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  1. Utopia had a harsh winter and spring was only starting to settle in, by now it was late March of the year 2030. Almost all the snow from the previous winter and it was to be assumed that the weather through out the spring was only to rise. Right now it was a sunny Sunday, the temperature 52 degrees F. and that was the height of the temperature for the day,

    August had woken up to the sound of fire breathing terrors on her roof attempting to sing, groaning a little to herself at needing to get up August snuggled closer into her blankets hoping for some more time to sleep. Closing her eyes August was quickly jostled awake be Renee. "August get up, I want to go out." August groaned thinking that if she pretended to sleep Renee would leave her alone. August tried to pretend to sleep, but the constant nagging in her younger sisters voice finally made her get up. Walking to her dresser August began picking out clothing. Settling on a black skirt and a light blue long sleeve with a dark blue and symbol on it August moved to the bathroom. August got herself out of her Pajama's and into her actual clothing, tucking her long sleeve shirt into her skirt. Moving to the sink Renee came into the room again smiling as she wore light blue jeans and a red shirt. August began to apply deodorant as Renee pulled leashes from her back. August understood and nodded turning around "Go brush your teeth Renee, I have to brush mine." Renee nodded running off to her own room as August turned around and began brushing her own. When she finished August left her room to find Renee in the kitchen, smiling at her August opened the door allowing Renee out first. The dragons on top of the roof came jumping down excited to see the people whom have raised them. Smiling August hooked a yellow leash to Zelda and a Green leash to Seth. Giving the yellow leash to Renee, August kept hold of the green one Walking through out town. August and Renee stopped at a small coffee shop called "Aggressively my way" August looked at Renee and asked her to give her the leash. Renee gave her the leash and smiled. August took the leashes and tied them to a table outside, telling Renee to stay out here she would go in and get the coffees. "Could I have a..." Renee thought a moment "A Failed my Finals?" August nodded and walked inside ordering two "I Failed my Finials" with out the alcohol, finally getting their drinks August walked back outside to Renee and the dragons. Giving Renee her drink August took her own and sat down slowly sipping her coffee

    It was Early morning when Zelda had woken up and uncurled herself from her brother. Zelda began trying to speak to her brother. "Seth, you should really get up." Zelda began nudging the heavy sleeper "Seth come on, we gotta try and wake up Renee and August." Seth stirred as he herd the mention of the girls names. Standing up the Leaden dragon began to sing in a gravely off key way that was sure to wake up humans. Seth smiled as her herd Zelda join him. Zelda smiled widely joining her brother, it must have been hours later when they came out dressed and ready to explore. Zelda nudged Seth letting him know the girls were out and ready to go smiling she and Seth jumped down to greet their young caretakers. Seth smiled nudging them both. Patiently awaiting to hear the secure clicks of the leash Seth made a low noise to tell them both Hello. When the girls began to walk he and his sister wen't far behind.
    1. It's been a day since Salina moved to Utopia. This was her first full day in her new home. It wasn't bad, but it was not South Coast Australia, this place sure was colder. Where she lived they had warmer climate. She certainly wasn't used to THIS climate. Dragons was one thing she had to get used to the least since there were a few dragons back home, but not as many as here. She even has a dragon of her own she found him as an egg a month ago and he hatched two weeks ago. His name was Blaze.

      Selina woke up pretty early, she took her skate board. Sure she had a dragon, but he was two weeks old, and she didn't really feel like showing off. So she found a café the day before which was the day they moved her dad went to the bank to convert their Australian money to Utopian money (where does this take place) so she had a couple of bucks. Like ten dollars. So she went into the café and ordered a frappé near her table were two girls the next day she would start a new school. She thought about making friends before school starts, but then she decided not to, so she took out her iPod , and her laptop put on her earbuds and listened to music wiel she surfed the web wiel waiting for her order.
  2. Eden

    "Come on, it's a brand new day!"

    Elena runs out of the cave as her brother Dis Pater follows. She seemed to be brimming with energy on this day.

    "What's the rush, Elena?" Dis Pater questions, dragging his scrawny, charred body across the grassy meadows. His red eyes darted around. "What are we even going to do today?"

    "I was thinking about learning how to fly~" Elena ponders.

    "Elena, I've told you a bunch of times that you're a flightless dragon."

    "~ just kidding. I can still swim though, right?"

    "And you need to swim now, why?" Dis Pater sighs.

    "Fly, swim, crawl, that's what us dragons do for food," Elena explains as she spins about, "let's see if we can get a good catch today~"

    Dis Pater tries to catch up with Elena on foot, but he wasn't exactly built for land-based speed.

    "Elena, wait up!"​
  3. Ravel arrives at a coffee shop he was planning on checking out and is surprised to see two dragon here "Well this is quite a surprise to see on my first day here is it always full of surprises here?"
  4. August was startled by a remark made near by. Looking up she had found a male, somewhere in his early thirty's maybe? he was tall, dressed in a black, red and gold clothing, if fit him well though, His bright hair looked like it stood up on end. August didn't know if his remark "Well this is quite a surprise to see on my first day here is it always full of surprises here?" but she answered anyway "I guess it is depends on where you look." For the first time August noticed that their was another girl here next to her besides Renee and August gave her a small smile, not knowing if she had seen her or not. Renee was entranced with the Male's appearance, August had to shake the young girls arm ruffly to get her to stop staring.

