Erm… Hey there!

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  1. The name's Fergie. I technically started roleplaying years ago, but it's always been more of an aside, which means I don't exactly have a ludicrous supply of SWEET EXP. Most of the stuff I've done hasn't been very serious, so I'm not particularly good at this kind of thing... But I hope to get better! I've had a lot of fun experięnces RPing with other people before, after all, and I'm interested to see what this new community has in store for me.

    I went ahead and filled out the RP resume thingamajig, I've thoroughly examined all the rules, FAQs, 101's and all that jazz. So... Yeah. Hey. :P
  2. Greetings Fergie! >:3 Happy to have you aboard!
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  3. A person walks up to you "Welcome!" He says as he gives you a cookie.
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  4. I gladly accept your offer, many thanks. :3