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  1. Hello, there. I'm Errabund and I'm somewhat new to Iwaku. I signed up a while back and never really got around to posting anything; for whatever the reasons that come with the holiday season. Now, though, things have cooled down and I suppose I'm ready to do some roleplaying. Due to my nervousness, related to the uncertainty that surrounds my skills, I was thinking that it would be nice to do a couple of small, private threads {with big ambitions} in an attempt to both sharpen my admittedly rusty prose and get used to posting frequently.

    I like anime-inspired things and I don't do fandoms {be they focused on OC's or not...I just don't feel comfortable with it; though that's not to say that I can't be pressured into it...which has happened before.}. I am, however, open to suggestions for plots. I play either gender and I'll only do romance if it seems reasonable between the characters. Sexuality ain't no big thing, either, but it still has to feel right...and there's no guarantee that I'll be comfortable with it; so, do me a favor and ask me about it...if you're expecting that kind of action. I try to stay relaxed, but I can get a bit worked up from time to time and get overzealous. I tend to talk a it'd be nice if there could exist some form of communication between myself and those that take an interest in my ideas. Hmm...

    That's...that's about it about me. Thanks for taking the time to read that.

    Below there will be a few ideas. Please proceed?

    1 Masou Station Divide: The Untold End

    Our characters will awaken in Masou Terminal, Wave City, on a grime-smeared bench. The last thing they remember was facing The Untold End, a creature they had been given six months to defeat...before it could awaken to its potential and begin consuming the world. In their moment of victory, something went awry. Their group of friends is scattered, with only our two characters remaining near one another. The world outside is crumbling, piece by piece. Our characters, formerly watched over by their respective Protection Nodes {small humanoid constructs that served as guardians for our characters, conferring certain abilities and the like} would find themselves without guidance and only each other and the skills they've learned through their struggle against The Untold End. The world outside Masou Station is wreathed in darkness and bereft of human life; a testament to their failure against The End, filled with the creature's spawn.

    It'd be a modern-set, anime-styled story with elements of horror and suspense. There will be a lot going on in this one, though I know it doesn't look like it from what I said above. Our characters will find themselves in the world they failed to save, forced to watch it break apart at the seams as they seek out The Untold End for another confrontation. There'll be combat and the like, in suitably intense fashion {given that we'll have some abilities to fool around with} and hopefully some interesting character interaction. I'd like for us to switch between our initial group {which would be our two main characters, essentially} and then pick up with the rest of their friends, every once in a while {as well as introducing new characters to provide some diversity and move the plot}. I have some ideas for plot progression and stuff like that, but I don't have all the details worked out, just yet; if you're interested in this one, I'd love to collaborate a bit.

    2 The Fall War

    Each year when the Chromatic Comet crashes down in Seaside City, shortly after the trees shift to their golds and crimsons, the Fall War begins. A time honored tradition, in which students are grouped by their homerooms or clubs are pitted against one another in a grand display of human brutality and depravity. The day following the touchdown of the Chromatic Comet is when it begins. When the bell rings, chaos is set free. Blood spills across the halls and the streets are enraptured with the furor of young hearts beating out a symphony of victory.

    Why does the Fall War exist? Why must the students pit themselves against their peers in ruthless combat? For a grade. Their grade and the secular comfort of their family. Those who succeed...those who are not culled, find themselves granted all the comforts that the mundane world can offer. Money, new clothes, fine dining...a new life at the top. Yet there exists a darker purpose behind the annual ritual. The Chromatic Comet is not as it appears...and a shadowy hand pulls the strings behind every event that transpires while the Fall War is underway.

    What we'll be doing is taking control of some students from homeroom 3-D, which will be competing in the Fall War. While the initial stages will involve becoming accustomed to our characters and their abilities...creating social links and rivalries. Soon, we will begin to unravel the mysteries of the Chromatic Comet, The Fall War and the Arch Principal. Each character will have a set of abilities unique to themselves. You can choose to host an ancient 'living weapon', known as a Guardian Spirit. Created before humanity had written the first syllable of its long history, these Guardian Spirits were created for the sole purpose of combat. It is from combat that they grow and thrive. However, those who are host to a Guardian Spirit run the risk of being possessed by it; surrendering their free will to their former weapon.


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  2. The Fall War sounds fun. If you'd like I'd love to be a part of it and find out more (if there's any more).
  3. Thank you so much for posting! I didn't expect to snag anyone's interest so quickly! Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday.

    There's lots more! If you'd like to ask some questions, I'd love to give some answers. Or we can have a private discussion {or whatever constitutes private messages on this site} and I can help you get a better feel for the world.

    I look forward to role-playing with you and I'm sure we'll talk soon! Have a nice day, I'll try to check in periodically to see if you've shot me a line! Thanks again!
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