solarium and meant for studying.

    Baker Davis is exceptionally happy to be in Ivy Hall. He’s roomed here before, knows the Resident Assistants, and knows precisely what he can get away with. He is rooming in room 202, an end room with a bathroom precisely across the hall from the RA, so that he has an alibi should anything break, go wrong, or flood.


    Baker dropped the last box in the corner. The desk had been pushed as far up against the wall as it would go, and his computer, television, and dvd player were stacked with several boxes and blocked the windows on his side of the room. A few more boxes were here and there, left in various states of unpacking. Already, the bed had his sheets and blankets haphazardly thrown upon it. A bag of clothes, ones he hadn’t quite gotten around to washing before coming back for his Junior year, leaned against the bed, spilling out dirty socks and boxers. His clean clothes were shoved into the dresser whose drawers protested the treatment by refusing to close fully. The only spot of clean was his drum kit, which had been tucked into the only free space on his side and bordered on the middle of the room.

    Baker grinned. He could unpack this later. A minifridge had been tucked away beneath his desk and he had been given a generous gift of a 24 pack of his favorite soda. As he went about unloading the soda into the fridge, he hummed to himself. Hopefully this year would go better than last year. Hell, it had to.
  2. Dominic Glasne was really pleased with the Campus so far. It was picturesque in it's quaint way, especially Brendly Hall. Domi adjusted his glasses as he stared up at the multistory building. It was... far too big in his opinion. Brendly was where his Father had roomed in the days of prehistory and apparently that was where Domi was going to room as well. Of course Domi's Father wasn't there to help him move in. No, that was Iris who was standing beside him.

    Iris was a Junior here at Erstwhile University, he also roomed at Brendly Hall but he wouldn't be sharing a room with his cousin unfortunately. Iris had a box full of stuff and two duffel bags slung over his immensely broad shoulders. Iris might have been a girls name but the man was nothing at all like his namesake. Broad and tall and part of the school's soccer team, or as he called it 'futball'.

    The door was still shut or perhaps shut again, Domi stared at it and looked over at Iris before he knocked. Domi wasn't a timid young man but he was a little shy with meeting new people and he was a Freshman. People had strange notions about freshmen in general. He could only hope that he'd get another freshman to bunk with.

    Iris had patience as they stood there and waited for a moment.

    Domi's patience was already thinned by nerves.

    "Excuse us, I'll be rooming here..." Domi said as he tried the door.
  3. Baker did not notice the door open. By this point, his headphones were on and he was sorting through boxes, contents strewn everywhere. A blue and black, bushy tail swished back and forth as he took a break from digging through a stack of books to airdrum along to the music that was playing loudly enough that it could be heard faintly from across the room. The long haired man seemed to be approximating dance steps now and then, but was mostly focused on his drumming and searching.

    The room itself was thoroughly a wreck. Many items had already made their way past the halfway mark of the room, the tap in the bathroom was trickling, and a hairbrush covered in silky blue hairs sat on the chair to Domi’s desk.

    Still not noticing that anyone else was there, Baker lashed his tail twice, ears perking as he gave a loud “a-hah!” and grabbed for a small white box on his desk. With his prize in hand, he flopped down on the bed, sending piles of items sliding, shifting and falling. He still didn’t seem to notice anything amiss as he worked to sever the tape binding the box shut.

  4. Iris and Domi both watched the young man work his way around and find whatever he was trying to find. The cousin's shared a look. "Well, I think we've found someone messier than you, Domi." Iris said kindly as they walked into the room, deciding for now that the man would just have to get over it. Of course Iris knew that was Baker Davis. Baker was very visible all the time.

    "My room is an organized disaster, Iris..." Domi growled. "Not a pigsty. Never this. By Bast's tail, he brought his dirty clothes with him?" Domi was definitely offended. He worked best in a disaster but it was his disaster! Not... Not.. THIS! He could feel his tail start lashing slowly side to side. At least his dear cousin didn't have that problem. Iris was a bob-tailed catboy.

    Domi crossed the room with Iris in tow and started unpacking. He was short with almost pastel green hair and fluffy white ears. He had the typical Glasne coloring.

    Iris was tall, broad shouldered and didn't have the typical Glasne coloring. Not with his tawny ears and tiny short tail, not to mention his wildcat like ear tufts. At first people had joked at Iris was Fehin's Body Guard. At least until Fehin, in her very lady like way had opened up a can of hurt on them.

