`Entwined Destiny`

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    A pristine azure sky casted over the medium-sized village, flawlessly blending with the powerful sun as it emitted luminous rays of sheer comforting warmth. Today was just like any other summery day. Navii was on his break, and as per the norm, the 19 year-old lad had taken a seat on the crate just outside the inn, watching the villagers bustle by as he sipped his cool beverage. Of course, it wasn’t alcohol. No, certainly not. The poison didn’t settle with the young man very well at all. He was genuinely satisfied with drinking water on a rather humid day anyhow. Cerulean-green irises shifted from left to right, a content mass flickering within placid optics. His perceptive eyes were capable of capturing the most minuscule details, so it was not even rendered a challenge for Navii to catch the beauty of the current wave of villagers coming into town. He had an abundance of former practice with the causal, and perhaps, peculiar hobby. He appeared nonchalant as he detected the beautiful woman of the current crowd. He temporarily admired her loveliness from afar, and then watched her depart with the flow of the other villagers.

    “Ah, tis the season I suppose.” Navii murmured happily. The young male smiled faintly, noting that the recent beauty had been wearing a thin tank top, along with a petite archer’s skirt. Summer certainly did bring out the finest attire in his opinion. He himself was sporting a pair of queer dark pants; his right pants leg was a long one, but his left pants leg was approximately slightly above knee-length. Though, he was barely wearing a shirt. The majority of his sleeveless black vest had been left open, revealing portions of his broad shoulders and arms that weren’t cloaked by the long gloves--of which the right one possessed three claw marks near the top--and toned abs in attempts to feel what little refreshing breeze proceeded through the town. His length, untamed-looking turquoise-green hair would seem to be a burden upon him on such a warm day, but in actuality, it shielded him from the balmy sun rays. Sighing, the older adolescent sat up, preparing to take his leave. His break was nearing its end, and he needed to get back to accumulating missions for the remainder of the day. Navii reposed his glass on the rough surface of the crate as he stood, glancing at the new bushel of individuals progressing through the town. He abruptly paused, keen pools of cerulean-green now staring up ahead. Suddenly, he choked mildly on the last swallow of his water, coughing briefly to clear his throat. Then, he resumed goggling at the individual that made him choke in the first instance, due to astonishment. “My word...” he whispered softly. ‘Who...is that magnificent women...?’ he thought to himself mentally, eyes dilating to a fairly massive size.

    ‘Never have I seen such radiating beauty before.’ He continued to gaze at the young woman as she passed by. Perhaps the young female had somehow felt the hard stares upon her, because she eventually glanced in his direction, directly meeting eyes with the gaping lad. Even when she had delivered a quizzical look to him, he relentlessly gazed upon her hypnotic charm. He was utterly dumbfounded. When their eyes had met, his heart instantaneously went aflutter. He felt as if his breaths of air were gradually being purloined from him....and the sensation of it all was absolutely staggering. What a hopeless romantic. Although he had seen many beautiful women in his days, never had any of them made him feel so ‘weak in the knees’ like this before. And this merely caused him to ponder further... Why weren’t all of the men in this village whipping their heads around to stare at her in wonder?? It was almost as if he was the only one that noticed her beauty--why was that? Was it because she wasn’t stick-thin--though, still slim--, but held defined feminine curves to her body, unlike many of the girls he had seen? That could be why; due to the unfamiliarity of it all, the men in this particular village probably shied away from the situation altogether. Even so, to him, that only seemed to intensify her attractiveness.

    Shortly after, the young woman swiftly turned away to continue migrating with the crowd. The interval between them steadily increased at an alarming rate; she was gradually escaping his range of sight. ‘I must know her name--I want to know who she is!’ he thought almost frantically as he bolted into the mass of villagers. So much for being weak in the knees. He attempted to follow her trail, but alas, she was apparently far more credentialed at swerving through the horde than he was. Thus, he lost sight of her within a couple of minutes. ‘Damn it! I lost her... She disappeared so quickly.’ A look of dismay smudged his handsome features. He now stood in the middle of the town aimlessly, at least until he recalled that his break was nearly over. Even when he had returned to his former destination and had collected his missions for the day, his mind continued to linger on the young woman that moved his heart. The woman that he’d probably never see again...

