Err. Hey. /brick'd

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My touchpad sync is a little topsy turvy right now, so I cant copy and paste that wonderfully convienent introduction skeleton. Thus, I am forced to write a boring little introduction of my own. x]

I'm Amy. You can call me that, but Dolly works fine. I am female. I live in America, and only know how to write English. I'm Asian. I'm pretty gross and my feet smell horrifying. Wink wink.

A friend showed me this RPing site, and I crept around a little bit. I read through a couple roleplays, and frankly, they're wunderpar. And interesting. So I joined, and currently have my eyes on a certain RP.

I like food, sleeping, writing, MMORPGs, and being gross. And rootbeer.

I dislike close-mindedness, rasins, and golden rasins.

I'm the master of dry jokes. I break out dancing horrendously when things get awkward. I'm actually an old man with tons of hairs on my moles though. ;DD <3 I hope I can get to know you all...


/bricked again
Hi Dolly, I also hate close-mindedness and love rootbeer. Awesome. Already got your eye on an RP to join? Coolness! If you need anything feel free to shoot me a message and I'll see if I can help! Welcome to Iwaku.
You sound so...interesting. Really helps to ease my boredom. :D Which as you can see happens a lot. Hope to see you around. ^^
@October Knight: Thanks! ;> I'll be sure to turn to you if I need help.

@BoredAsUsual: Oh, I'm glad to be a source of some sort of amusement. 8D; And thanks. Hope to see you around toooo.

My goodness I write too much.
A raisin hater, huh! We'll see about that! D:<

Ahem, I mean. Welcome to Iwaku! XD Hop on in to the goodness!
Welcome to Iwaku, Dolly!
I'm Kitti and it's good to meet you.
I'm curious to know which friend and which roleplay. ;D
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
@Diana Notacat: D< May our battle of tastes be- oh uh. Yee. Thanks! 8D; So far it's been good.

@Kitti: Thanks, and it's nice too meetcha tooo. x] But yeah, it was Acquarina who told me about this site, and "Phantasm Quest". Me gusta. Anyways, I'll go creeping up on you for advice if I need it too.
There are a few of you in our midsts, I understand. They usually keep their heads down, their mouths shut! We know you're kind!

...raisin haters >:(

Welcome to Iwaku.