    No. Iris was Domi's bodyguard and he was staring Baker down.
  5. “You’re in my light.” Baker finally looked up, blinking once at the viking of a cat before him before taking his headphones off. Well. This was a surprise. If this was the new roommate then it might be a good year after all. He opened his mouth to speak, then shut it as he noticed the figure beyond, slight and practically stinking of freshman. And unpacking. Unpacking what he fervently prayed were the belongings of the broad shouldered dude with the tufted ears. But those clothes looked far too much like they would fit the white eared boy, and Baker realized a sinking truth. He’d been saddled with a freshman. His ears twitched and one flattened to his head.

    He gave the larger man another look, then rolled his eyes before lazily rising to his feet and resting one hand on Iris’s shoulder, speaking as though to a friend and not merely to someone he had seen once or twice crossing campus.

    “You know what? Light’s overrated.” He tossed the box onto the bed behind him where it hit the pillow and bounced. Baker’s attention was neither on box nor bobcat and had settled upon The Freshman in a dangerous way. Orange eyes narrowed and Baker let his hand fall away from Iris, hooking both thumbs in his own beltloops. His ear finally straightened and he spoke.

    “Hey, kid. Don’t you or your friend here ever say ‘hi’?” Baker tried not to brace. There was every chance that tall, broad, and lynxy could turn him into paper mache, but he’d be damned if he was going to let some testosterone junky invade his, admittedly temporary, territory.
  6. Domi spoke up before Iris had a chance. "We did. We knocked, we said hello and you were... busy. So we decided not to bother you." He turned around. Domi still had some growing to do, he'd never be Iris but he probably wouldn't be skinny. Domi's hair was longer than he liked, it was down past his shoulders at the moment. The summer had been too busy. Long hair made him look girly and now Baker was staring at him. Domi didn't like that at all.

    Luckily for everyone Iris was there and while he was surprised at the hand on his shoulder, he let Baker remove it on his own. Iris nodded. People thought he was slow. "We did try, Davis. You know me, Iris Glasne. We had English together last year." Iris just seemed slow. He was in his second year of college and in first year had been taking second year things. A Glasne is a Glasne after all. "This is my cousin, Dominic Glasne. Domi, this is Baker Davis. I believe he's in a band?" Iris raised an eyebrow at that but went on. "Domi's an artist."

    Domi's face went red. "Don't tell people I'm an artist, Iris! It's embarrassing." He looked at Baker. "It's nice to meet you Baker Davis..." He gave him a little nod. "I'll be your roommate for this year and I hope we can get along..." This wasn't his first year away from home and Domi wasn't the weepy type. His mouth settled into a firm but quiet smile as he held out his hand to the blue haired young man.

    Iris was rather sure the world was going to end.

    Somewhere down the hallway there was a crash and a yell and then laughter. Clearly, outside the room life was occurring.
  7. ”Oh, knocked, did you? Well, guess I was busy.” He tolerated the re-introductions, peering at Iris at the revelation that they’d had English together. He looked the other over and gave a slow nod. “I think I remember you. You wrote that comparative whatsit paper on Hemingway or something like that.” He gave a sniff before grinning. The introductions to Domi, however, were greeted with much greater interest.

    Baker reached out, taking Domi by the outstretched hand and pulling him over, looking down into The Freshman’s eyes. Baker’s face was twisted in a feral grin that was hidden from Iris by the cascade of blue hair. That blue hair, marred only by a single pastel pink strand, was a wonderful shield in this case as he gave Domi his best “you are on my turf and your bodyguard won’t be here forever” look.

    “Dominic, huh?” he said, his voice positively pleasant in contrast with the look he was favouring the other with. “And yeah, I’m the drummer for Beta Wave. You’ve heard of us, no doubt.” Baker’s mouth moved to accentuate each syllable, and he seemed to be searching Domi’s face for signs of weakness. Then, suddenly, he let the other’s hand go and turned away, laughing. He scooped up his hairbrush and set it down atop the dresser.

