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  1. Hello everyone. Been roleplaying on another forum for about 4 years, but unfortunately it's just about dead so it's gotten a little boring to stay around. Kyandi-bou's account is a roleplay within itself if that makes sense ^^ Name is Shouko, hope to get along with everyone here and have fun. Also, have any roleplay suggestions feel free. I'm into roleplays like final fantasy games and modern day roleplays revolved around music and life and school and stuff ^^;

    EDIT - Oh! and also, I like jump in and go rps so I don't mind if people invite me to any :3
  2. Welcome to the site. There are lots of good RPs here, I'm sure you'll find everything you're looking for.
  3. Thank you. I hope I can get into some soon :)
    Also I just noticed how awkward the topic title looks. Haha, sorry about that.
  4. Nah....*Coughs and looks down at feet* Its.....fine, ummm.

    Hahaha, seriously though, its ok!
  5. Hi there and welcome! >:D Always fun to see new people that like to pounce right in to things! if you browse the roleplay areas, you'll actually find "Jump In" type RPs around too! XD so kidnap some people!
  6. I saw that, and thank you ^^

    Yeah, I'm always a little shy at first though. I'll probably snoop for a bit before I do anything.
  7. YOU'RE MY NEW BESTEST FRIEND~ I'm Zypher your local Iwaku RP Global Mod and Morning Musume guru~ I see your avatar and it makes me squee (Even though I don't know who it is and I feel like I really should...) ANYWAYS feel free to jump in any RPs and it appears you and I will make excellent RP magic together with our shared genre interests! If you ever want to plot feel free to find me on MSN!
  8. Wow, thanks for the very warm welcome Zypher! haha

    It's Shoko Nakagawa in the avatar ^^ she's so cute.

    Oh and so I don't feel like a liar, Shouko isn't my real name but a name of one of my characters. Kyandi-bou is her stage name. Yeah she's inspired by those Japanese idols hehe. I didn't have a real name for her at first, so Nakagawa-san is thanks for that now that I think about it O:
    Anyway, this will probably be the only time anyone will see me talking like this. I guess I'll sort of still be IC even when I'm OOC rofl.

    I'm known as Asuki Layloni elsewhere :D

    Anyway, I'll have to take you up on that offer maybe
  9. こんばんは ございます。

    どうぞ よろしく。


    おなまえ は ローリーです。

    And that's all the Japanese I feel like typing right now. Welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay. I'm one of the Admin, so if you have any comments or concerns I'm around a lot.
  10. Hello and welcome to the Iwkau Kyan, my name is Shadow (snowy) Ike. I am the leader of Silverwing wolf pack, if you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to answer them for you.
  11. Thanks guys!

    Oh and Rory, while I got most of that, I'm not really Japanese ^^;;
    Still learning haha, thanks anyway ;)

    hehehehehehehe *rubs hands together*

    I can see I'm going to enjoy having you here. I'm Vay, kroot, RP support and projects mod representing the warhammer 40000 and anti weeaboo partisans in the staff (we're equal opportunity staff 'round here and represent every demographic, even trolls ={D) though so long as you don't take everything I say seriously we should get along just fine. Deep down I really care ='( I really really do.

    Well thats all I have to say for now, except its recommended you post in the roleplayers' resume thread. And if you see a Corvus tell her her hubbu is waiting for her, or asleep.
  13. Ah, I'm not used to things like that thread but I gave it a look and it seems like a good idea. I'll probably fill it out when I have the time. Thank you ^^

    By the way don't worry I don't mind trolls so long as they don't genuinely try to hurt people. Then they're just assholes haha. I have friends like you :P
  14. HI HI!

    Wait *Looks up at what Zypher said*


    I'll have to stand outside his house later with a boombox over my head playing "Robo Kiss" while it rains, aren't I?


    Anyways, Welcome to the site! If you need anything at all, most everyone here is helpful, though I am AWESOME and you should contact ME above everyone, even staff, because I'M JUST THAT AWESOME =D

    Nah. Contact staff! Anyways, I hope to see you on RPs soon!

    Welcome to Iwaku. It'll seem weird at first, but then everything will suddenly make sense.

    At this point, you will have become insane.
  16. I'm already 'weird'. Thanks to another forum, I'm already insane and don't think I can get any worse! haha. Thank you.

    @Murrstress oh I'll be sure to contact you and your awesomeness some day if I need to, don't worry ;D
  17. Hi there, sorry I'm a little bit late on welcoming you I've been a touch busy as of recently.
    I'm Kitti and it's a pleasure to meet you.
    There's a very real chance that the sheer adorability of your avatar will lead me into calling you Shou-chan. You have been warned.
    Have a nice day and happy playing ~
  18. Thanks nice to meet you too! :3

    And I don't mind. Someone else already calls me Shoukopon XD
  19. Hey, that's just about what happened to me ^^
    I'm Zee, and if you ever want a roleplay to jump into, I'll probably always have one going xD
    I love to post my own ideas :3
  20. *Stomps on the greasy Kroot* No he dosen't
    I'm GMK you Not-so-firendly neighborhood drunk daemonhunter, If you need any booze or Daemons gotten rid of, call me.