  2. The first thoughts that came to her were disgust. She had to enter another city with people. She hated people, rather be alone in the vast wilderness with the animals that rely on instincts. She was still a ways from the city and could see the walls that rose up. The taller buildings within were still not hidden from the walls, and she concluded that this city was not made for defense.

    The girl's long blonde hair waved in the warm wind, creating a veil out behind her. There was an indent in the hair on her head that was in a ring that streched out around her forhead, like something that recently rested there had been discarded. Her different colored eyes stood out liek a sore thumb, one a blood red, and one a brilliant blue; there were filled with pain. She wore a royal blue and gold dress. The collar an armband just above each elbow, and the sash that reached down to the end of the dress appeared to have golden thread weaved right into the design. The dress itself hugged her form perfectly from the waist up. A vest, much like a corset rested on the outside of the dress, it was a slightly lighter blue than the rest and match the sleeves that fanned out just after the armband. She also wore soemthing that did not belong to the dress at all. A second black leather belt adorned her waist that had five pouches. She knew if she went into the city looking like she was, there was a very good chance she would be spotted and captured.

    A hand went to one of the pouches, opened is and fingers slipped in. It took a moment of searching before he fingers came back out grasping a dark brown peice of fabric. She kept pulling, the cloth grew winder, straining the small opening of the pouch. It seemed endless at first, and impossible that such a thing could come out. She shook it once, flipped the cloak so it was right side up, then put it on. She closed the fron the best she could so most of the dress was hidden.

    Kuyame continued her pace, brisk and anxious. The earth under her was not at all level and a miss-step could easily make her leg worse than it already was. Her limp was barely noticeable but it still slowed her more than she wanted it to. She needed something to treat it. The pain was nearly unbearble but she found herself moving faster. Sound permeated the air behind her. She did not stop to listen, but she already knew it was howls, the kind that come from hunting hounds. Tears welled up into her eyes, but she wiped them away even before they had a chance to fall. Sweat formed at her brow as the front gate of the city neared. The howling subsided somewhat and she was glad that the trap was working.

    The quicker she got in the better. she knew they would not follow her in with the dogs, so following by scent would not be an option. Her heart was pounding as she walked up to the gate. The two stationed guards simply stared at her as she entered. By now she could feel the wound festering, pus dripped down her thigh and down her knee. It took all of her willpower not to cry. She eyed the villagers a moment before slipped among them and followed them into the market.

    Once there, Kuyame searched for any sort of medicine merchant. It took nearly half an hour's searching, but still she could find nothing. A chill had suddenly run down her spine making her shiver. She felt eyes on her. Instinctively she turned her head to see a man, with brilliant matching aqua eyes and hair staring at her, mouth agap in some sort of wonder. Her first thought was that one of the Searchers found her, but this man was frozen in his place. She gave him a quizical look before turning away and headed with teh crowd to find that medicine.

    Her heart had started to pound again, though this time she was not sure if it was from the wound, or her nervousness. A look behind her revealed the man that was staring was no longer frozen in his place, but trying to reach her. Instincts kicked in. She drew up her hood, dodged a few length of people to the left and did her best to blend with the crowd. The nearest building had a sign over the door that was an image of a vial. This should be good enough, she though and slipped inside.