    Zelda watched the Boy walk into view, huffing out a breath she placed herself in a position ready to fly and grab the young caretakers with her claws. Seth saw Zelda's unease at the man and he was ready to fight if he had to. He trusted Zelda's instincts. Standing in front of the the four of then (Including the Girl next to August) Seth watched the Man as well though he noticed that when the man spoke although "Well this is quite a surprise to see on my first day here is it always full of surprises here?" was all that he said Seth found himself bowing to the male, He didn't understand it. Zelda noted when Seth was doing and actually seeing the man Zelda had the urge to follow suit. With both Dragons bowing it must have looked odd
  5. "Well this is the first time I've seen Dragons I've heard story's of how majestic dragons are and how strong a Dragons riders are and I got to say this dragons don't disappoint I don't think I've seen any creature as beautiful as these two dragons before me do you happen to be their riders" Ravel notices the girl seems to be staring at him "Is there something wrong do I have something on my face or in my teeth?" He then notices the dragons tense up like a animal ready to attack but then they both bowed to him Ravel bows back as a sign of respect "I didn't think Dragons would show that kind of respect to a random guy"
  6. "So..this is Utopia. A bit small compared to my thoughts of what it was" * I enter the city from the south think to myself* "If only people really knew me for who I really am, a monster" *an old woman walks by and trips over someone's feet in the market and everything slows down as I slip forward at increadable speeds and catch her before she hits the ground* "careful, these streets are crowded" *she thanks me and wanders on her way* People stare at me as if I came out of thin air, which I had almost, but I continue without the slightest concern.
  7. -------- Rebecca -------

    Rebecca awoke by the brightness of the sun which shone brightly through her curtains. Sitting up, she yawned tiredly and stretched her upper body. Upon standing up, she began getting dressed out of her pajamas into her day clothes. A white shirt with long sleeves that showed her stomach, a maroon shawl, with black sewed together pants, and black and white boots. Once she was ready to go, Rebecca made her way into the hall and down the stairs. Half way down, she was attacked from behind. The two bodies tumbled down the stairs and continued fighting after they stopped rolling. In the end, both were sitting on the ground laughing.

    "Nice try kiddo."

    Rebecca said to the boy before her as she stood up. Holding out her hand, Rebecca helped her little brother up off the ground.

    "Hey. I'm only a year younger than you."

    He protested, making Rebecca chuckled. After ruffling his hair, she watched as her grumbled his way over to the kitchen to make breakfast. As he did so, Rebecca walked out of the house and breathed in some fresh air. Upon doing so, she noticed a large white figure in the sky. It looked like a cloud at first but upon closer inspection, you could see wings. Four at that. Smiling, Rebecca watched the dragon as it had it's fun in the sky. After a short while, she heard the call of her brother as he told her breakfast was done. Walking into the house, Rebecca shut the door and made her way to the Kitchen to eat.

    ------- Sora -------

    The small white dragon awoke from her slumber in the cave hidden in the forest near a village. Standing up to stretch, the feminine dragon listened to the growl of her stomach telling her it was time to eat. After exiting the cave, Sora opened all four of her wings, and took to the sky. The village gave out food to dragons, so she decided to head there. After flying over to her set destination, Sora did a back flip in the sky then dived towards the "Feeding Center" as the humans call it. Of course it was actually meant for the dragons who had owners, but she didn't really care about that little detail. She opened her wings and spread her claws when she was above the sheep. Quickly, she grabbed one with her claws and flew upwards immediately. After a few feet, she tossed the sheep into the air. As it came towards her, Sora opened her jaws and caught her prey. She quickly ate from her place in the sky, hidden behind the clouds. After a few minutes, she finished and began doing random tricks she knew to stretch her wings properly. She did this for a short amount of time before flying back down to the village. Upon landing on the ground, she let out a roar to let everyone know she had arrived. You see, Sora was a very rare breed. As rare as the Night Fury. The Ancestors of the Avalion breed were mighty and ruled kingdoms in the realms of the dragons. However, humans wanted them for their beaks and golden horns. As the decades continued, many Avalions fell and now about fifteen or so are left in the world. As Sora made her way down the roads, she looked around at what was going on, bored.
  8. August was taken back by Zelda and Seth's actions, and by the looks of it so was Renee. August's smile quickly turned into a scowl, moving closer to the Dragons she rested her hands upon their backs. Feeling their head rise, August took Intimidating steps forward. Crossing her arms August looked to the man who was impressed by the Dragons Immediate respect for him. "Listen. I don't know who you are, and I know for a fact that dragons just don't give their loyalty over," Augusts voice was in between a low growl that made her sound animal like and a sing song voice that complemented the growl in such a way some some people would have backed off "You have to earn a Dragons Trust. If you think other wise please, be my guest and try." August smirked, hoping that the smirk made him want to try.

    Zelda could feel a mood shift in the air, and more importantly in her caretaker. Once she felt the hand on her back she was able to break the compulsion. Raising her head she had seen that Seth had done the same. Looking around she watched and listened to the conversation knowing that if she were to speak out she would be scolded.

    Seth was frightned by the shift he felt, something about how the air was carried now wan't right to him. It wasn't until August had put his hand on his his back that he realized she was angry. Whipping his head up he wanted to calm her, but all he could do was watch knowing he'd be scolded. Looking over he met Zeldas stare and watched her look at him helplessly and he reflected the look back.
  9. Watchs at the man approach's him. "Do we have a problem? I have no idea what you are talking about." Ravel narrows his eyes at the shift in voice to match there voice with a glare. "And how would I do that do you want me to beat you in a duel of something along those lines, because with your hostility that may be what I have to do."
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