Epic Songs which are also Depressing

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  1. I believe this to be one

    An epic adventure of redemption turns out to be in vain. That's tragic.

    Anyways, any epically depressing songs you can think of?

    Another one

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  4. This song is one of those ones that really sucked me in with how profound the lyrics are.
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  5. Bohemian Rhapsody. Doubles as the greatest song ever made.
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  6. Short, but has a great impact.

    Easily the lyrics are the best part of this song.

    Uh, yeah. Of Monsters and Men are cool n' stuffz.
  7. Surprised no one has posted this:

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  8. I'm surprised nobodies posted this either. One of the most metal sounds in history while being one of the most downright depressing.

  9. Worst possible song to listen to after a breakup, but it's still an amazing song.
  10. Amy Lee wrote that song when she was 14, which kind of explains why it comes across as overwrought and melodramatic as a 14-year-old anthem lol.

    I actually like Evanescence, but man, that song had a way of flooding my Facebook feed during high school during the numerous break-ups people had. Also, my crazy ex... on numerous occasions. I do not have positive connotations for that song haha.

  11. How has no one posted this one? Or any opera music, for that matter? C'mon now, people.
  12. I like stories and this song tells a pretty nice one.

    And something a little more depressing. Probably should have put this one first, huh?

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  14. The Blacker the Berry - Kendrick Lamar

    Warning: Explicit lyrics

  15. This, this and thousand times this.
    "With first snow I'll be gone..."
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