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  3. ‘Very fast...’ The young male thought, which vastly contrasted with his painfully slower trudging as he advanced towards the inn. He glanced back at the vial sign once more prior to shoving the door open, recalling the woman’s beautiful multi-colored irises. ‘Where could she have gone? It was almost as if she disappeared from right out of thin air...’ His swarming notions of the hurried woman were interrupted without delay upon entering the petite structure. “Navii!” The youthful male immediately turned to the source of the sonorous, but familiar, voice. ‘Goodness. I’m not deaf.’ he theorized sincerely in his head. In the intervening time, he swiveled around to the thunderous man. “Mr. Baine...?” he queried in response, arching a brow. In this scenario, the owner of the inn was most definitely compatible with his booming voice. With a powerful stature extending to a height of approximately 6’5”, one would be quicker to believe that he was a formidable hunter, or at the very least a lumberjack, rather than the proprietor of the tavern. “Yes, I just received a last-minute mission order, and get this--the unknown client needs it to be completed in a couple of hours. I know how much you enjoy rushing missions, so do you want to take it up?” Mr. Baine questioned.

    “That depends. What are the details?” Navii took a seat atop one of the vacant wooden tables. He shut his optics momentarily, reopening them only to be saluted by a pickaxe that the inn owner was currently distributing to him. The younger male flashed a slightly flabbergasted expression. “Mining. Fun, isn’t it?” Mr. Baine smirked; Navii shrugged and gripped the pickaxe. “Well, alright. Fortunately I do know of a nearby mining core. I’ll be back in about an hour then.” Navii stated, thrusting the list of prescribed stones into his pocket before taking his leave. He exited through the back of the inn, aware of the detail that the mining region was imminent to the rear end of the lodge. Following the ten minutes of brisk sauntering, he, within due course, came to a halt directly beneath a craggy overhang. At the very base of said cliff was the core mine. He smiled faintly and hauled out the index of required stones. This must have been requested by a local jeweler, skilled with refining the rough forms of precious stones. Subsequent to reviewing the file, he once again shoved the crumpled sheet back into his pants’s compartment. He firmly grasped the pickaxe and hoisted the weapon above his head.

    ‘I wonder--why was she in such a hurry? ....And why....’ Navii burrowed his brows lightly and slammed the pickaxe powerfully into the mining core. He replicated the maneuver numerous times; he paused to stretch, resuming his former notions on the young woman. ‘....Why did her eyes look as if they were filled with sheer pain? Could she have been hurt? It was a tad difficult to tell with the cloak she wore around her, in the middle of summer mind you, but....’ His notions came to another seize as he plunged the pickaxe into the mining essence once more. Assembling precious stones was not rendered difficult, though it wasn’t extremely...exciting or intriguing in all honesty. By now, the sun had begun to set mildly, easing its bright beams. The evening shift brought forth a cooler breeze throughout the town. Perhaps Navii had obtained his slim, but well-toned physique through all of said missions and body-guarding. After all, they were always rather...rigorous in physical activity. From mining to hunting down vicious creatures, he had done it all--well, almost all. He had always declined to take role in ‘shadier’ missions, but that was just him.

    Virtually, it appeared as if he had just initiated the mining mission, but in actuality, he was simply done within a rather short interval. Good; he’d certainly have enough duration left over to finalize several of his other missions today. That is, if nothing else were to come up. There were times when he would have to cancel all of his missions in order to fulfill a bodyguard request. Ultimately, they were far more important than these measly missions, such as mining for embellished stones. Upon accumulating the stones he had accrued into a medium-sized leathery bag, he shifted in the direction he came from. ‘I certainly hope she wasn’t actually harmed in any way though.’ No, because that would just cause him to fret needlessly--it would be just like him to do so--despite that he had assumed he would never see her again. He rendered that to be the case, because most of the villagers he would see one day, he would never see anew. In this homogenous predicament, it wasn’t difficult to create assumptions like that with apparent verification. The lad carelessly slung the pickaxe over one of his broad shoulders, allowing the lustrous wooden handle to rest against it as he kept the weapon balanced with a hand secured at the very edge of it. Glimpsing to the setting sun, he began the mile walk back to the inn. Maybe she would indeed be alright...or perhaps, she wasn’t even in any harm to begin with....? Who knew for certainty? In fact, only she truly knew of her state.

