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  1. Set-Up:
    Word around is in different areas and even different times of entrances to a legendary dungeon. One with loads of monsters that provide lots of experience and plenty of loot that will make one rich. However it poses a few challenges. first off is the size of the place. It is very big and labyrinth like layout that the monsters can navigate with ease. Also the traps which while not lethal will capture the victim and it is hard to escape from. finally the monsters, borderline prisoners and the prison. The monsters will fight you like normal however they will also gladly rape and corrupt you. At least they aren't around nearly all the time like the prisoners near turning into the monsters, it's how they reproduce, will also feel the urge to go to have their way with weaker ones. All of this mind with the cells interconnected beyond the common area and the cells are made of bars mostly and the securing pieces. not to mentioned the hero could dragged out to a "play" room they have or in the cells. and it is nearly impossible to escape once inside. Though they have purity founts if for no other reason than to subject weaker monsters to the process all over again.
    Pure type:(if applicable, i.e. start out as a hero.)
    Corrupted Form:(will have this no matter what will have this. darker version of above. i.e white Knight-BlackKnight, coat/fox/wolf/whatever girl/boy-Were/fox/cat/wolf.)
    -Will:(how long they can mentally hold out)
    -Strength:(how well they can hold in a fight. will lose in pure form eventually though)
    -Skill:(how much finesse they have.)
    What drove them to join or raid the place:

    1. Standard Iwaku stuff.​
    2. If you plan on dropping please have the situation exitable for the other players so we can move on.​
    3. If you can think of a type and a reason for them to go into the dungeon from medieval to modern times use it.​
    4. Have Fun!
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  2. I'm interested...
  3. feel free to make a char.
  4. I'm into this. I'll get to making a character!
  5. look forward to your char.
  6. Name: Damien Xavier
    Age: 20
    Pure type:scholar
    Corrupted Form:
    Appearance: image.jpg
    -Will: alright, but if low blows come flying in he will buckle
    -Strength: not much. But he can run.
    -Skill: he can talk his way around things. Usually.
    Damien is an intelligent softie. He loves studying animals, but his professors wanted him to come to this place to study monsters, and he of course agreed. He is a smooth talker, but fairly easy undermine.
    What drove them to join or raid the place: loot, he has a nasty debt to pay off.

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  7. Name: Jasklin Eskerdash
    Age: 18
    Pure type: Knight
    Corrupted Form: Dark Knight
    Appearance: 61d5ca9462ea8d1d020017f0cae5266f0662a96b.jpg
    -Will: Nearly unbreakable, since everything has a breaking point.
    -Strength: Average, but unable to run for long amounts of time.
    -Skill: His fighting style is rough around the edges. Decent blocking, but amazing swordplay.
    Jasklin isn't the smartest, nor the dumbest person someone'll ever meet. He has a tendency to talk a lot, even in sneaky situations. His vocabulary is mostly made-up words, which usually ends up with a lot of confused people.
    What drove them to join or raid the place: Loot. That's the only reason he came here. Not to get rich or anything like that, just to get some awesome equipment to use against evil doers.
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  8. pretty good but by finesse i meant more the fenceing type stuff. preciesion, style, that sort of thing.
  9. Ah... okay. I fixed it. Is it better now?
  10. accepted.
  11. Name: Amira Alexis
    Pure type:Apprentice Mage
    Corrupted Form:Master Warlock
    -Will:Decent, but not too strong, will fold with enough rounds or intensity
    -Strength:weak phyiscally but a badass with magic
    -Skill:Highly skilled
    Personality: Kind, optimist, curious, supressed extremely perverted side
    What drove them to join or raid the place: The Lore the libraries are rumored to have.
  12. Could I be a villain? Someone to work at corrupting the other players?
  13. Sure. and long time no see dude.
  14. Yeah, sorry about vanishing like an ass, I got swamped with stuff. I'll do my best to stick with this one.
  15. Name: Darrian Hawke
    Age: 27
    Corrupted Form: Dark Swordmage
    Stats: Strong, fast, and skilled in magic, Darrian is powerful enough to hold his own against a team of seasoned adventurers.
    -Will: Formerly very high, has since lost it.
    -Strength: Incredible, enough for him to pose a threat to a team of adventurers.
    -Skill:Incredible, enough for him to pose a threat to a team of adventurers.
    Personality: Once a renowned adventurer who cleared other dungeons on his own, Darrian was once a paragon of goodness. Unfortunately, years of raiding took their toll on his psyche, and he is now as perverted villian who's thoughts focus on sex and domination of those who enter.
    What drove them to join or raid the place: Loot, Fame, and adventure.
  16. pretty good though join up would be more apt for a villain.
  17. Should I add what had him join? I was going for a corrupted former hero deal, but I can get...specific.
  18. eh you don't have to be too specific but basically why he stuck around instead of going to another dungeon or making his own.
  19. Alright. I'll get to it tomorrow. Until then, wanna do a 1x1via PM?
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