INTEREST CHECK Epic Fantasy/ Epic Quest to save the world

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  1. Okay, people, I need people for an Epic Fantasy type roleplay, possibly something like LOTR mixed with the Wheel of Time? The underlying epic quest would be the search for mysterious artifacts, six in all, that would increase the bearers powers to mythic levels. More information is forthcoming if I get interest.
  2. Interested
  3. Alright, so what I was thinking was basically several heroes, possibly immortals, go out to fight a force that could entirely annihilate the world as we know it. The artifacts could be weapons or other types of things, I don't really know yet. Of course, for anything further, you could probably have some pretty good input. So yeah.
  4. I'm definitely interested, thanks for the pm!
  5. Awesome, so what do you think? any input?
  6. I say we have the heroes be half mortal ad half immortal, but to gain full immortality and save the world they have to collect the artifacts. It would be awesome to have an evil immortal being that stole half of their powers and sealed them into the artifacts, making them only half immortal and not much of a threat as far as the villain is concerned.
  7. That sounds like a really cool idea. How does using the classic epic fantasy archetypes sound to you?
  8. Sounds like fun to me, but just so you know, I usually go with an archer assassin, it's my specialty.
  9. Alright, I will probably go with the mage or the classic hero (think of Aragorn)
  10. I'll probably go for a healer or rogue. The plot so far sounds like a Greek myth, so we could have something on that if you want.
  11. That sounds like it has the potential to be really cool. Maybe we could be Greek gods, and we are fighting the titans for control, and they seal up some of our power so we have to go on an epic quest to get our powers back and save the world? Or perhaps we could be demigods searching for a way to become gods an increase our power to turn the tables. How does all this sound to you, Mio?
  12. I think it sounds great, but maybe we could have an evil dark magic master as the controller of the titans. And he/she can have several minions that are mortal that try their hardest to stop the heroes in their tracks and attempt to kill them. It might also be a good idea to include more fantasy/mythical creatures that the heroes and the villains control.
  13. sounds pretty good to me.