  4. Kuyame stopped just inside the door to catch her breath, leaning on it after it was closed. Her heart and her mind raced. Could that guy been one of those that pursued her? Could he have seen where she went? What would they really do if she was captured? She shook her head to rid herself of the aweful thoughts. There was no way she was going to allow herself to be captured and she had an idea already how it might work.

    "Ma'am," A deep voice broke her out of own little world. A monsterous man stood before her. His presence made her jump and want to flee. He looked like he could lift five hundred pounds with relative ease. That would mean she could be tossed around like a rag doll. She swallowed hard, he mouth gone dry. She searched for words while shrinking against the door. The six and a half foot tall, dark haired, dark skinned man took a step back from the girl. He knew he was making her nervous, it was not his intention. "Ma'am we are closed. The sign on the door said so." She continued scratching the back of his head with one hand.

    Tears welled up in Kuyame's eyes. It was not her intention, but the pain in her leg intensified as the adrenaline subsided. She fell toward the floor, a pool of blood had formed there from her sudden burst of exertion. She lacked the strength to stay concious. The towering man only had to take a step forward to catch her mid fall. Only then did he see the blood on the floor and on her leg. His frown was so deep it looked like he was about to kill someone. He lifted her completely off the ground by sweeping one giant arm under her knees, and the other on her back.

    "MARIE!" He shouted. Not ten seconds later a young girl appeared from behind a curtained doorway.

    "Sir." She gasped at the sight of the woman in his arms and the blood she was trailing. Without another word she nodded, her black curls bobbing, and held the curtain aside as the big guy walked through. Marie fetched rags and put them on a couch, in turn the woman was gently set there. He rolled up her dress and cloak to reveal the large festering gash in her thigh. He was amazed that she was even able to walk a few feet. It was swollen so much he had no idea how it could even happen. Quickly he fetched herbs of various kinds, he put marie to work too, mashing some to mix and creating a salve.

    About an hour passed, kuyame's leg had decreased in the swelling considerably but she was still unconcious. He knew that she could not stay longer, so, he carried her out of his herb shop and over to the inn. Marie followed him to open the doors to the Inn. Mr Baine looked up. "Ian? What is that you have?"

    "I'm not sure who she is, but she has a rather large coin purse. She collapsed in my shop. I bandaged it and treated her leg. Here," Marie hands Mr Baine a few gold peices. "She needs rest and quiet, you have a spare room for the night?"

    Mr Baine nodded, he led Ian up to the second floor and into a vacant room. He rested the girl on the bed and headed out. Mr Baine locked the door on his way out and they left her in peace.
  5. Pausing within former notions recently after arriving, he neatly situated the pickaxe adjacent to the sidewall of the inn prior to opening the door. And as Navii reentered the tavern, Mr. Baine spoke without glancing up from his paperwork. “Ian and Marie were here not too long ago.” the tanned, dirty-blonde male stated, initiating conversation. He customarily enlightened Navii of the occurrences within the inn, seeing as how he was practically always aware of most significant events bustling throughout the miniature town. Maybe Navii could have, perchance, known who the woman was and/or how she had obtained such a lesion upon her leg...? At the mentioning of Ian, a mental image of the identically massive man appeared before the...more compact and leaner male. Although he was almost six feet--about 5'11"--, he was still rendered 'smaller' than them. Momentarily, he pondered on how he and Mr. Baine had become so immensely-sized when he was the one physically laboring his figure heavily while they sat behind desks or tended to an herbal shop and its ill customers. Of course, another mental vision materialized, instantaneously knocking the former mental image of Ian directly out of his mind. The significantly smaller, but much more gorgeous, Marie. How could he not envision such an attractive face? Well, even so, he still could not stop wondering about the veiled beauty that had darted from him earlier today.

