Equilibrium: Rise of All

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  1. Welcome...
    Welcome children.
    A new era is about to start...
    You and your people
    are the sole responsible for what this era will be.
    Will you make this a bloodstained era?
    Or an era of unmatched peace?
    Will you look towards the past for inspiration,
    Or simply look forwards to strive on your own?
    It is up to you.
    So rise, RISE children
    and discover what lies ahead.
    A new dawn is upon you all.

    (Signup thread here)
  2. "Diener des volkes!" Screamed the politicians, they demanded she sat down and saw reason! She stood staring into the heart of her beautiful city, legend had it, that once long ago, a goddess lived on eve, and with every touch new life formed, but with the newly formed Planet, things didn't live long. Out of pure anger the goddes screamed, breaking eves one continent into two. With no power left the goddess fled to a underground cave, she would awake 4,000 years later. After years of slumber the goddess awakes, ready to see a flourish new world. Sadly she was wrong, half the worlds land lied flourishing with life, plants, tress, dirt, lakes and only one living creature, sheep. While the other half layed dessert, with small patches of land, the only other living creature lived there, insane and bloodthirsty, they where similar to humans "werewolves". With hatred for this new world the goddess gave life to two new spices, the loups and schafs. The goddess gave the sheep new life, now instead of wild beast, they grew arms, and legs. Soon they where almost completely like humans, expected their sheep horns. While the loups no longer lied wild, now they built towns, traded with one another. Then with one final touch the goddess fromed land connecting the continents. Long and narrow it was, many traders took this route due to lack of money. With one final wish she blessed the schafs, one day a child will be born with the knowledge of the sliver brids, and became diener des volks. Now that day have come, she stood there being screamed at by politicians, while she new what must be done. With a quick turn, she ran. She wasn't a a very strong schaf but that didn't mean she didn't have any strath. Kncoking over 3 men, she was final at the red button. With knowing what must he done, she pressed the button. A faint boom was heard from outside, then a large blinding blast on the other side of their mass ocean appeared. She stood in the tallest building, she could see for miles and miles, their races eye sight where their only strath against there old enemys. She now have just set off their nations strongest weapon, the reaper. A massive bomb that could destroy a content. Quietly she truned, ready for the angry politicians, but no sound ever came. Shocked they stood, mouths open, eyes wide. She knee what had to be done, so she did it. Now, now eve was ready to turn its eyes to the sky.
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  3. It had been a long time. It was unlike [PROCESSING INFORMATION....]
    It was unlike him to be slow. He continued his way through the ship, sirens blaring and the shouting of men. Mostly human, but some were of another species. He made his way in, firing the occasional blast at passing guards. The corpses lined his path. And then he stopped. The bridge.
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