Er... still alive?

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  1. "Do you have any children's books around?"
  2. Lucius squeezed Anya's hand. "That'll be all, thank you."
  3. Good Night?
  4. Kunari laugh, “Fine.”
  5. Lucius continued reading through the hours.
  6. Kunari laugh as she landed on the bed, “Mmm..”
  7. WE CAN'T KILL HONEY! ...I like her too much...

    Also, I am okay with whatever happens here. I can adjust lol
  8. Lucius chuckled and looked around. "uh..."
  9. Gwen

    "Isn't that just sweet?" She asked with a smile and kissed his head.


    "Family for Whittaker. For Harper consider that he is motivated to stop crime or whatever. Just try to smooth talk him into it."


    She looked back at the grave one last time before walking to the passengers side of the car. She got in silently.
  10. Anya look at him irritably, “and you leave us standing here.”