    “Oh, really? Why were they here?” Navii queried, inquisitive eyes now set upon the occupied man, who had finally looked up from his heap of sheets. Gently, he tugged off his reading glasses with his large index and middle digits. “They dropped off a wounded woman. Apparently she ran into his shop, but collapsed soon after. So they brought her over here to rest.” he explained briefly. The younger male blinked, notions falling back on the sight of the herbal shop, including the sign of the vial that was passed by the mysterious girl. Navii was rather visual, so he tended to recall visial aids far better than mediocrity, even if they were rendered insignificant at the juncture. ‘That was the same shop that young lady passed by earlier prior to disappearing... Could it be that she’s the one upstairs right now? No, it couldn’t be--she didn’t go into the shop... She ran behind it didn’t she? But just to make sure...’ Subsequent to trailing off within his thoughts, he nodded faintly towards Mr. Baine. “Will she be alright?” he questioned, arching a brow due to perturb. “Yes, she should be fine when she wakes up. Ian and Marie had already treated her leg wound before they brought her here.” Mr. Baine responded.

    “I see. So it was a leg wound... Must have been really bad to make her lose consciousness right there in the shop.” Navii commented thoughtfully as he habitually tapped at his chin. “Sooo...” the cerulean-haired male commenced, resulting in Mr. Baine’s following action of eyeing him with a twinge of suspicion. “Might I be able to just see what she looks like--?” Navii was interrupted by the innkeeper’s coiled-up newspaper. Abruptly, it cuffed him in the head. “No! She. Needs. Her. Rest!” Simultaneously, with each term that Mr. Baine emitted, he smacked Navii atop his head with the newspaper to clearly get his message across to him. “Ow! Okay, okay--I won’t go up there then!” he exclaimed, attempting to shield himself from the newspaper’s assault. “Good! Besides, the last thing the poor girl needs is a perverted and horny young’un like you lurking about.” Mr. Baine was just adding fuel to the fire. And probably wasn’t accidental. After all, he had always gotten some sort of ‘kick’ out of teasing Navii. “Perverted? Horny...? Really...?!” the younger male repeated rather dully, with an expression that coordinated flawlessly with his tedious tone. “I’m not perverted Mr. Baine, nor am I hormonally-challenged... I just wanted to see if she was the same woman I saw earlier.” Navii argued with a frown that appeared to be veering off in the vicinity of a pouting expression.

    Distinctly, he was a tad irked for being regarded as ‘perverted’. He had never bothered a woman in his lifespan thus far. He merely glanced at beautiful women and temporarily admired their looks prior to moving on. Was that truly so ‘perverse’? And was it really that horrible that, out of all of those women, there was a single woman that he simply desired to know the name of...? Frustratingly, he pondered on this while taking a seat. “I wasn’t going to bother her while she’s still resting anyhow. I’ll just wait.” He shrugged; Mr. Baine glanced up. “While you’re waiting, stay here.” he said. “Hm? Why? I still have missions to do...” Navii reminded. “You may have to cancel them anyway.” Mr. Baine glanced up again, observing as Navii’s optics widened with mild surprise. “What...? What are you talking about?” Befuddlement began to smear his face. “Well, it’s just a hunch, but I have a feeling that you may need to take on a bodyguard position....” Mr. Baine trailed and abruptly shook his head. Navii had always known Mr. Baine to be rather perceiving and sightful, but was it actually true? “Ah... Never mind that right now. Here.” The older man flung a pair of washing gloves towards him. “Clean some dishes while you wait. I’ll prepare a meal for the young lady in the meantime.” Mr. Baine stood up and made his way into the kitchen, with Navii trailing behind. “Why is it that I never get to cook?” Navii wondered audibly, and absentmindedly. “Because the last time you did, you burned down a fraction of my inn.” Mr. Baine responded flatly, burrowing his thick brows into a glare. With that being stated, Navii grinned sheepishly and moved along to take care of the dishes as requested.