Epic Quest Anyone?

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  1. Hello, Pooder here! I'm really in the mood to do a serious Epic Quest type role play.
    Here's what I'm looking for:
    • Fantasy/Medieval Fantasy Genre
    • 2+ paragraphs(With obvious exceptions)
    • Grammar, Spelling, etc.
    • Someone to help me create a plot
    • Someone to help me plan through the rp
    • Someone who won't just leave me hanging
    • Possible romance?
    • Magic, dragons, etc.

    I'll accept more than one offer so let me know! c:
  2. I'd love to do this! (Though i like romance to be a big part if thats okay?)
  3. That's alright with me! Do you have any ideas at the moment? Feel free to message me if you'd like.
  4. I'm open! Maybe we could plot together? I have some ideas ready ^-^
  5. Sure! Message me?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.