    “Glasne... damn, there’s just a whole warren of you, isn’t there? Like...” he turned to smirk surreptitiously at Domi, ” … bunnies.”
  8. Iris blinked. So Baker did listen, did he? He'd keep that in mind when the man was caught doing something irritating. He knew now, that Baker listened. At least partially. Iris filed that revelation away and let the boys make their introductions, there was no point in interceding at this stage anyway. He couldn't stop bullying, just bullets. Domi would be on his own.

    Domi found himself yanked to Baker and he glared up at him. If looks could kill, Baker would be an oozing red puddle about now. Domi didn't look happy. He looked annoyed and angry and like if he had half a chance he'd do something very bad to Baker. And no, Baker wouldn't enjoy it. At all.


    "I've never heard of you." Domi said as he found himself released. He didn't run away but he did take a step back into his own space. He didn't want to share a space with the slob. His ears twitched back just a touch and his tail gave a shake, trying to rid himself of the feel of Baker being far far to close for his liking.

    Iris was as fast as Baker's mouth and had captured Domi with one strong arm as Baker had made his remark on the breeding habits of the Glasne clan. "Actually, Davis, there's a great many of us. The name stays no matter what gender gets married, it's very strange for a woman Glasne to change her name to her husband's and her children usually carry her name as well." Iris said carefully as he let Domi seethe for a moment, his face red. "Unpack your things, Domi." The bigger man said softly.

    So Domi unpacked. He had his own little things to deal with. Sketchbooks and a bookshelf of pencils and pens and markers and paints and brushes. The toiletries were in a nice little easy to carry basket. Girly. Domi's bed was dressed and his pillows were put out, including a body pillow. Things were stowed under the bed and such.

    Outside the room...

    Another ruckus was heard. More yelling. More laughing. More yelling. Running.

  9. Baker rolled his eyes at the things Domi was unpacking. Grabbing Domi’s desk chair-- his own had a pile of boxes on it-- he sat down, tail looping up around the back of the chair. So the new guy was a girly man. And an artist, which meant he probably had some weird manic depressive thing going on. Great.

    “So, Iris, are you going to go anytime soon or is this going to be a threesome?” Scooting himself and the chair across the room, he grabbed a soda and popped it open before taking out another and offering it to Iris. “Cause honestly, the room’s cramped enough with one person, let alone two. And you, buddy, are the breadth of three, so I’m not exactly sure where we’d put you.”

    The grape soda was extended like a peace offering, light glinting off of the purple can with its bubble design. A peace offering? A bribe? Likely neither, if what was said about Baker was true. He’d let the others think what they wished. The truth was, his father would have killed him for not offering a guest a drink.

    There was a sudden flurry of honking outside as two cars vied for the same narrow strip of unoccupied space, and Baker turned to glance out the window. The smaller, poorer looking car succeeded in occupying the spot and, presently, a sweater clad girl with periwinkle hair had gotten out and was hauling boxes of art supplies out of a trunk. Meanwhile, some guy with logos on his jacket, the driver of the sports car, was gesticulating and yelling. Baker, losing interest, looked back to Iris.
  10. Iris took the soda and cracked it open before taking a sip. "Grape soda, huh?" He eyed Baker. Honestly, he was surprised. He had expected Baker to have a fridge full of cheap beer that tasted like piss. Not grape soda. Though it was only the first day, Iris supposed that even Baker's parents, whoever they were would at least keep a semi-parental eye on him. "Just making sure that Domi settles in fine... But you are right." Iris ruffled Domi's hair and raised his can of soda at Baker. "Thank you, Davis." And off he sauntered.

    Now Domi was alone. The air seemed to deflate out of him a little without Iris nearby. Honestly, Iris made Domi a little nervous. Domi was a geek and Iris was a smart jock like Fehin, who was a jock. Just a lady jock. With perfectly coiffed hair, which made it even worse. Domi dug through his messenger bag for a peace offering of his own. He closed over some kiddy sized snack packs of his favorite gummies. Little brightly colored octopi smiled up through the plastic wrapped. They smelled fruity. "So..." Domi tossed the pack on the desk at Baker's elbow.

    "I ..." Domi didn't know what to say when he wasn't being irritated. He'd never had to share a room at the private schools he'd gone to before and he had wanted to go to an art school, not Erstwhile. "Iris won't be by too often... Probably." He shrugged, unsure if that was the right response. "So you're in Iris's year? That makes you a Junior?" Domi sat on the edge of his bed, looking at Baker. To Domi, Baker looked like new money and new money was sometimes even more of a stick in the mud than old money because new money had something to prove.

