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Evening everyone~I hope this forum exceeds my expectations...or at least meets them. im not one to displease I promise you...like most on this forum, I am here in search of entertainment~and fortunately for all of you, I am easy to please...but enough about what I want...a deal is rarely one sided now...so...As a rper i have been perfecting my writing craft since I was a mere dark prince...ten years. now at 21, im rather pleased with my talents. I bring to this forum my experience and talents with wordplay and world building, and plan to begin immediately with a very intricate Group fantasy rp starter~but aside from group rps...i do not mind dabbling in darker , more...intimate rps.... ive even made sure the dungeon has been cleaned, and recently... would be a shame to not use it, no? ;3

now, lets not keep me waiting...i have many virtues, but patience is not one of them. if you have inquiries, do not be afraid to approach me and ask...I only bite in jest! now, let the fun begin~
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