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Epic Pokemon

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Epic Pokemon is a new and growing Pokemon based RPG site. We offer roleplaying oppertunities, ranged from relaxed and laid back to competitive and nailbiting! There is a universal plotline, which anyone is free to take part in. This isn't compulsory however. Our member base is growing daily and our admins are kind and helpful. Our roleplayers are here for exactly that, roleplaying. You will never wait long for a reply! Join us and help us grow to the biggest and most impressive Pokemon RPG site of all time!


Welcome to Shigatto, an area next to the Unova Region where pokemon of all regions roam completely free! In this region we offer various oppertunities for pokemon trainers to battle wild pokemon, pokemon gym leaders as well as fellow trainers. We offer pokemon contests to test strength as well as appearances. All in all, you would expect Shigatto to be quite the quiet little pokemon region...

Not until the twins had appeared! Galinda, a young pokemon ranger, had been helping some local children catch and train pokemon when she heard someone gossip about her sister, Elphaba. Galinda couldn't stand her sister reaking havoc and founded a group to fight her sister's attempts to darken the whole of Shigatto.

Elphaba had planned her uproar since the age of 16. She was certain that pokemon and people alike could be forced to become evil. Recently reports of missing pokemon had been made public. To this day nobody knows what happens to them. One thing is certain though, Elphaba is definitely behind all of this terror.

Rumours have spread about a little girl being brutally attacked by a Jigglypuff. Could this be true? Apparently this Jigglypuff was described as "a dark gray colour, icy cold and with a demonic look in its eyes." Should this have anything to do with the curious disappearances of Pokemon, and perhaps something to do with Elphaba. Galinda and her trainees will definitely find out!

It's time to make a choice. The time of peaceful Shigatto is over. Who will you support? Good or evil?


Epic Pokemon