    Outside an older muscle car was rumbling up. The red headed catboy inside gave the yelling man a look sheer irritation. Though when his eyes alight on the 'girl' with the periwinkle hair and the sweater and the boxes of art supplies, he felt his heart skip a beat and his mouth go dry. Luckily for him there was a chubby pink wearing catgirl in the passenger seat who pinched him hard before he rear-ended anyone.
  11. As Iris left, Baker lifted his soda in salute. “Take care. I’ll see you around, I’m sure. Beta Wave’s playing at the welcome back luau tomorrow night, so come check it out.”

    Suddenly, there was something flying toward him and it took all of the blue haired man’s willpower not to let his tail fluff in surprise. Oh, it was just candy. Baker looked at the pack of sweets for a moment, nodding in response to Domi’s question before picking up the candy and ripping the package with his teeth. It smelled nice enough, anyway, and he’d yet to go down to the Union building for lunch.

    “Soda’s in the fridge if you want one.” Baker withdrew one of the octopi, looking at it for a moment, then up to Domi. Now that the two were alone, that feral grin returned. “So, you like tentacles, huh?” His voice was laced with a teasing tone and he watched Domi intently.

    Pepper Monroe’s ears were practically plastered to his head to block out the sound of shouting. Even if he had known who Mango Keegan was, which he didn’t, he just wanted to get away. He hadn’t meant to take the man’s intended space, but now Mango’s car blocked him in-- as well as blocking a lane of traffic. So he was making the best of it, ignoring the racer, and grabbing boxes.

    Pepper wished that his family had been here to help him move in, but his father and mother needed to focus on the shop, so Pepper was on his own. As such, he was also very preoccupied trying to find the right dorm building and completely missed the attention he was being paid. He also managed to run right into a girl in an impossibly short, yet very fashionable (he assumed) dress.

    “Watch where you’re going, kid,” the brunette said before stepping past him and continuing on her way. Pepper found himself wondering if all people outside of his hometown were this rude.

    Callie Evergrey had seen Cagn as he pulled up with.... hrm, she might be a sister or cousin. Callie highly doubted that someone like that deserved the attention of the handsome redhead. She began to saunter over toward the car when Pepper crashed into her, spilling art supplies. Admonishing him to watch where he was going, she continued on her path, waiting for Cagn to find a parking spot before sauntering over to him.

    “Hey there! I’m Callie, and I’m here to personally invite you to the luau tomorrow night.” She flashed her best winning smile. As almost an afterthought, she added, “your friend can come too, of course. I can’t wait to see you there.” Giving Cagn a lingering gaze and yet another bright smile, she straightened from the window and sauntered away. There, now the seed was planted. That redhead would be hers by the end of the next week.
  12. Domi was expecting that. They all said the exact same thing more or less, down to the bloody tone of voice the man used on him! Still, that didn't stop him from twitching his ears back against his head for a split second. "I think the octopi are cooler than the teddy bears. They are bigger and taste better and there's a higher chance of me getting all cherry flavored ones." Domi said and dug through his messenger bag and found a pack for himself. He ripped it open and popped the gummy into his mouth. "Thank you for the offer of soda. My fridge will be here tomorrow, hopefully. It wouldn't fit in Iris's car and since his fridge was already full of stuff we brought it instead."

    He found the trashcan and dropped the wrapper into it and looked around the room. "So... drummer?" He furrowed his brow. "Does this mean I'm in for a year of really loud noises?"

    Cagn watched people bump into the lavender haired 'girl'. "Hey Lark... that purple haired artist... Girl?" Cagn felt himself bristle in irritation as people shoved her or him around and made them drop their boxes. He didn't like seeing people get bullied. He knew he looked like a bully. He was tall and lanky and scowled all the time. He was a singer though, it was what he did and what he wanted. That person with lavender hair was an artist. Everyone knew artists were delicate!

    Lark patted Cagn. "Boy. And stay in the car, you can't fight peoples battles for them." Lark looked up as there was a prancing young woman coming towards them in a short skirt. Short dress, she corrected herself. The skirt was connected so it was a dress. Either way, it showed off the lady's legs wonderfully. "An invite, first day! Cagn, you luck tomcat." Lark grinned up at the girl. "We'll be there, pretty lady." She teased with a grin.

