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  1. Welcome, roleplay seeker!

    So here I've decided to create a thread for my shorter ideas, hopefully with the chance of getting a partner who might help me develop them further (in the process of an awesome roleplay).


    You can call me Mel (or Erato). I'm female, in my 20s, and currently studying. My pastimes include gaming (I progressive raid weekly in a tank role) and boxing. I've been writing/roleplaying for about 11 years.


    - Can play a strong, dominant male in mxf. This is not to say my character will be entirely submissive; on the contrary, I quite enjoy playing strong-willed females (though by no means exclusively).

    - Will post at least two paragraphs per reply. Longer is always better, but drafting a page-length post is pretty exhausting for me considering my current schedule. Thus, I won't impose on you what I'm unable to guarantee myself.

    - Is "adept" (as the thread states) when it comes to post quality. Nothing - and I repeat, nothing - annoys me more than a constant lack of punctuation. Also, confusing words such as "your" and "you're".

    - Is patient. While I am occasionally capable of a post a day, more often than not I'll only be able to produce a response once every 2-3 days, the longest being about a week. Any longer than that, and I'll usually keep you informed. Please show me the same courtesy.

    - Will tell me if you lose interest/want to drop. We can either try and fix the roleplay, start a new one, or move on. I won't be offended if you're polite about it. Please don't just up and vanish.

    - Prefers more plot/storyline than smut. If you want PWP, I'm not the right partner for you.

    - Likes dark and gritty themes, though I'm not above occasional romantic fluff (that's always nice).

    - Uses real photographs/realistic illustrations for CSes (if we choose to make CSes; though no CSes/character description in intro has always been my method of operation).

    - Helps me brainstorm/come up with plot twists. Roleplaying is a collaborative effort.

    - Is polite OOC.


    # = Craving
    Character I'd like to play (this is negotiable; if none are highlighted, I'm okay with either)


    - Military #
    - Science Fiction/Futuristic #
    - Post-Apocalyptic #
    - Dystopian #
    - Modern #
    - Medieval Fantasy #
    - Urban Fantasy/Supernatural
    - Crime
    - Horror
    - Historical Conflicts



    Embedded Journalist x Soldier #
    Soldier x Soldier #
    Civilian x Soldier #
    Spy x Soldier #
    Spy x Rogue Spy
    Spy x Spy
    Civilian x Spy
    Childhood Friend x Returning Soldier #
    Mercenary x Mercenary #
    Civilian x Mercenary
    FBI Agent x Detective
    Detective x Detective #
    Witness x Cop #
    Dirty Cop's Daughter x Mobster
    Undercover Cop x Mobster
    Assassin's Target x Assassin
    Assassin x Assassin
    Civilian x Criminal
    Criminal x Criminal
    Civilian x Bodyguard
    Hostage x Kidnapper
    Adventurer x Adventurer #
    Alien x Astronaut
    Alien x Government Agent


    Soldier x Soldier #
    Soldier x Enemy Soldier #
    Alien Soldier x Human Soldier #
    Civilian x Soldier #
    Spy x Soldier #
    Spy x Rogue Spy
    Government Agent x Cyborg Experiment/Super Soldier #
    Bounty x Bounty Hunter #
    Bounty Hunter x Bounty Hunter #
    Mercenary x Mercenary #
    Psychic Soldier x Smuggler #
    Stowaway x Smuggler #
    Diplomat x Space Pirate
    Criminal x Criminal
    Civilian x Bodyguard


    Warrior/Rogue/Mage x Warrior/Rogue/Mage
    Captured Warrior x Victorious Warrior #
    Mage x Mage Hunter #
    Mage x Familiar
    Prophet/Seer x Guardian #
    Necromancer x Paladin
    Priest/Cleric x Paladin #
    Human x Demigod/God
    Dragon Rider x Dragon (Shifter)
    Queen x Conquering King
    Rebel x Tyrant Ruler's Guard-Captain
    Thief x Royal Guard
    Disguised Female Knight x Knight
    Commoner x Royal
    Slave/Servant x Master


    Soldier x Soldier #
    Survivor x Survivor #
    Mercenary x Mercenary #
    Civilian x Mercenary #
    Bounty x Bounty Hunter #
    Bounty Hunter x Bounty Hunter #


    Rebel Leader x Government Soldier/Operative #
    New Rebel x Rebel Leader
    Government Soldier/Operative x Government Soldier/Operative #


    Human x Vampire
    Human x Werewolf
    Human x Avenging Angel
    Mermaid x Fisherman/Coast Guard
    Hunter/Slayer x Supernatural Creature
    Hunter/Slayer x Hunter/Slayer #


    Nurse x Soldier
    Enemy Civilian x Soldier
    Spy x Soldier
    Captive x Centurion

    That's all folks.

    I'm also open to your ideas, so feel free to hit me up. If you're interested, drop me a PM.
  2. I like the idea being a soldier for one of your modern Ideas. And a bounty Hunter for your science fiction pairing
  3. Hey, thanks for your interest but my slots are full up at the moment. I'll update here again once I have time to take on more roleplays.
  4. Ok thanks.
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