Epic Quest Rp?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing an epic quest rp? Any race would be allowed And I have the plot in mind, I will share down below the plot of the Rp:

    The plot:

    Two Kingdoms. The Kingdom of Kaisien and the Kingdom of Adrean have been at war with one another for as long as anyone could remember. In fact they have been warring for so long that, they have forgot what started the war in the first place. After hundreds of years, they finally come to a truce, and there is peace in both kingdoms. But an Evil is growing to the west of them. The village of Astielle, a village in the far west, sends word to the Kingdom of Kaisien that it has been taken over by said Evil, and soon more villages and cities will fall into the clutches of said Evil. And soon after the kingdoms would fall. Both kingdom's councils and kings are summoned by a mage, who has foreseen their fates. And the mage says that the only way to prevent the fall of both kingdoms is to band together and send a party to stop the Evil before it can spread. The Mage says that the Evil is being created by an Evil Mage and must be stopped at all cost, or all life will be engulfed in shadow and darkness forever.
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  2. Yay! I hope two to three more people join in!

    But if no one else joins, then I'll tweak it to where it can be done by two people.
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  3. You have my sword. I will accompany you in this quest
  4. I'm in.
  5. Im in as well.
  6. Alrighty. I was hoping this would get off the ground. I will make an OOC so we can discuss, but I have no clue what to call this rp.
  7. I will sign up when i am un-grounded.