    "Lark... You have to stop that. I don't want to attend a stupid party calling itself a luau!" Cagn whined as he threw the car into park and got out. "I mean it. Don't do that. Flirt with her without me, please."

    "Skinny straight girls don't like girls like me, Cagn. I need you to run interference." Lark rolled out of the car and stretched. Short pink and blond hair stuck up wildly all over head. "We're here. So, should we find out rooms?"
  13. Baker chewed thoughtfully on the gummy candy. The little freshman didn’t seem half bad so far, which was something that immediately made Baker want to provoke him. The question Domi had asked was not helping matters. Despite his attempts to remain calm, his mouth got the better of him as soon as it wasn’t full of tentacled gummy creature.

    “Well, that all depends on if you get on my good side or not.” Giving a lecherous grin, he leaned forward, elbows on knees. “And on how loud you can get.” There was another pause, and then, “Of course, if you mean the drums, I try not to bang them too hard. One has to be gentle. It’s a new set, after all.” Oh, this was too much fun!

    Baker stood, sauntering over to the drums and starting to play a few beats with drum sticks he’d produced from somewhere or another. The rhythm he set up was purposefully primal, heavy and driving.

    Pepper knelt in the grass, trying to gather all of his supplies before one of the other students could walk on them, kick them, or break them in other creative ways. The grass was soft and numerous feet had flattened it in places, so at least he didn’t have to contend with unkempt razorsharp upright blades. Within a few moments, he had his things back together.

    He tried to push the rude behavior of others out of his mind, to forget how much the girl’s attitude had stung and how much the echo of pain seemed to resound everytime he looked to another for help or tried to ask how to find Ivy Hall. Blast, he’d forgotten the real name of the hall and the paper he’d scribbled it on was at the bottom of his box of supplies. Ears wilting, Pepper knelt back down and started pulling everything back out.
  14. Domi turned red as Baker laid innuendo after innuendo out in the open. He scooted back, his mouth slightly agape and one of his eyes squinted in concern. College was indeed a lot different than the private schools he had attended. "I. You. Me? What?!" He said flabbergasted and confused. No one had ever hit on him and Baker was certainly not his type! He watched the cat boy saunter away to the drum kit.

    The beat was good though, it was definitely really killer for something coming from a kit. Domi liked music, he really did but he had never considered bunking with a musician. "Oh hahaha. You're joking." His tone was a little bit sour. Domi knew he had read one too many gay romance novels but they were his stock in trade, hell he was going to write and illustrate them! An innocent didn't do things like that.

    Domi liked porn though so he wasn't sure how innocent that actually made him.

    "Watch me." Cagn finally muttered, his brain snapping back to Lark's comment about fighting people's battles for them. Well screw that. Cagn wasn't going to sit there and watch people be mean to the little periwinkle haired boy. Hell no. Cagn might look like a bad boy but he was moderately good.

    So a moderately good Cagn arrived on the scene, all legs and scuffed jeans and spiffy tee shirts and knelt down in the grass, carefully picking up paint brushes that the boy was pulling out of the box. "... I'm Cagn... Cagn Maxwell. I was parking and I saw the whole thing..." He tried to sound gentle. Really he did. But Cagn always sounded rough around the edges and impatient to boot. He was just Cagn. "Let me help you so none of these jerkwads step on your stuff anymore. You need something? Lost? I spent my summer here for summer classes so I can help..."
  15. Baker laughed aloud at Domi’s response. He’d tried to hold it in, really he had, but the guy was just reacting so beautifully. Setting aside drum sticks, he rose to his feet and stretched. Baker wasn’t bad looking, even if he wasn’t tall. He was lean for the most part, with slightly broad shoulders and well muscled arms. Of course, he tended to dress like a, well, a drummer.

    “You’re going to be a lot of fun, uh, Domi, was it? Good.” Stalking over to the other, Baker reached out and poked Domi’s nose, then leaned close. “Don’t worry. I prefer men with a bit more... manliness. You’re safe.” Then Baker, quite possibly very stupidly, turned his back and went to look out the window where a red head was helping the artsy girl with something in a box. His tail lashed once. “God damn freshmen. No offense, but you’re all walking around confused and it’s like the giant red button just wanting to be pushed.”

