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  1. Ok Iwaku, it's february 2014. Let's just take a look at january and how mother natures been taking a continuous dive, Meanwhile the sun's 11 year cycle reaches it's solar maximum (end of it's 11 years cycle), continuing its decline in solar activity.

    From beached whales, strange loud sounds in the air to A POLAR VORTEX. the amount of natural disasters that occur in a months time around the world slowly increases into an Epic display of Primal energies. Rogue forces of the universe turn slowly, slinging large asteroids around us. Talk of a new mini ice age is sweeping the northern countries where lowest of temperatures haven't been experienced in many years. Oh yea...and 4 century dormant volcano awakens to mark the beginning of 2014.

    I wonder what february will bring

    And please, Remember,

    1. Respect each other and eachothers opinions and feelings

    2. Emotions are fine just keep an even keel


    3. JUST TO BE CLEAR; this is NOT a debate


    Feel free to post things you find and let's research together


    If you see strange things, I urge you to find a safe place, and then take out your camera's or camera phones and start taking photos or video. These events are real life events, if you doubt then go research and share what you learned. If you are someone who has an Anxiety disorder or is easily upset, I discourage you from watching this. Please, keep in mind all of this has happened before and it will happen again. Please familiarize yourself with your surroundings and geographical weather patterns. Be safe.

    ^_^ Enjoy ^_^

    This video, and many like it on youtube, effect me greatly. I love the concept of the universe, science, nature, these things just fascinate me. Yet some how this video this reality, or what I can see of reality in the video excites me. I feel sheltered and protected by a borrowed amount of time, and...grateful for it.

    I'm torn apart for the animal kingdom. Marine life is just getting fucked, Bats are dropping dead from mold and heat waves, birds swarming in strange patterns or falling from the sky.

    I feel like people are not looking at this objectively, The universe is Ocean and we are on a grain of sand floating. NO where is safe, don't let that dramatic music suck you into a fearful state or make you anxious, watch it, absorb what is happening to other life around you, what is happening to 'life' in general. Observe the grand scale under goings of mother nature. Look at the ground falling away swallowing peoples homes. see these things as inevitable and fall back into the now knowing, there is nothing you could do, as stoism likes to say, either way we're fucked.

    I have LEARNED SO MUCH about gratitude, persistence, and honor, we have SURVIVED these conditions before. We have overcome darkness and cold and famine and disease, we fight on a cellular level EVER DAY.

    I feel READY. The last really quiet Solar Maximum Humanity had happened 100 years ago, which means we will be Ok. Some of us might get knocked down, taken out, or suffer great losses but such is life with or without the sun. In the end, we will Survive until there is nothing left to survive on.

    I feel like I witness something Powerful from watching natures wrath without having to experience it's devastating effects!!! Thank you for that, humanity...thank you sooo freaking much.

    I am feeling Grateful :)

    All of you out there, every single one of you people in the world , are responsible for this planet and the fact that the majority of you don't give a flying F*&% vs the 45% of you who work so hard you've no energy to care, just...man. I am grateful for every single one of you people out there that does watch this video all the way through.

    I feel like watching something like this makes mentally strong people, makes good writers, inspires artists, makes intellectuals out of us. It's so very important to remind ourselves of mortality and how we shouldn't waste any of our skills, talents, or time.

    And the the 84 million of you out there Freezing in that Polar vortex, I sincerely wish you warmth and a safe winter, you are truly all Epic Vikings ^_^.

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  2. The thing a lot of people don't realize is our "solar maximum" has been quite inactive. This has prompted some scientists to suggest that our sun might be "taking a nap".


    (The link above references the Maunder Minimum, which is a period during which nearly zero sunspot activity occured during a portion of the "little ice age". A portion of the video in the link above is also included in the embedded video posted by Fijo.)

    That's certainly one way to explain why we've been having such odd weather lately (and it didn't just start this winter, it merely became much stranger than in recent years). Another study, which appears unrelated, suggests that our Jet Stream may be "becoming wavier".


    No matter how you slice it, it's been a very odd winter in many places in the Northern Hemisphere. While these may seem like strange times, methinks we should consider ourselves fortunate to have a front row seat for what may turn out to be a very interesting main event.
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  3. Well, if this winter turns into two more winters, well, we're on the way to Ragnarok. That would be pretty awesome to see.
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  4. @Alan I agree with you, and thank you for the links. I Just escaped that mess, I was over in the northeastern part of the country just a week before all of this wintry hell dropped on my grandparents, leaving them without power for four days in below zero degree weather.

    my grandmother tells me it hasn't ever been that cold where is and she has been there for 30 years.

    I can't feel only one thing about this, I'm just swelling from all the activity. Like my time is borrowed or something like that.
  5. I must find more of these current events. I'll be back thread O.O hold tight!!

    Wicked Rainbow

    Cloud erasing Meteors? Ufo? weapon testing?

    Sonic weapon testing? Armageddon? Is...the earth actually crying?

    and...yes, seriously, WTF is this O.O

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