Errmm... Hi?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Temptress, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. HI! I'm the new kid I guess. Though not really. (I've been here before but I'm back!) Soo... hello!
  2. Hello! Welcome! Welcome Back!

    It good to see a new/old face return.

    I hope you brought back cupcakes.

    If not, that is okay. =)

    I am Tetsuri, its nice to meet you! =^___^=
  3. Well then, welcome back Temptress! 8D
  4. Welcome back, Temptress! I knew you'd be back! They always come back MWAHAHAAA. It's the addiction, the unbreakable addiction!


    I'm October, maybe we've meet before, maybe not? Either way Welcome! Glad you've decided to join us again.
  5. Hello and welcome back. Although I never had the pleasure to meet you, I can say I do now! =w=
  6. LOL, welcome back Temptress! Have fun and stick around this time!
  7. Iwaku is indeed a crippling addiction.
    But us, we're not quitters! So we stay addicted.
    I'm Kitti, and you've probably met me before.
    If you were here before on a different username, we can merge that account with this one right quick! Just PM one of the staff your old username. :]
  8. Yayy! I see some familiar names! Boy have I missed you all. It is an addiction... And awesome addiction. But now I just have to get into something!