    Pepper didn’t register the man approaching him. The little artist was, in fact, trying very hard to block out the outside world as he searched in vain for the paper. As a shadow fell over him, he ignored that, too. Then, suddenly, there was a voice. Yelping and looking up, Pepper found himself staring straight into a very handsome, dangerous looking face. In fact, the entirety of Cagn reminded him of the bullies who had tormented the boy throughout highschool. Sometimes they’d acted nice at first, too, then done things like carry his books only to throw them in the bushes or the trash.

    Quickly, Pepper snatched his paintbrushes back. If it was possible, his ears went down even further and he grabbed his entire box of supplies, hugging it to him and standing up. He took a few steps back, stuttering when he spoke.

    “N-no. I don’t want your help. I’ll be f-fine.” He looked as though he was valiantly holding back tears. “I just have to find Ivy Hall, and I’m sure I can do that without you breaking my brushes or pouring my paints on the ground.” There was a hint of a hiss to his tone of voice. Still, he remained, looking at Cagn unsurely.
  16. Domi had his nose beeped in nearly complete silence from the young man. He stared. He didn't do anything though, not a thing. Instead he just sat back down. Girly, was he? To be honest it did hurt his feelings a bit, he didn't think he was that girly but... Whatever, Backer was stupid anyway. He gave a soft huff.

    "Trust me, Baker... I have a type and that doesn't involve men with pink in their hair. Or rock musicians, of any sort. Ever." Domi finished up his unpacking and looked around the room. Surely he wasn't going to stay in here with Baker? But outside was a mad house. Domi fished a novel out of his bag and laid down on his bed. Domi read and considered his type. Preppy probably, well dressed... handsome. Certainly not Baker.

    Cagn blinked as he was accused of thinking to do things that weren't very nice. Some of the things he had done, but only to jerks! Honest! He backed up, letting Pepper snatch the paintbrushes back

    "Look... I'm not like that... and Brendly Hall, Ivy Hall is right there." He pointed up at the hall directly in front of them. "See?" Cagn gave Pepper a little wave and walked off. Well, he'd let the boy alone for now. It was not nice to tease him or torment him, besides Cagn bet a dollar that Pepper's natural demeanor wasn't so grouchy. It was just stress... and clearly, previous bullies. So Cagn went back to Lark and helped unpack the car.
  17. Baker was digging through his things for something. He’d honestly forgotten what at this point and was simply hoping that he’d know it when he saw it. Of course, not having any idea what it was, he was going through every remaining unpacked box. He was also humming loudly and lashing his tail. Pulling a loofah from a box of cds, he tossed it over his shoulder.

    Only after doing so did he realize that it was precisely this loofah that he’d been after and that the beauty product in question was now at the foot of Domi’s bed. Baker hurried to retrieve it before the other man noticed it was there, he hoped. This would take stealth, tactics, speed and most of all-- Baker, in all his grace, did not see that the rug had been scootched up into a wrinkle and tripped quite spectacularly, falling face first into the side of Domi’s bed. The loofah, apparently displeased at the cavorting catboy, promptly fell on his head.

    Pepper’s biggest problem about his new room was that he was so used to sleeping on the north. All his life, he’d slept on the north side of his room and now, suddenly, there was a door and two closets where his bed should go. He’d been lucky enough that his roommate had yet to appear, though the other half of the room was clearly occupied. Part of Pepper dreaded meeting whoever was to share the room. The rest of him just wanted to get it over with so he could develop a strategy of polite avoidance.

    His things were already unpacked. He’d had plenty of time to regret his hasty defensive stance on the lawn. The man who had approached him had seemed intimidating, but as Pepper looked back on it, he’d been nothing but nice to him. And Pepper’d been an ungrateful pissy bitch about the whole thing. Now, he sat at his desk, rearranging his paintbrushes and unwilling to get up and turn on the light as day dimmed to evening. One fluffy, spotted ear rotated to listen to the noises coming from the hall.

    A long, slinky tail hung down from the top of one of the walls behind Brendy Hall. It twitched and shivered as its owner contemplated future mischief. Vanilla, the owner in question, was watching as the day wound down. He’d be out in the courtyard, but it had lost all appeal after several hours of tripping freshmen and ducking and weaving in and out of crowds.

    “So, what now?” he asked, looking down at where his brother sat nearby.